This also has to be put in context with something Jones mentioned at the start of the video.  He'd a "prophetic word" he got about a large number of heavy hitters who will eventually come under the authority of Joyner at Morningstar.  This is critical, because the NAR believes that it is necessary for Christians--under submission to so-called apostles and prophets--to take over the "seven mountains" that influence our society--business, media, family, religion, education, media, entertainment and most importantly government.  Sounds to me that they're praying for Obama to be one of those heavy hitters.  

At this point, though, it looks like wishful thinking.  After all, all indications are that Obama has distanced himself from Samuel Rodriguez, the supposedly moderate evangelical Latino pastor who actually has close ties with the NAR.  But it's pretty revealing to see just how meglomaniacal Joyner and his fellow "prophets" and "apostles" have become.  The good news, though, is that these people are being watched--and the more the general public knows about them, the less they like.  And Joyner and his friends know it too--after all, after the YouTube video was bombarded with dislikes from Kossacks, they shut off the ability to rate it.