U. S. Pastor Publishes Book Comparing the Country to Nazi Germany
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Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 11:33:21 AM EST
Erwin Lutzer, pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago, just published a book named, WHEN A NATION FORGETS GOD.  The book contains an endorsement from the Natonal Religious Broadcaster's president, Frank Wright.  Wright's organization has been connected to Dominion theology by some groups in the nation. The theme of he book is stated on page 134; "We have witnessed increasing hostility against Christainity from society in general and from state institutions in particular."
Author Lutzer finds parallels with Nazi Germany in all the wrong places.  One example is the fact that the state can license a marraige without the certification of the church.  Hitler's Germany is compared to modern Hate Crimes legislation in which the minister believes these new laws will allow the state to control free speech in the pulpit.  An economic example is found in the graduated income tax. Erwin sees this as stealing from the rich to give to the poor.
     Lutzer finds similar ideology in the British health care system with German concentration camps.  Lutzer claims that in Britain senior adults are denied adequate health care.  This is compared to the proposed new system in America.  One assistant state attorney warned the pastor that in the near future pastors can lose the tax exempt status in the church if the church refused to preform gay marriages.  Believe it or not, the famous preacher claims Muslims and homosexuals have joined together on hate crimes bills to further attack Christians.
     The Chicago preacher sees a horizon that doesn't look with favor on ministers in the nation.  He claims, "Thus despite the First Amendment, a powerful secular government will still seek to control what citizens hear or should not hear."  The author finds one source of great evil resides in the nation's ACLU.  The organization is often mentioned as a diabolical system bent on destroying the Christian faith. The fact that the ACLU seeks to promote First Amendment causes in the country never appears to have pierced the vison of fear the pastor has for the group.  The pastor notes several times that public schools in the country "favor Islam" and "denigrate Christianity".  He went on to state that
American colleges have more Marxists on the faculty than the entire former Communist bloc.  Sources for such claims are footnoted by Fox News, Richard Land, Glenn Beck and
R. J. Rushdoony.  Others resources are found in the late radio preacher Marlin Maddoux and the Rutherford Institute.
     The connection of the dots between the nation and 1940s Germany did not resonate with me with the illustrations used.  The grave irony of the book is that Moody Church was founded by the same founder as Moody Bible Institute.  Moody Bible did have direct connections with ideology found in the Third Reich.  Their president was connected with Elizabeth Dilling and the promotion of THE PROTOCOLS.  The publications and teaching regarding European connections to end-of-times events often used anti-Semitic resources.  I contacted the pastor's secretary and sent an email raising some of the questions.  I have not yet heard a reply.
     There is no mention of Charles Coughlin, Gerald Smith or business leaders in the Chicago area during the Third Reich.  These obvious links to much of the right wing hysteria found in 1930s America have roots in the fears expressed by Lutzer today.  There is no mention of the work, IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE, that award winning Sinclair Lewis wrote.  Lewis speculated on Hitler's ideology finding fertile soil in the nation.  Lewis might have found Lutzer to have much in common with his character Bishop Peter Paul Prang.  

In the Communist Bloc EVERY SINGLE professor and teacher was required to be a member of the party (and there were plenty of colleges and schools in the USSR and the Eastern Bloc countries), this is not so in America. Also interesting to note- the Communists were every bit as Puritanical in their views as the religious right. The only difference is that the Communists wanted to spread their "gospel" of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Maoism instead of the dominionist spin of Christianity. Dominionism has "Teen Challenge" camps, just like the USSR had gulags, using the exact methods to the T as the laogai Chinese communist labor camps to break down teens.

by zowie on Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 12:40:50 PM EST

The author got his quote about Communists regarding this issue from Marlin Maddoux in his work, Public Education pg. 65.  Maddoux was an earlier version of  radio preachers.  I heard him speak at 2nd Baptist in Houston and recall many of his comments didn't seem to qualify as verified social evaluations.

by wilkyjr on Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 03:13:05 PM EST
http://www.aclu.org/aclu-defense-religious-practice-and-expressio n looking through this list some of the people who come to the ACLU are people who are in line with Mr. Lutzer's worldview and outlook. Why would they come to a legal help organization that is supposedly against them? ACLU also works together with the ACLJ (right wing Christian legal organization) in cases involving religious freedom.

by zowie on Thu Feb 25, 2010 at 05:01:35 PM EST

"Sources for such claims are footnoted by Fox News, Richard Land, Glenn Beck and
R. J. Rushdoony."

I would have much more respect for Homer Simpson as a credible source than of the above-mentioned.  Rushdoony advocated killing disobedient children; need I say more?

by Sam Davis on Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 05:43:38 PM EST

On page  28     the author claims Europe has now lost the right to cricitize Islam and must be politically correct instead.

by wilkyjr on Tue Feb 23, 2010 at 02:01:01 PM EST

b"h                                                      z"a

Christian Rapture has led to Constitutional Rupture. The book being reviewed has an audience; a committed audience at that. One does not have to review to critique or excuse the writer. He knew what he wrote.  He is well practiced.

Moreover, the real problem actually pointed out has a basis in stone.  When Christianity acts to "spread the kingdom of Christ" via Evangelic means Un-Constitutionally, and gets caught doing so, it all of a sudden comes down to a persecution of Christians.  Nonsense.

If Bruce Wilson would only write the story he has promising for years to write on my work; then perhaps facts seen within Constructed Concrete Edifices & Sculpted Marble Sculptures located on American soil, and displayed on the walls inside The Supreme Court Of The United States, would shock an American Public rather than titilate.

Some years ago Bruce wrote articles regarding my disclosures of the GAMMADION/SWASTIKA structures, respectively build to completion in "1969" and "1980", at The Naval Amphibious Base [NAB] Coronado in San Diego, California, and at The Wesley Acres Retirement Residence in Decatur, Alabama.  

[Out of misplaced sensitivities Bruce refused and still refuses to write about my Curatorial disclosures about the United States Supreme Court's display of anti-Semitic Hate-Art, and Fraudulent First Amendment Litigations thus suffered.]  

However, Bruce did write about the Swastikas.

The U.S. Navy & Department Of Defense were responsible for building the offensive Complex of structures located at the NAB.

It was Federal H.U.D. funding provided to The Methodist Homes Organization to construct, and to maintain the Dectur, Alabama structure as a Christian/NAZI Gammadion/Swastika.  

These "religious/political" symbols & emblems of a Christian/NAZI  Facist Future for America were not built by mistake; they were built with an intended message; via an Un-Constitutional
form of hateful bigotry expressed as prejudiced
"Government Speech" -- constructed in "1969" and "1980"; standing to this day!

When these offensive structures were reported to the world by Bruce Wilson and others, the common response was one of titilation rather than humiliation.

"Threat" turned to Action should have been the concern.  

People could not absorb or contemplate the thought of reality constructed and displayed before their eyes.  

As Bruce Wilson and Fred Clarkson know, The United States Navy / Department Of Defense has had the good courage to determine that the NAB structure should be eliminated.  

In a letter issued to me, dated "4 Jan10'', Rear Admiral French set forth a detail of intended construction projects to eventually see the NAB Gammadion/Swastika eliminated.

The offensive Gammadion/Swastika will be physically rendered from a Religious/Political symbol of the Enemy into a Squared-Off structure.  The U..S.Navy intends to eliminate the Un-Constitutional structures.  The effort should be applauded and supported.

As of date, The Methodist Homes Organization has no such revealed plans to eliminate its 120-Unit -- H.U.D. maintained -- structure.

President Obama has been advised of the above facts.  White House Press Officer BEN LaBOLT and the White House Press Office have received e-mail inquiries for official comment  and/or Presidential statement.  No response! No reply!


That is a question which faithful readers of this website should ask yourselves.  

Once you ask yourselves the question, perhaps a personal participation and intervention might be in order.

Write to President Obama and your state representatives.

Support The U.S. Navy in its determination to finally eliminate the sign of a Christian/Nazi Facist America.

Suggest to President Obama that a priority status be assigned -- with sufficient finances --to the Navy's intended project.  

Demand that the H.U.D. funded Gammadion/ Swastika located in Decatur, Alabama be fully investigated and built out to a Four- Squared Structure so to eliminate the Christian/NAZI configuration, or see it torn down.

H.U.D. must be held responsible for this insult, no less The Methodist Homes Organization.  They have had years to remedy the problem and they have not done so.

Take Talk 2 Action, and realize YOU are in fact resurrecting The United States Constitution by doing so!  Enrapture yourselves as citizens and remedy a Ruptured United States Constitution.
Close and firmly separate the chasm between Christian Rapture and Constitutional Rupture so that Christians can believe whatever they choose to believe, but so that The United States Constitution will not suffer a complete and final rupture.  

Remember that The United States Constitution protects rights allowing for Christians to carry The Christian Cross; however, The Cross Which Christians cannot allow for The United States Constitution to stand.  

The Christian Rapture Rejects It;  Convert Or Be Damned & Die Was Never Written Into The United States Constitution.  

I Reject Jesus As ''Kristos''- Messiah.  I accept The United States Constitution as a viable form of providing means of Governance to the United states Of America.

The "Reich'', be it First, Second, NAZI Third, or an allied Vatican/Christian/American Fourth, meant and forever does mean, a "Holy Roman Empire";  Formed upon the "spread of Christ's kingdom" unto an Establishment thereof;  

and there shall be NO Establishment ... in The United States Of America.

Most sincerely,



by avrahaum on Tue Feb 23, 2010 at 06:25:25 AM EST

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