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Fri Oct 22, 2010 at 06:23:48 PM EST
“Aiona is involved with the evangelical group “Transformation Hawaii.”
- Christian Broadcast Network, March 16, 2010

Hawaiian gubernatorial candidate Duke Aiona claims that a video showing his participation in the International Transformation Network (ITN) and Transformation Hawaii was fabricated by his political opponents. It was compiled by Bruce Wilson who has been writing since April about Aiona's extensive participation in ITN, a movement that is tearing down the wall of separation of church and state for the stated purpose of taking "Christian dominion" over society.  For over two years, Talk2action contributors have led in exposing the activities of Transformation entities of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Camouflaged as ecumenical groups focused on charity and "prayer evangelism," the movement's religio-political mission is authority in the temporal realm. As Aiona stated in 2009, the goal is to "disciple the nations."

A list of articles and sources on the New Apostolic Reformation and its Transformation organizations is below, arranged into the following categories. I will continue adding to the list throughout the weekend.

  1. Aiona and ITN from
  2. ITN Promotional Media Links
  3. Aiona and ITN from other sources
  4. NAR and Transformations series of movies and organizations
  5. ITN and NAR Apostles in Uganda
  6. Sarah Palin and the NAR
  7. Sam Brownback and the NAR
  8. Quote on Aiona from Ed Silvoso's 2007 book Transformation
  9. Quote on the meaning of "city transformation" from C. Peter Wagner.
  10. Closing

1. Aiona and ITN from Talk2action:

Transforming Hawaii Part One - April 17, 2010

Transforming Hawaii Part Two - April 17, 2010

Church-State Separation Expert Challenges  Hawaii's Lt. Governor Aiona -
April 22, 2010

They Cast Out Demons, Burn Witchcraft Items, and Field Gubernatorial Candidates - August 25, 2010

Plot To Install a Christian Supremacist as Hawaii's Next Governor Hangs By a Thread -
September 9, 2010

Mormon Candidate for Governor of Hawaii Tied to Movement That Burns Books of Mormon - September 10, 2010

The Head and Not the Tail - Battle Cry for the Seven Mountains Campaign - September 13, 2010

Will Hawaii Be The Next Transformation Conquest for the Apostles and Their Prayer Warriors -September 12, 2010

Hawaii Candidate For Governor Claimed Membership in Group That Burns Native Art - October 19, 2010

Witchcraft Again - Aiona, Hawaii Candidate For Gov., Tied to Witch Fighting Evangelicals - October 21, 2010

2. ITN Promotional Media Links:

(Note that ITN and other Transformation organization videos show smiling people and claim miraculous results fighting crime, poverty, and illness. Many of the claimed results can be proven to be false, but the danger in the movement is that the miracles are claimed to be obtained through a rejection of separation of church and state and the eradication of those things and people in society which they view as demonic.  At this time, Uganda is considered their greatest success story.)

ITN Promo video
Video promoted at Marketplace Leaders website, the national headquarters for the NAR's "market apostles." The 2:46 minute video features Aiona leading 6000 people around Hawaii in dedicating Hawaii and the state's schools to Jesus. This event has been promoted worldwide as an example of the "transformation process" to make Hawaii the "first Christian state."

ITN Promo video about transforming Hawaii including clip with Aiona

Page at Harvest Evangelism, the ministry of Apostle Ed Silvoso, on Hawaii Transformation including Aiona (photo below of Silvoso and Aiona)

Marketing for transformation videos, including Hawaii

Promotional video closing with Silvoso's promotion for Christians to replace the "Babylonian system" with the "Kingdom of God," with short shot of Aiona at 2:45 with other Hawaiian officials

ITN promotional video on Transformation Hawaii. Includes Aiona at University of Hawaii and other schools chanting proclamation with students... “And we declare that our school will become God’s school and our Hawaii will become God’s Hawaii.”

ITN 2009 conference. Aiona tells audience "we are all here to disciple the nations."

November 7, 2009, Aiona being blessed on stage by ITN and Transformation leaders,
ceremony starts at about 14:00 when Silvoso announces, "this is a Catholic priest, this is a Jewish rabbi, but we are all one in Christ... we are breaking every weapon of the enemy, we are cancelling every curse... there is an even greater future for the Lt. Gov."

(The movement includes Catholics, Mormons, and others who embrace "born again" or evangelical belief, as well as Messianic Jews who convert to evangelicalism but retain their Jewish identity. This is the case with the "rabbi" in the above video.  Meanwhile, they literally demonize religions outside of evangelicalism, including burning of Mormon, Catholic, and Native American artifacts and excursions in which they claim their "spiritual warfare" supernaturally damage icons and infrastructure of other faiths.)

ITN conference in Argentina, October 2008
Hawaii school principal Susan Mulcahy compares those who resist her work to rats.

ITN adopt-a-street campaign in California

Website for Transformation Hawaii, now named Hawaii He'e Nalu

ITN's renamed website, now called Transform Our World

ITN Brochure Links

IINT 2010 / Transform Our World conference / Hawaii / endorsed by Jacobs, Dawson, Wagner, Hayford 

  Brochure, IINT 2009 / Hawaii 

  Brochure, IINT 2009 / Hawaii #2 

  IINT 2009 / Hawaii 

  IINT 2009 / Hawaii / Chinen 

  IINT 2009 / Argentina / endorsed by Cindy Jacobs, Jack Dawson, Peter Wagner, Jack Hayford 

  IINT 2008 / Argentina / Myles & Joyce Kawakami    

  IINT 2008 / Argentina / Aiona endorsement 

  "Catch the Wave" 2008 / Hawaii / Aiona, Chinen, Kawakami, Oda, Hannemann, Cardines, Mulcahy 

  IINT 2007 / Argentina / Chinen, Oda, Musevenis

    IINT 2006 / Argentina / Janet Museveni, Chinen, Oda, Kawakami, Cindy Jacobs, [Peter Akinola?] 

  IINT 2005 / Argentina / Chinen, Os Hillman [+ Julius Oyet according to Hillman], Cindy Jacobs, Jay Swallow 

  IINT 2004 / Argentina / Harold Caballeros, Cindy Jacobs 2005-8 / Light The Bay II / Aiona, Julius Oyet [San Franscisco Bay area event] [also see reference to Light The bay II in the June/July 2005 issue of Cityflight Magazine] IINT 2004 / Argentina / Harold Caballeros, Cindy Jacobs

Ed Silvoso newsletters

SilvosoNews 2007-9

SilvosoNews 2007-12

SilvosoNews 2007-9

SilvosoNews 2007-6

SilvosoNews 2007-3

SilvosoNews 2006-12

SilvosoNews 2006-9

SilvosoNews 2006-2

SilvosoNews 2005-7

SilvosoNews 2005-6

SilvosoNews 2003-10

Ted Hahs newsletters

TedHahs News 2007-6

TedHahs News 2006 year-end report

TedHahs News 2006-4

TedHahs News 2005-9

(Graphic from flier for the 2007 ITN national conference in Argentina.)

3. Aiona and ITN From Other Sources:

Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of Church and State
Ties Between Hawaii and Uganda's Anti-Gay Leaders Denounced by Oahu Democrats - May 3, 2010"

Christian Broadcast Network - March 2010
Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona's Bold Faith For Hawaii
"Aiona is involved with the evangelical group "Transformation Hawaii." (Graphic of quote below.)

Religious Right Watch
Hawaii scenario: GOP & Dem candidates allied with radical, global, faith-healing, anti-gay organization, International Transformation Network - April 18, 2010 m-candidates-allied-with-radical-global-faithhealing-antigay-organization-inte.html

Is Hawaii About to be Run by the Antigay Religious Right? - April 25, 2010
by Karen Ocamb antigay_religious.php"

Bruce Wilson on the Carroll Cox Show

Duke Aiona's Chrisitan Hawaii - April 7, 2010
by Kathleen Sands waii.html

Aiona:  God's Love Can Transform Hawaii - Honolulu Advertiser, May 18, 2005 ml

In recent press Aiona has downplayed his role with ITN and his 2004 proclamation dedicating Hawaii to Jesus. However, this proclamation has been touted in promotional media for ITN and in other publications in the U.S. and Canada, along with Aiona's numerous proclamations at schools and colleges where students chant after Aiona... “And we declare that our school will become God’s school and our Hawaii will become God’s Hawaii...” (video)

(Graphic at right: Business Life magazine, Summer 2005, published in Ontario by Christian Business Ministries Canada, dedicated page 19 of the Summer 2005 issue to Aiona’s dedication of Hawaii to Jesus and the work of Ed Silvoso and ITN in Hawaii , described in the article as Apostolic Transformation Network.)

(Below is an example of a report from 2005 on the coordinated effort led by Cal Chinen to convert students and bring the Transformation movement ideology into schools. Some of the events included Duke Aiona in person or via video and quote him as saying Hawaii would be changed "into the first Christian state.")

United in Prayer Praise Reports 2005
Reports for prayer groups of Aiona in Hawaiian schools, dedicating them to Jesus -911.pdf

4. Other articles and resources on the New Apostolic Reformation and Transformation Entities:

Resource Directory on the New Apostolic Reformation

Spiritual Mapping and Spiritual Warfare:  Muthee and the Transformations Franchises
A 2008 36-page report on the Transformations movies series and Transformations organizations in pdf format.

Alternet, crossposted in other publications
by Bill Berkowitz
Heads Up: Prayer Warriors and Sarah Palin are Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America sarah_palin_are_organizing_spiritual_warfare_to_take_over_americ a?page=entire

(More to be posted, also see categories below and Special Focus box in left panel titled Resource Directory for New Apostolic Reformation.)

5. ITN and NAR Apostles in Uganda

Video Exposes Anti-Gay Western Theocratic Effort in "Transforming Uganda"  
(with video links)

Bios of American and Ugandan Leaders in Transforming Uganda

Rick Warren's Dissertation Advisor Leads Network Promoting Uganda Anti-Gay Bill

6. Sarah Palin's Involvement with the New Apostolic Reformation

See the series of articles in the left hand special focus box titled Sarah Palin & The New Apostolic Reformation for a list of articles and videos.

7. Sam Brownback and the NAR:

Lou Engle Only One of Many of Sen Brownback's NAR Problems

Sam Brownback Under Fire For Ties To Controversial Evangelist Lou Engle"

8. Quote from Ed Silvoso's 2007 book Transformations on Duke Aiona:

In Transformation: Change the Marketplace and You Change the World in Chapter 3, Ed Silvoso claims that  Duke Aiona has helped to end Hawaii's "left-of-center" past,

"Things began to change on December 8, 2004, when Lieutenant Governor James "Duke" Aiona led 6,000 believers in a corporate invocation, inviting Jesus, publicly and officially to come into the state to make it God's Hawaii.  This solemn act was the climax of a canopy of prayer raised over the islands that day and the prayer walk of 77 school campuses across the state.

...In Hawaii, that prayer exercise reflected the new understanding about the need to disciple nations and the right to reclaim the marketplace (in this case education) for the kingdom of God."

Silvoso explains the purpose of the prayer walks as part of a successful program for claiming Christian dominion over the "marketplace" in another prototype from Argentina, where Silvoso founded his Harvest Evangelism ministry.

"The reason is that the churches operate 24/7 all over the marketplace.  Each block has a shepherd assigned to pray for and minister to every resident.  Every business and school campus has been adopted in prayer.  Key government officials have someone interceding for them.  The church has taken control of the marketplace and, by extension, the city itself.

This program for taking "dominion," described in detail in media by the apostles of the movement, is currently underway in numerous other cities in the U.S. including ITN's adopt-a-street programs, prayer walking of communities and outreach to local municipalities, all with the stated goal of taking "dominion" over government.  Silvoso touts Hawaii and Uganda as current models for the process.

9. NAR Founding Apostle C. Peter Wagner on City Transformation:

The founder and ideological leader of the NAR, C. Peter Wagner, described in his 2002 book  Spheres of Authority, that once individuals submit to the authority of the apostle that God has assigned to their city, the

"government will be in place to receive the powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our cities."
In other words, this is the ultimate faith-based programming - societal ills will be defeated when the Transformation organizations (which Wagner says are in every major American city) manage to bring everyone in that city under the authority of "territorial apostles."

10. Closing

Promotional videos for ITN, like other Transformations movies, make many unverified or demonstrably false claims of success in fighting societal ills. While fighting crime, poverty, and illness, are programs that we all support, and many believe that faith groups can play a role, the Transformations organizations claim goals can only be achieved through unity under the banner of one brand of Christianity, and abandonment of our system of secular democracy and religious pluralism.

As Silvoso states in Transformation, their goal is "destroying the capability on earth" of the  "Babylonian system" and replacing it with "God's order." According to the apostles in the Transformation organizations, the Babylonian system which must be eradicated is not just poverty, crime, and illness, but encompasses anything and anyone outside their narrow interpretation of Christianity.

An ITN/Canopy of Prayer California promotional video clarifies how this will work.  It includes Pastor Zian Srouji and Rabbi (Messianic) Myles Weiss stating,

"It's about time for the body of Christ to be one.  If a New York Jew and a Palestinian Arab can be one in Messiah anything is possible."

In other words, all races, ethnicities, and faiths are welcomed as part of this project, as long as they abandon any competing belief systems and unite under the banner of charismatic and "born again" Christianity.

This is just a small sampling of media in addition to hundreds of books, videos, websites and other media sources that have been collected by our team documenting the New Apostolic Reformation. Those who have not been following our articles over the last two years on Talk2action, may feel that I am misinterpreting spiritualized statements, or overstating the anti-pluralistic agenda and dominionist intent of the movement.   If so, please take a few minutes to read Killing Mother Teresa With Their Prayers and watch Bruce Wilson's Transforming Uganda video.

Apostles who are burning artifacts, battling witches and curses, going on strategic level spiritual warfare missions, and demonizing other religions, may sound fringe and far-fetched but this movement is recruiting politicians - Republican and Democratic, from the local to the national level - in the U.S. and other nations.

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by cilky698 on Sun Mar 25, 2012 at 02:52:37 PM EST

Those who have not been following our articles over the last two years on Talk2action, may feel that I am misinterpreting spiritualized statements.Jenny

by antichero on Wed Jul 11, 2012 at 02:51:20 AM EST

An ITN/Canopy of Prayer California promotional video clarifies how this will work. It includes Pastor Zian Srouji and Rabbi (Messianic) Myles Weiss stating,tapetes anti fatiga

by antichero on Mon Jul 16, 2012 at 09:53:04 AM EST

. Those who have not been following our articles over the last two years on Talk2action, may feel that I am misinterpreting spiritualized HCG drops

by volf698 on Sun Jul 22, 2012 at 11:42:24 AM EST

If a New York Jew and a Palestinian Arab can be one in Messiah anything is possible."

by volf698 on Tue Jul 24, 2012 at 07:18:14 AM EST

The Head and Not the Tail - Battle Cry for the Seven Mountains Campaign foto libro

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