Christian Zionists Eye Iran
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Fri Oct 02, 2009 at 11:37:50 AM EST
Ahmadinejad's visit to the United Nations stirred Mike Evans and Joel Rosenberg, two leading Christian Zionists, to once again open fire on Iran

I am in New York City standing up for Israel and against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Please pray for me. I have been boycotted by the UN because of our 9/11 NoVisa campaign. - Michael Evans, September 23, 2009

They're not Evans and Novak, and they're not officially tied together like Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, or even Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow, but best-selling authors Michael Evans and Joel Rosenberg appear to be busting out their anti-Iran arsenals at just about the same time.  

While Mike Evans was fighting to keep Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, out of the United States - thereby preventing him from speaking at the United Nations (he failed) - and battling the U.N. to get press credentials for its session (which he eventually received), Joel Rosenberg, fresh from a successful 9/11 National Town Hall Meeting, was warning that "Rumors of a major war between Iran and Israel in 2010 continue to swirl here in Washington and in Jerusalem."  

Mike and Joel's big adfventure

In a recent Jerusalem Prayer Team e-mail, Evans, the founder of JPT -- a U.S.-based pro-Israeli Christian evangelical organization -- who has consistently advocated a more muscular approach to dealing with Iran, told supporters that there were only a few days "left to ask President Obama not to grant a visa which would allow Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the pretender to the presidency in Iran, entry into the United States to speak at the U.N. General Assembly in September." In his JPT email dated September 16, Evan wrote: "You can help today by sponsoring the 60-second network `9/11 No Visa' spot ("Tell President Obama "No Visa for Ahmadinejad!". -- .

At the same time, WorldNetDaily (WND) reported that Evans, whose most recent book is titled "Atomic Iran: Countdown to Armageddon," which follwed an anti-Carter screed titled "Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos: A Carter/Obama Plan That Will Not Work," was "A journalist who has written 38 books, including five New York Times best-sellers, hundreds of articles for the Jerusalem Post and Washington Times and has appeared on Fox, NBC, CNN and MSNBC, has had his request for permission to cover the coming U.N. meetings in New York rejected because the U.N. said it couldn't establish his bona fides." Evans claims that the U.N. has refused his request because of his "conservative beliefs" and "Opposition" to allowing Ahmadinejad into the U.S.

"I am certain this is why the U.N. has rejected my application for accreditation," Evans told WND. "There is no good and valid reason for them to say that I'm not a legitimate journalist." According to WND, the Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit at the U.N. said, "The accreditation was not approved. I revert [refer] to the bona fine (sic) requirements outlined on the Media Accreditation website."

The website states that the U.N. "Department of Public Information must be satisfied that the individuals applying for accreditation are bona fide media professionals and represent bona fide media organizations..." Evans pointed out that he had "received accreditation through the same organization ... for the Afghan Conference in The Hague and for the Durban Review Conference in Geneva Switzerland earlier this year."

"There is no other issue involved here except the desire of the U.N. to boycott me on the basis of standing up to Ahamdinejad," said Evans, whose new book, "Atomic Iran, Countdown to Armageddon: How the West Can be Saved" will be published soon.

"I have been recognized and credentialed through the National Press Club for a decade," Evans noted. "I don't know of any evangelical journalist who has covered the Middle East more extensively in the last three decades than have I. I've had exclusive interviews with every prime minister in Israel since Menachem Begin, dozens of world leaders, including a state invitation by President Barzani of Kurdistan. I was invited to the state funeral of Yitzhak Rabin. I covered the Madrid Peace Conference in the exclusive press pool for virtually every session. Only 60 members of the media worldwide were accredited."  

In his JPT e-mail, Evans pointed out that Representative Kenny Marchant of Texas "has gone to bat" for him and has "petitioned Ambassador Susan Rice to help me gain entrance to the meetings. Please pray that permission will be granted."

A few years ago, when Mike Evans was promoting his book, "The Final Move Beyond Iraq: The Final Solution While The World Sleeps" -- which landed on The New York Times bestsellers' list at #1 in the paperback category - he argued that Iran was the major player in fomenting unrest in the Middle East, and needed to be dealt with forcefully. In appearances on two cable television news networks he maintained was dead certain that Iran would "have to be attacked" before the end of 2008. The fact that that attack didn't materialize hasn't discouraged Evans.      

Rosenberg's 9/11 event features Jerry Boykin

On September 16, Joel Rosenberg, fresh from his 9/11 National Town Hall Meeting which he said garnered the participation of more than 650 churches (mostly in the U.S.), wrote on his Flash Traffic: Washington Update, that "because Washington and the Western powers are doing nothing decisive to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, there is an increasingly likelihood that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will feel the need to matters into his own hands, and soon."

Rosenberg, who years ago worked for current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and who currently runs a charity called The Joshua Fund, cited a piece in The Jerusalem Post, headlined 'We may have to attack Iran by Dec.', that quotes former deputy defense minister Ephraim Sneh as telling Reuters during a visit to the UK, that Israel "cannot live under the shadow of an Iran with nuclear weapons. By the end of the year, if there is no agreement on crippling sanctions aimed at this regime, we will have no choice."

Sneh, who holds no position in the government, pointed out that while the military option would be "the very, very last resort. ... it is our best friends and allies who are pushing us into a corner where we would have no option but to do it."

"I wonder if they will [put a tougher sanctions regime in place] quickly enough. If not, we are compelled to take action," Sneh added.

Rosenberg also pointed to a Wall Street Journal article by editorial writer Bret Stephens, entitled "Obama Is Pushing Israel Toward War," that maintained that the Obama administration was "doing everything it can to speed the war process along."

Stephens pointed out that while an Israeli strike might not succeed in destroying Iran's nuclear capabilities, "The longer the U.S. delays playing hardball with Iran, the sooner Israel is likely to strike."  

At Joel Rosenberg's Weblog, Rosenberg pointed out that "Bible prophecy teaches that `you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars' in the last days (Matthew 24:6-8), but the Scriptures also encourage us not to be frightened `for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end....All these things are merely the beginning of the birth pangs.'"

"Pray for peace, but prepare for war," Rosenberg wrote.

Rosenberg's 9/11 event, titled "The Threat of Radical Islam and the Church's Response," "sought to inform churches about radical Islam and teach Christians how to reach out to their Muslim neighbors," The Christian Post reported. "I believe we are at the most dangerous moment in the Islamic revolution right now," said Rosenberg, an evangelical Christian with an Orthodox Jewish heritage and a best-selling author of several apocalyptic novels and non-fiction works on the Middle East. "I hope tonight is the beginning of a conversation about the threat and the response."

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (retired), the controversial former deputy undersecretary of defense intelligence and founding member of Delta Force, was a featured speaker at the 9/11 National Town Hall Meeting. A few years back, Boykin made headlines when it was discovered that he was traveling around the country -- in his military uniform -- giving slide show presentations at churches comparing Osama bin Ladin to Satan, and claiming that even though George W. Bush had won less votes in 2000 than Al Gore, Bush had been "appointed by God" to serve in these perilous times.    

Boykin later apologized to "those who have been offended by my statements," and maintained that he was "not anti-Islam or any other religion." Boykin said in a statement that he was "neither a zealot nor an extremist, only a soldier who has an abiding faith."

According to The Christian Post, Rosenberg "emphasized multiple times that the vast majority of Muslims in the world (93 percent by some estimates) are peaceful and do not believe jihad is the answer to problems. But the remaining seven percent of the Muslim population, or 91 million, do believe in using violence to achieve their objective. If the Muslim radicals all came together, said Rosenberg ... they would be the fourth largest country in the world."

Rosenberg was also a guest at the Family Research Council's recent Value Voter's Summit.      

Just what we need just as was done against Iraq in 1990 and 2003. Only this could bring down our fragile economy and then the Dominionists could get their way. Which is why they put us in this position in the first place. A war with Iran could be one sided nuclear attack from Israel. There is no upside to this outcome. ,The best way to win the game is to not play it. --"War Games" (1983)

by Nightgaunt on Sun Oct 04, 2009 at 02:03:45 PM EST

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