New Christian Book Claims Aliens Part of Satanic Plot To Eat Human Souls
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Sat Oct 02, 2010 at 02:28:24 PM EST
[well, I stand corrected - I got this book about 180 degrees wrong. Mainly, I was thrown by Redfern's writing tone, which I now recognize as, very likely, tongue-in-cheek. This is one book I'll be purchasing! I yet can't speak to the validity of the research, but I can say this - having done some work on fringe evangelical belief in the United States Military, in my opinion the topic area is quite a valid area of inquiry.]

Here's a description of Nick Redfern's new book Final Events -

Final Events, by Nick Redfern, discloses his interviews with Ray Boeche (an Anglican priest and paranormal researcher) who was allegedly made privy to a secret government project within the Department of Defense. The project began in the 1950's as research into remote viewing and the military applications of psychic powers, and ended in the conclusion that such powers - including extensive contacts with entities claiming to be aliens from outer space - were in fact demonic in origin.

As Nick described to me when interviewing for this book, the group (Collins Elite) was afraid to publicize these findings as it could cause massive social upheaval and unrest - i.e., an official government study that concluded that demons are real, and are behind the UFO phenomena for the purposes of deceiving mankind. This would obviously equate to government proof ( i.e., an endorsement) that the Judeo-Christian and Biblical worldview(s) are correct, and perhaps lead to no little end-times hysteria, as well as mass conversions to Christianity.

With former government officials holding widely noted press conferences to attest to UFO interference in America's nuclear missile bases, the timing for Redfern's book is very good indeed.

Since a good portion of the text is available at through the "look inside [this book]" function, I've had a chance to peruse a bit of Redfern's writing and I'll be the first to admit - I'm intrigued, not because I take the book all that seriously. Rather, it reads like a solid sci-fi thriller packed with details on a vast secret government conspiracy ("The Collins Elite"), witches, demons, and demon possession, astral travel, remote viewing, and a malevolent alien plot to eat our souls.

As Final Events describes, the ghastly plot came to light when government researchers approached a British witch named "Sybil Leek" who the book states had been dubbed "Britain's most famous witch" by the BBC. Needless to say, Leek owned a pet crow. As Redfern detailed, Leek's occult indoctrination included being taught by her father "about nature, about the secret lives of animals, and about the magical powers of herbs." But there's worse. Leek's father also conversed with her "on matters of Eastern philosophies."

Applied with a restrained British touch, such sweeping bigotry seems quaint and almost charming when compared to its knuckle-dragging American counterpart but bigotry it is nonetheless. With awesome efficiency Redfern has dispatched, as clearly satanic, 1) the study of nature in its entirety, 2) the study of animals, 3) the study of plants, and 4) much of the pre-scientific intellectual heritage of Asia. A page or two later, we learn that Leek "was one of the first of modern-day witches to pick up environmental causes."

It's quite genteel in tone as compared, say, to the utterances of John McCain endorser (and "dear friend" of Joe Lieberman according to the US senator) John Hagee, who in a 1992 sermon claimed that the 1992 United Nations environmental summit in Rio De Janeiro had been commandeered by minions of a demonic "Macumba cult" who during the event held occult rituals that included sacrificing animals to satan.

But, I digress. As the chapter describes, Sybil Leek played a pivotal role in exposing the grand demonic conspiracy against humankind when she channeled a demon:  

"Certainly the most significant development came in September 1972... when, surrounded in her home by eager-but-apprehensive players in both Operation Often and the Collins Elite, Leek entered a trance-like state, and reportedly channeled a demonic entity that described itself as Caxuulikom - a venomous, spiteful, and overwhelmingly evil and negative being whose origin could be traced back to ancient Babylon, and who outrageously mocked those present, laughed and spat in their frightened faces, and bragged in a literally hysterical and maniacal fashion about the way in which the world was being fooled into believing that aliens were among us when, in reality, the forces of the Prince of Darkness were readying and steadying themselves for the final confrontation with the powers of good...

Caxuulikom informed those present that the Earth was a farm and nothing else, that energy derived from the souls of the Human Race and indeed from every living creature on the planet was being harvested as a means to feed the minions of Satan, and that the E.T. motif was merely the latest ingenious ruse under which such actions were being secretly undertaken."

So there we have it. We're just psychic kibble for the snarling, slobbering minions of Satan. Case closed.  


but they are of demonic origin" theory in some rather surprising places on the Internet.  What is significant is the timing:  Most of these aliens-as-demons references are of fairly recent vintage--within the last month or so.  They also coincide with a rash of UFO-related press releases, press conferences and new books on the subject of UFOs and aliens.  

One of these books predicts a UFO display over several major American cities simultaneously on October 13th.  Now that's what I call an "October surprise"!

So now there is a fourth book covering the same turf, but this time from a Christian perspective?  Although the "demon" theory is pretty much what you'd expect given the source, it's the timing of this book's release--coming in a cluster of UFO-related announcements--that makes me wonder if some elaborate large-scale hoax (presumably government-sponsored) might not be in the works.  I know that sounds paranoid as all hell, but I suspect there is something more than coincidence or even synchronicity behind this sudden rash of UFO stories.

Normally I take synchronicity very seriously, but even so there are limits to everything.  I could be completely crazy, of course--it won't be the first time.  But at least in less than two weeks we'll know one way or the other.  Or it could be that "The Event" will be postponed.  It won't be the first time for that either!


by Raksha on Sun Oct 03, 2010 at 05:20:18 PM EST

Speculation from the Christian right concerning the nature of UFO's goes back to the mid 1950's or even earlier.

I take no position on UFOs - whether they exist, if so what they are, and so on. My intrigue with the book I've written on here concerns what I interpreted as an effort by evangelicals to draw people in the UFO-centric community towards a Christian right take on UFO-ology.

I saw it as an evangelizing tactic - a "UFO ministry." Evangelical Christianity has ministries which target skakeboarder communities. So why not target the UFO-believing community?  

by Bruce Wilson on Sun Oct 03, 2010 at 05:29:40 PM EST

from an unusual source I just discovered a few days ago.  A very bright young blogger named Chris Knowles has a blog called "The Secret Sun" devoted to analyzing the symbolism in pop culture, especially science fiction, from a Jungian and mythological point of view.

His interview with Nick Redfern, the author of Final Events, appeared on September 10th.  After a cursory reading of the sample pages on Amazon, I also believed Final Events was part of a marketing campaign attempting to peddle a  Christian fundamentalist "nightmare scenario" about soul-eating demons to the UFO community.  But as it turns out, author Nick Redfern isn't trying to lend credibility to any such agenda.  What he's actually doing is exposing it!

The nature of that agenda will be very familiar to regular readers of Talk to Action.  See for yourself... -nick.html



by Raksha on Tue Oct 05, 2010 at 12:26:04 AM EST

I went through that entire thread and Linda is right. Both the blogger and the author are critics of Dominionism. The idea is that the intel guys sincerely convinced themselves that there was a demonic threat, which justified forcing America into Old Testament-based theocracy.

by super390 on Tue Oct 05, 2010 at 02:42:40 AM EST
Just by their nature, it's inevitable that many of the witnesses to UFO phenomena are pilots.  Therefore a high proportion of the so-called "Collins Elite" described in the book also have an aviation background if they aren't alumni of the intelligence community.  I connect this with the heavy Dominionist domination of spiritual life at the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, which has been the topic of so many previous Talk To Action articles.

Obviously no Dominionist or NAR preacher can control what the pilots they have brainwashed actually see or when they see it--at least I don't think so!  What they can control is how these pilots interpret the phenomena, and also how they relate to any other witnesses to the sightings.  Do they threaten them into lying or silence?  Maybe.

Getting back to Chris Knowles and his Secret Sun blog--he also has a multi-part series of posts that is very relevant to the UFO-Dominionist connection called "The Secret War Against the New Age."  It begins here:


by Raksha on Tue Oct 05, 2010 at 12:32:39 PM EST

Yes, I think I did get this book about a perfect 180 degrees wrong. Well, when erring I suppose it's best to do so in a grand way.

Now I have to apologize to Mr. Redfern - it looks like a fascinating book and, what's more, I do indeed have some bits of privileged info here and there about this topic - enough to know that the topic area is a valid subject of inquiry.

by Bruce Wilson on Wed Oct 20, 2010 at 10:27:12 PM EST

Yes, I think I did get this book about a perfect 180 degrees wrong. Well, when erring I suppose it's best to do so in a grand way.

Now I have to apologize to Mr. Redfern - it looks like a fascinating book and, what's more, I do indeed have some bits of privileged info here and there about this topic - enough to know that the topic area is a valid subject of inquiry.

by Bruce Wilson on Wed Oct 20, 2010 at 10:27:23 PM EST

Chris Knowles put up a new post on his blog on October 19th called "Final Events: False Profits and Real Profits" that continues his follow-up on the theme of the Redfern book.  He says among other things:

The revelations unearthed by Redfern about the Collins Elite and their UFO propaganda mills are causing considerable consternation among the Fundamentalist brigades.  One radio program booked Nick Redfern and completely censored any mention that the Collins Elite created this whole UFO/Demon meme back in the 40s to justify the creation of a concentration camp vision of America based in ancient Jewish law. -and-real.html

by Raksha on Fri Oct 22, 2010 at 02:21:11 AM EST

on my last visit to Chris Knowles' Secret Sun blog a few minutes ago.  He now links to Talk To Action on his blogroll.  I never noticed that before and don't know if I had anything to do with it or not, but it's a very welcome development.

It's listed this way: "An eye-opening blog for anyone who thinks that religious extremism is not a problem in America."  And then the link.

I'm sure you understand that militant religious extremism is a direct threat, amounting to a clear and present danger, to anyone with unorthodox spiritual interests that could possibly fall under the headings of Wicca or New Age.  That would include pretty much the entire UFO community. According to the NAR types, we are demon-possessed and therefore targeted for elimination.  We'd be fools not to take them at their word.

by Raksha on Fri Oct 22, 2010 at 02:41:27 AM EST

Very interesting article and subject. I have to look into this a little more... but one thing I can say with certainty; the cover for Final Events is so cheesy that it is really good. Or really bad. Or both.

by COinMS on Tue Oct 05, 2010 at 11:32:53 AM EST

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