Huckabee's New Baptist Vision
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Tue Jan 08, 2008 at 10:55:17 AM EST
Governor Huckabee represents a new version of Christian activism.  Earlier visions of how Baptists might impact the world centered on reaching people for the church or aiding the needy. As Jery Falwell stated in the PBS documentary on the religious right, this idea was "obviously flawed".
     Huckabee left seminary to work for James Robinson a Baptist evangleist.  James grew tired of preahing in hot sweaty football stadiums and followed other channels of Christian activism, among them was getting Ronald Reagan elected.
     It was during this time frame that Robinson recruited the notorious Cullen Davis to join his team.  Davis was the famous oil rich aggie who capped a few rounds off into some step family members and faced murder charges.  Davis was acquitted and next teamed up with Nelson Bunker Hunt and Tim LaHaye to form the most power religious right organization in the nation, the secretive Council on National Policy.
     Another evangelist of this time was Rick Scarbrough, Close behind Robinson on the calendar of revivals around the nation, Rick was preaching to thousands weekly. Rick wrote that the only thing that resulted from the meetings was that his children grew up without him.  He thus grew more interested in holding political action events.  He used to preach about the crucifixion of of Jesus.  Now he claims Terri Schaivo, Judge Roy Moore and Tom Delay were crucified.  He seems more interested in the more recent "crucifixions".  Rick is on board with Huckabee.
     When national rallies are held by these groups they are not held in Los Angeles, the center for entertainment, nor New York, the center for fiance.  The meetings are scheduled in Washington D.C.  Thus the answer lies, not in the church as much as in the legal systems of the American government.
     Groups like Chalcedon,, have helped create the Dominion concept. That is the Biblical answer is for Christians to take back the state.  
     In Huckabee's earlier day the fact that a minister left the pulpit to be a politician was a step down.  It is no longer viewed that way. Huckabee sees his calling as a higher mandate than merely being a Christian minister. The modern Baptist chruch has evolved to such a stance.  Now the Southern Baptist Convention has shifted its model of Christian activism that once centered on mission work.  Rick Scarborough spoke about this  at his rally I was at.  He claimed that people who used to send their money to mission work now sent it to his movement.
     Huckabee is the perfect example a new Baptist vision in the nation.  The modern media has failed to notice this shift.  

    When I saw Tom DeLay interviewed in New Hampshire as a "Republican activist" with no mention of his being a defrocked  HR wheeler-dealer, it was not what he said that scared me but what he did not, moreso even that the interviewer made no mention to his recent & historical past. To me, I have to ask, "Was this rightist slight of hand television?," or how on earth did this pass editorial muster? Someone is asleep at the wheel for sure, but how many viewers were also being duped, even if by their own stupidity?

    James Robinson is, was & will always be a huckster: part of the 'Baptist preacher' model of which he is unashamed. Let him try to make DeLay fly if he can, but the odor of that activity has a discernible stench! Preachers of that ilk were always out there, but 'out there' is where they were, not "in" the SBC mainstream since the takeover, thanks in large measure to Richard Land and his hombres of the right. Robinson & his ilk sought to get in under the radar, but now they can walk standing up. Since these misuse their religious intent with veiled political mantras, it's time the IRS arrives with its auditors & put a stop to their unfettered activity at public expense. Defrock them in one venue, and they'll only turn up in another since followers of such seek a focal point for attacking government. A definite anti-government tone preaches well in fundamentalist circles; Robinson & Co. exploit it. [cf. my comments above at Mainstream Baptist]. Good work, Don!
Arden C. Hander

by achbird65 on Mon Jan 14, 2008 at 11:31:03 AM EST

Perhaps there is a bit of justice in this world. Cullen Davis started spending like mad once he inherited his father's fortune in 1968. He helped finish off his inheritance by bankrolling his successful defense in his murder trial, and he lost the rest of it in the mid-1980s. Bunker Hunt filed for Chapter 11 and then Chapter 7 when he found himself on the hook after his unsuccessful attempt to corner the silver market in the late 1970s. His siblings managed to hang on to their respective shares of their father's fortune.

by khughes1963 on Mon Jan 14, 2008 at 03:16:42 PM EST

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