Guess Who's Just Been Invited To Preach In The Pentagon Courtyard....
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Thu Aug 30, 2007 at 03:12:31 PM EST
Last week, I discovered that Baptist evangelical preacher Dave Kistler, on the invitation of the Pentagon's highest ranking chaplains, gave a June 6, 2007 sermon in the Pentagon's executive dining suite, at a morning "prayer breakfast" and then, on the following day delivered a sermon, during LUNCH, in the Pentagon courtyard. Jason Leopold, writing for, just broke the story, derived from Military Religious Freedom Foundation research, that evangelist Dave Kistler's apocalyptic ministry was invited to bring its message to the courtyard of the United States Pentagon. Kistler's ministry volunteers dragged an entire PA system through Pentagon security so that the sermon would be sufficiently loud during the June 7, 2007 workday afternoon while Pentagon employees were eating their lunch.

Who is Dave Kistler ? What does he preach ? Well, we don't yet know what he said on June 7 in the Pentagon courtyard. But, here's a transcript of a 2004 guest sermon Kistler gave, at a Hanover, PA church in which Kistler:

- Said Evolution is "absolutely ridiculous"
- Claimed abortion is legal "all the way, almost, right up until the delivery day"
- Predicted the immanent coming of the AntiChrist
- Said George W. Bush will be "Raptured" to Heaven but Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Ted Kennedy will NOT be saved.
- Claimed that in 1998 he saw a man at a UK grocery store pay for groceries with a hand-implanted device that communicated with a UPC price code scanner and paid the grocery bill out of the man's "World Bank" bank account.
- Claimed the US government will soon mandate that children be micro-chipped so they can be tracked.
[ Partial transcript of a Church Sermon given by Dave Kistler, Hanover, PA, May 20, 2004. Note: the 'pastor' references in the text seem to be due to the fact that Kistler's address was a guest sermon in someone else's church. Also, this transcript is - obviously, not fully complete. I have tried to capture the highlights.   ]

source: see

"The next event on God's prophetic timetable - and, by the way, there is a best-selling book series and a bestselling movie by the title "Left Behind", by the way I would encourage you to read that book series - I don't agree with everything it says, but the whole gist of it overall I really do. The next event is this event called the Rapture, when we who know Christ as savior are snatched out of this earth in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye....

following this event... there's going to come a period of time.... that the Bible describes both in the Book of Revelations and in the Book Of Daniel, as the Tribulation."

"In the first 3 1/2 years of this 7 year period called the Tribulation, a person is going to come from off the stage of human history and walk out onto the stage of human history, predicted by the Bible, a person called the AntiChrist. Now the AntiChrist is not the man's name, that that is his title....  he's going to come on the scene as a great peacemaker. Friends, keep your eyes glued to your television set when you watch the evening news. Read the newspaper, and read it carefully. The hotspot of the world, the centerpiece of the world right now is the Middle East and there is turmoil unprecedented there. We have it in Iraq, we have it in the nation of Israel, we have the Palestinians against the Israelis, and we have all that turmoil going on, and the world is crying out for someone who can bring peace to the troubled section of the world. Folk, there's going to come a man that's gonna to seemingly have in his pocket, when he steps onto the stage of human history, a peace plan that's gonna answer all the Palestinian-Israeli problem, bring all peace to Iraq, there's gonna be a guy that's seemingly gonna seem to have the answer and his title is AntiChrist....

The Bible says the last 3 1/2 years of that 7 year Tribulation he's gonna persecute God's people mercilessly....

At the end of that 7 year Tribulation, Jesus Christ, who came back here for those who know him as savior, is gonna come back with us and he's gonna set up on this Earth a one thousand year reign where he literally reigns from the city of Jerusalem and rules and reigns for 1,000 years. You say - "preacher, you don't really believe that's going to happen" - sure do, cause the Bible SAYS SO."

"Remember, this is the Rapture of the Church.... when God's people, those and only God's people that are saved, are snatched out of this Earth....

[ Mischaracterizes abortion laws, asserts Evolution is false ]

"I am not being political, but I am saying this - there was a time in the United States of America when we believed that the world was created by the direct act of a holy God. That was taught in the public education system, that we did not just EVOLVE from some lower life form. Literally, we were created by a direct act of God. Do you know, we have fallen away from that. Pastor, now this absolutely ridiculous thing is being taught called Evolution and, friends, that is a falling away from what we one time believed, as a nation and as the world. And you and I have lived in the time period, while it's unfolded, and we've watched it happen. Pastor, do you know we once believed this but we've fallen away from it - we believed in the sanctity of human life, we believed that the unborn inside the womb, after conception - that was a living, vital, vibrant person. But you know what, we've fallen away from that now and we call that, at least our government does, a foetus and it can be aborted all the way, almost, right up until the delivery day. That is a falling way from what we one time believed. Now, folk, you and I have watched that happen - Paul said look for that, "The day of the Lord is not gonna occur except there come a falling away first [watch the rest of verse #3 if you would please] and that Man of Sin be revealed, the son of perdition. The man of sin is a reference to this person I want to talk to you tonight called the AntiChrist...

"Now friends, if you notice, all over our American culture and worldwide there is a dramatic increase in that which looks like it sprang right out of the pit of Hell. Have any of you watched the Saturday morning cartoons recently, anybody done that ? Folk, if you watch 'em you'll notice this -  It is no longer Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. It is creatures and characters that literally look like they sprang out of Hell itself. You say "preacher, where's all of this stuff coming from ? Why is there such a emphasis on Hell and why is the rock music industry filled with allusions to death and Hell and "666" and all of this stuff, what is all this that's going on ?" I'll tell what it is, it's the Devil paving the way. For the AntiChrist to come on the scene...

...I went to the mall not long ago and I stood in line at a "Chick-Fil-A", to get something for my children, and in front of me is a teenager, seemed to be a real nice person as far as I could tell, standing there, and I got to looking at the T-shirt that they had on, the back of it, and I noticed on the back of the T-shirt in two columns were cities listed. And I began to notice those cities were places where some rock group had been having their concerts that year or were going to have their concerts that year, and then I noticed, superimposed in screen print behind all those cities was some type of character or some type of figure and the closer I looked the more I began to see what it was and, pastor, honestly, when I
saw what it was I couldn't believe it - it was a combination of hellishness and pornography and vulgarity all wrapped up into one. You say "teenagers are wearing that today". Do you know what - they are.  Where is it coming from ? It's coming from the Devil, who is paving the way for a person called the AntiChrist. He is in character the son of Hell itself...

[ Asserts increase in "lawlessness : violent crime and murder rates dropped dramatically from '92 to 2006 ( maybe recent uptick, national trend currently unclear ) ]

Why is there a dramatic rise in lawlessness in the United States of America ? - It's all a preparation for the AntiChrist.....

[ Links deceit of Bill Clinton, re Monica Lewinski, to expected deceit of AntiChrist ]

The craft  of AntiChrist is going to be, plain and simple, deception. Deception. You know I've struggled, pastor, to figure out how people could be deceived by a person called the AntiChrist, forgive me, until twelve years ago. Now, folks, don't get mad at me - but twelve years ago we had a man elected to the highest office in the land. You know what - he looked into your face, via television camera and he looked into my face, via television camera, and said "I did not, I did Not, I did not have improper relations with that woman Monica Lewinsky" and swore up and down he didn't do it. Well, friends, the truth came out as the truth always does and he was impeached, not removed from office but went through impeachment proceedings, and pastor - you know what ? - even though all that happened he got reelected. How in the world could that  happen ? Can I tell you how it happened, because one thing reigned supreme - people said it's all about the money. See, if our pocketbooks are full, gas prices are good, you know what ? - we're a happy group of campers, aren't we, across the United States. Character doesn't matter, does it ? That guy could  lie through his teeth and even parse the word "is" - "well it means, it depends on how you define the word 'is' as to whether or not I was immoral", that's exactly what he said, and he drew a country after him and got reelected. Friends, there's going to come the great deceiver, AntiChrist, and he's gonna draw the World after him, and he's gonna practice deceit unprecedented....

...The Bible says AntiChrist, when he comes on the scene, is gonna cause people to take a mark, in their right hand or in their forehead, and according to Revelation 13 men and women and young people will not buy or sell unless they've got the mark of the Beast, the mark of the AntiChrist in their right hand or their forehead. The Bible goes on, and  says "Here is wisdom. His number is the number of a man, it is six hundred, three score and six" or in plain english the number  of the AntiChrist is "666".

[ Kinstler says he didn't know, in 1991, what DNA was. Thinks in 2004 it's about the "molecular makeup of blood" ]

A number of years ago I was in Tennessee in a meeting and, pastor, there was a man in the church who said something to me that made no sense  at the time. This was about thirteen years ago. He said "Dave, have you ever wondered what the 'number of the Beast' that people are going to have to take in the Tribulation, where they won't buy and sell without it, have you ever wondered what that number might to be ?" and I said, "Oh yes, I wondered a lot." He said "Dave, what I believe it is gonna be is this..." he said "I used to work in the government in these areas," he said there is a thing called a "genetic code", it's called 'DNA'.  Pastor I'd never heard the letters "DNA" in that order, describing the molecular makeup of a person's blood, I'd never really heard that. He said "there's a DNA molecular makeup", and he said they can imprint that or encode that, and he said a person's DNA is as unique as their fingerprints, they're all different [ note: the year, based on Kistler's stated chronology, was 1991. Notice the bizarre time discrepancy with following anecdote - Kistler also says he saw a "microchipped" ( or whatever it was supposed to have been ) hand in 1998 ]. He said "what I think AntiChrist is gonna do is, he's gonna have a mark with the prefix "666", and then every person will have some kind of DNA molecular code number that will follow that and people will have to present that. Or they can't purchase something at a grocery store or convenience store or a  gas station, or a lady can't get her hair fixed during the Tribulation without that number." I thought "man. you're off the wall".....    Friends, you know what ? The longer I live the more I believe that guy was onto something. By the way, now you have to have a number for anything now, don't you ? Or you just can't about purchase. That good 'ol America dollar is almost no good anymore, pastor - every time I walk through a checkout line, just about, they'll say "cash or credit card" and I always want to say "well, if cash is still good, then I want to use cash" because almost, now, you just don't need it, do you ? However, friends, there's gonna come a day when AntiChrist is gonna use all the technology that we have right now and he's gonna cause people to take a mark. You say "how's he gonna cause 'em to do that ?" Well, he's gonna have to know a lot about how we operate, where we live, who we are, and boy, there's a lot of technology out there right now that allows government officials to know all of those things.

[ claims that, in 1998, he saw person in UK paying for groceries with "microchipped" hand liked to World Bank account ]

....Any of you ever been in England or Europe ? Pastor, six years ago I was in Europe [ note: this sermon was given 5/20/2004 ]. The missionary said "Dave, I'm going to the grocery store, do you need anything from the grocery store" I said to my wife "honey, do we need anything ?" She said "get some milk, some bread, a little bit of cheese, and also pick up some Advil because I've got a terrible headache." I said "Alright, I'll go." I said "let's go brother Larry', and so the missionary and I drove to a British grocery store and we got our items, got in line and, pastor, in front of us - I would not have believed it  had I not seen it - in front of us is a guy who has all his groceries up on the conveyor He gets it all rung up, and the gal says it'll be this number of dollars and this number of cents. I thought the guy'll pull his wallet out and he'll pay in cash, or he'll pull out a credit card and pay that way. He did neither. When she gave him the amount of his purchase, pastor, he took his hand, turned it upside down, ran it over that little device that reads the universal product code, UPC Code - "everybody know what I'm talking about ?" When he swashed his hand across that thing, the little thing went "bleep, bleep" and it read something. Forgive me, but I'm a Yank, American, in England. I'm looking at the missionary and I'm going  "DID YOU SEE THAT ?1 DID YOU SEE THAT ?!" He said "YES". I said "ARE YOU GOING TO ASK OR AM I ?" He said "GO AHEAD!" I said "Sir, pardon me just a second, what was THAT ?" He looked at me and said, uh, as they've said before, "you're not from around here, are you ?". I said "no I'm not, I understand my speech betrays me." He said "My World Bank account number has been embedded under my skin." He said, "The amount of my purchase was just been deducted from my World Bank account."

[ predicts children will be 'microchipped' ]

Now, friends, listen to me - had I not seen that with my eyes I would have not believed we were there yet. I said to missionary Larry Curtis, "Larry, what is this ? Can you see how AntiChrist the, the - all the technology is there for the Mark to now be required ?" He said, "Dave, England is behind. They've drug their feet on this technology, the rest of Europe is ahead of us, miles ahead. England's drug their feet," he said, "but, yes, the technology is there." Now folk, listen very carefully - with cases like JonBenet Ramsey, and other kids that are abducted and killed, you listen friends - they're gonna to push and push and push even this side of the Atlantic, they're gonna push for us to have, embedded in our children's bodies here, or here, or somewhere, a code, whereby they can be located. They're already doing it with animals. And, they'll perfect it and do it with humans. AntiChrist is gonna make people take a Mark. And you won't buy or sell unless you have it.

All that's gonna happen, during the 7 year period of  time called the Tribulation. Prior to all this beginning, Jesus comes back..... and Jesus takes out of this Earth only those who have met him as savior. Those who have not received him as savior are left behind to go through this 7 year period of time. Left behind to be told by this person. called the AntiChrist."line up and take the Mark or you won't buy or sell." And you know what, pastor ? People are gonna line up to take it. And, according to the Bible, when you take that Mark your eternal fate is forever settled....

[ George W. Bush will be "Raptured - Bush will be saved, Sens. Biden, Clinton, Kennedy won't ]

...someone told me best interpretation [of the Rapture ] is a sanctified imagination and I've tried to imagine what our US government's gonna do, the day the Rapture occurs. Can you see 'em ? - Phones ringing off the hook, people missing worldwide, all over the United States, there's crashes of automobiles - not maybe as many as we'd like to think but enough. And so they're ringin' the White House, "Get the President up ! Get the President up !" And, so one of the Presidential aides goes down to the resident section of the White House and bangs on the door, tryin' to get the President up. He's gotta wake up ! Finally there's no response so they go in, the President's not there. You say, preacher, why ? Folks, if our president is a believer like he says he is he's going up in the Rapture.

So they convene their meeting ; all the Senators, pastor, and the Congressmen that are anybody are at that meeting. You got Joe Biden there, you've got Ted Kennedy there, you got Hillary Clinton there. You say "You mean, preacher, you say those people aren't goin' up with Jesus ?" Not unless they get saved. Now, I'm not being unkind, I'm just telling it like it is. And, around the table are all these people and they start discussing what's happened. What are we going to say to the American public to quell what's about to become hysteria ? Can you here one of those guys, pastor, as a  Senator or Congressman, that says, "you know what ? - As a boy, in my home state of Mississippi, I used to go to church, And I used to my preacher  get up and talk about an event -  I think he called it the "Rapture" - when Jesus came back, and he took out only those who had been saved, everybody else left behind, do you reckon this could be it ?....."

Below is the nugget of Jason Leopold's fine cover, on Truthout, of this astounding story:
According to documents obtained by the watchdog group the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and made available to Truthout, David Kistler, President of Hickory, North Carolina-based H.O.P.E. Ministries International, embarked on a "DC Crusade" along with dozens of members of the evangelical organization for two weeks that included two days inside the Pentagon proselytizing and preaching the "gospel" to government employees and "saving souls." Kistler is a somewhat controversial figure whose sermons contain apocalyptic messages and bizarre prophecies. He believes certain Democratic lawmakers will burn in hell while "good Christians," such as President Bush, will be swept up into the heavens. The Rapture will soon vacuum up good Christians, including George W. Bush, to Heaven, he said in a past sermon to his congregation. Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton will not be Raptured up to Heaven. Following The Rapture, the Anti-Christ will appear and children will be "micro-chipped." Col. William Broome, the Pentagon chaplain, and his deputy, Maj. Alan Pomaville, invited Kistler's group to speak to DOD employees at a Pentagon prayer breakfast June 6 and in the Pentagon auditorium June 7, according to a copy of a recent newsletter published by H.O.P.E Ministries. Kistler, according to written statements made to his congregation, spent a considerable amount of his time at the Pentagon proselytizing to DOD employees in violation of federal law.

As someone who lives in the UK, I can confirm that I have never seen an "embedded device" under human skin being used for payment (or for any other purpose), nor have I seen advertised a "World Bank" bank account. My cat has a microchip, though.

Hal Lindsey's The 1980s: Countdown to Armageddon - strangely, no longer in print - features a boast that he spoke at the Pentagon.

by Richard Bartholomew on Fri Aug 31, 2007 at 02:31:10 AM EST

More than once, even. Pentagon speaking engagements aren't listed in any one spot, but I'm building up quite a list of known events.

I think that "embed" technology is now possible but I don't think it was even remotely near the mass consumer market in 1998 and, besides, the very idea is absurd for very practical reasons - with ATM cards, why would such an "embed" ever be necessary ? And so why would any physician possibly consent to an utterly unnecessary procedure that also carried health risks ?

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Aug 31, 2007 at 12:27:16 PM EST

This woman claimed that the UPC (Universal Product Code) was the Mark of the Beast as foretold in the Book of Revelation. I'm no psychologist, but it's pretty obvious that this might be one manifestation of fear of change and science.

by khughes1963 on Fri Aug 31, 2007 at 08:48:26 PM EST

Does anyone know what the book of revelation and the number 666 are really supposed to mean? How does one counteract that idea in a discussion with a fundamentalist?

by mydogjo on Fri Aug 31, 2007 at 03:36:13 PM EST
Wikipedia has an extensive, and from what I can tell, well documented article about the multitude of interpretations for 666 and/or the number of the beast here:

It's both informative and entertaining. I didn't know whether to say "Wow!" or to cry!

by RevRuthUCC on Sun Sep 02, 2007 at 05:53:31 PM EST

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