Green has issued a challenge to Barton's critics--if they can find even one inaccurate or false statement from Barton, he'll gladly post it.  But according to People for the American Way, Chris Rodda found out the hard way just how sincere Green is.  Rodda responded with a detailed post outlining how she and others have thoroughly debunked Barton's claims.  

Green not only didn't approve it, but made a post doubling down on his earlier one, saying he was not going to accept responses from "critics who have proven themselves to be illogical and slanderous."  Um, Rick?  If Rodda really did slander Barton, how come he didn't sue her when Liars for Jesus came out.  The answer is obvious--Barton knows that the velocity with which any such suit would have been thrown out would have created quite the breeze.

If this is Barton's de facto response, he needs to quit digging.