A Brief History of Sex and the Religious Right
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Thu Aug 05, 2010 at 11:31:17 AM EST
Sex in the Religious Right has a fascinating historical record.  The topic has had its scandals, strange theories and the use of sex as a political movement
Author Bryan Burrough chronicles accounts of Texas Oil and lists some connection to the Religious Right.  Patriarch H. L. Hunt, who was breast fed by his mother until he was 7, is a case in point. Legally connected to bigamy, Hunt had secret families.  When the original family discovered his secret hidden family, the children were in shock.  Mom excused their father's actions claiming it was just caused by his theory he had superior genes.  Right after the second wife was exposed, grieved over and reconciled, Hunt went immediately after a third.  Joe McCarthy was embraced by these early oil barons as a solution to what ailed the nation. However, the backers grew weary of the abusive way Joe treated and abused his wife in public.  A few months before Religious Right leader James Robison had Cullen Davis out at his revivals leading  sessions on how to be a good husband and father, Davis had been accused of  trying to kill his second wife. The second one had a noted habit of wearing low cut blouses exposing a diamond necklace spelling out "rich bitch."  She was known to shave discrete parts of her body into a heart and dying the hairs pink.  She supposedly preformed sexual acts on Cullen in public restaurants.  

Michael Barkun wrote about the Christian Identity movement.  The theory behind Identity's anti -Semitism is that Jews originally were conceived by Eve having sex with the serpent.  This made them less than human.

Journalist Jon Bell wrote a book about the now famous Rev. Fred Phelps.  Fred and family often attend funerals of AIDS victims holding up banners that state "No Tears for Queers".  Phelps, who is an attorney, once advised a man he was counseling to   beat his wife.  The man did as Phelps suggested and went to jail over it.  The incarcerated then asked Fred for bail money.  Submissive wives are an important part of the movement.

Russ Bellant noted in his research the story of the Pioneer Fund.  The fund was connected to the Council on National Policy crowd.  One of its research efforts concluded Negro integration was to be used as a standard through which interracial marriage would mean the disappearance of the Negro race fusing into the white.  Sex was thus a tool to mingle races in an unholy alliance.

Religious right author Nancy Campbell writes that the word "woman" is a combination of the words "womb" and "man".  She wrote about a friend in Australia who devised a plan to have ten children, and each of them producing ten. The end result would be 1,000 great grand children.  Sex is here seen as a weapon in the war against secularism.

Gary Clabaugh wrote about the link Billy Hargis had with Joe McCarthy.  Hargis helped do research for McCarthy's crusade to expose Communists.  Hargis, noted as a founder of the modern Religious Right, was known to solicit sex from both genders of his college choir.  He was exposed as bisexual with a particular fetish for college age students. George Bundy, an early Religious Right Southern Baptist who worked with McCarthy was also accused of homosexual behavior.  TBN's  Paul Crouch, writes Sarah Posner, was accused by Benny Hinn's chauffer of soliciting sex from the driver.  Posner also noted that Rev. Paulk was accused of having sex with 6 different women and is supported through all this by Bishop Jakes and other prosperity ministers.

David Duke wrote that all social problems had roots in race.  Thus sexual activity by the wrong race brought about increased criminal activity.  Blacks reproducing themselves according to Duke, brought down the nation.

Henry Ford taught that Jews made "nigger gin" which caused Blacks to be attracted to white women.  This race mixing was a serious threat to the world by Ford's standards.

The block buster movie Birth of a Nation, early last century supported the efforts of the Klan. A Baptist minister wrote the drama.  In the story a white father starts to kill his daughter rather than let her fall into the hands of savage black troops.

Religious Right writer Andrew Hitchock noted the Rothschild family laced small pox vaccines with AIDS to lessen the population of Africa.

Identity writer Charles Magne noted that Blacks came before Adam in the Bible.  They are thus a different species.  He claims the Bible does not punish the killing of a beast (Negro), which is genetically different than a white.  The use of the Bible to foster the breeding of white with Negro is a sinister evil according to Magne.

Conspiracy craving Texe Marrs notes the gender blending problems in the nation. He wrote that Hilary Clinton is a strong masculine woman who completely dominates her "wimp of a man".

John Eldredge wrote the guide to manhood called, Wild at Heart.  In the book he claims men retreated to porn instead of whipping the ladies back into line.  

J. Frank Norris, an early Religious Right pastor from Texas, had an interesting theory about his enemies.  He wrote that many of them caught V.D. as divine judgment against them.

Christian Reconstruction author Gary North noted that homosexuals are to be killed by Biblical mandate.  He also wrote that women who had abortions and their abortion providers should also be executed.  

Identity writer Pete Peters also affirms the  slaying of homosexuals.  Peters notes that sex between races violates the "kind after kind" mandate in Genesis.  He called interracial sex heathenism.  

Sexual accusations were made against candidate John McCain according to writer Wayne Slater.  In South Carolina, McCain was accused by a Bob Jones professor of having an illegitimate child.  On top of the child being out of wedlock, the accusers said it was a black child.  A double portion of wrongdoing in a state loaded with Religious Right sentiments.  

Passion Play founder and racist writer Gerald L. K. Smith was outspoken about sex and race.  He wrote that race mixing exploits the church.

Author William Snider noted that Senator Jesse Helms often connected sexual relations between different races with Communism.  Helms thought Communists were behind integration in 1950s Arkansas.

Right wing fringe types appear to never have a shortage of adoring women.  Biographer Brandon Stickney noted that Timothy McVeigh received at least 4 marriage proposals while in prison.

Florida segregationist Dr. M. H. Tabb wrote that homosexuality and perversion both come from the same source...integration.

Writer Matt Taibbi noted Pastor Jon Hagee  decried abortion.  Hagee said that Congress wanted to check for birth defects so they could abort people.  Hagee's home town is a center for the "Full Quiver" crowd. This is the group who teaches it is divinely mandated that Christians reproduce themselves as often as possible.

Randall Terry wrote that stopping abortions was so import that protestors should not pay any credence to judicial orders to restraints.  Terry wrote that protestors ought to use these court orders as toilet paper.

The unknown Identity author who wrote Your Inheritance, warned about the increase of non whites in the nation.  He wrote that "Unlawful inhabitants of America have multiplied like rabbits and mutated like cancers."

Identity preacher Ted Weiland wrote that genetics is the key to spreading the kingdom of God. He wrote that modern Christians have more Jewish blood in their veins than their Jewish neighbors.   Aryans are thus the true descendents of Abraham and Jews are imposters.  Spreading the bloodline is more important than spreading the Word of God.

Researcher Leonard Zeskind noted that Christian Identity -types believe the nation is a Christian republic.  Thus using sex as a tool to populate the Christian country is a mandate from God.

Oil barons & the support or funding of Tailgunner Joe McCarthy is well known and documented. The blind spot of Robert Kennedy is his choosing to work for McCarthy, when as a rich son like himself, he could have picked many a place to begin in D.C.  Many clergy represented in your litany list are guilty of rabble-rousing and editing data to correspond to their needs of the moment. Many of these had much more than an ego fascination, perhaps more correctly noted as paranoid wish fulfillment. What bothers me now, apart from the homosexual baiting and more to come from the last week's action in CA, is what it says for the educational level of 'true believers.' Rather than to show an educational attainment that hightened their religiousity, they seek the gutter via cable-TV bait or Internet innuendo. The more one knows of the history cited above, the less inclined is he to be religious. It is not the secularism that triumphs over the religious impulse, but more simply, sense over nonsense. For religion to embrace the sacrifice of reason for futile gain, no wonder the more enlightened among us opt out entirely. The separation of the wheat from the chaff is needed more than ever: the question is who is to be the one separating? Not the John Birchers who have resurfaced, nor the charismatics, neo-pentecostals, assorted fundamentalists and megachurchers {T.D. Jakes}. Altho' mainline Protestantism may wilt in the face of all the arsenal out there, the need to give religion a credible face has never been more dire.

by achbird65 on Sun Aug 08, 2010 at 09:07:21 PM EST

I agree with the idea of how the image of the church is tarnished by such.  Robertson's publicity move regarding the Mosque is a case in point.  He sees the conspriacy link with one of the leaders of the Mosque.  His book on the New World Order is riddled with such conspiracy mongering it is humorous.  

by wilkyjr on Mon Aug 09, 2010 at 09:55:18 AM EST

From Aimee Semple McPherson through Jim Bakker, Jimmy Lee Swaggart, and Ted Haggard, there's much much more non-G-rated material to be explored on this topic.

And let's not forget those fun-loving fellows in the C Street "Family"!

by Pierce R Butler on Tue Aug 17, 2010 at 11:46:41 AM EST

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