Also, based on my own experience with fundie lunacy, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if someone actually took up Klingenschmitt and Swanson on their advice.  After all, As many of you know, during my freshman year at Carolina I was tricked into joining a campus ministry that was affiliated with one of the more notorious dominionist outfits, Every Nation.  The guys and gals in there engaged in some of the most disreputable tactics in the name of getting people saved.  Deceiving people about who they really were, hectoring people about being saved--and even going as far as to trump up false charges of harassment against me for daring to speak out against them.  They seemed to believe that all was fair when it came to getting people saved--a mentality no different from what Klingenschmitt and Swanson seem to be encouraging here.

So Gordon and Kevin, you want your followers to ruin one of the most special days of anyone's life, then turn around and claim they're the ones being persecuted?  Please proceed.