When Robertson's hometown paper, The Virginian-Pilot, got wind of what was happening, it did a series of stories that led Virginia's then-attorney general, Jim Gilmore, to order an investigation.  That probe determined that Operation Rescue had made numerous fraudulent and misleading statements about the scope of the relief effort.  Despite this, Robertson was never prosecuted--presumably because a good number of high-ranking politicians got donations from Marion Gordon.

Robertson's response?  According to the Virginian-Pilot, he's making noises about suing the filmmakers.  Never mind that the film is based heavily on the Virginian-Pilot's reporting, and there is no record of him ever pursuing legal action against the paper.

In a sane world, this film would be the end of Robertson, or at the very least knock him down a few notches.  But in this climate, we just have to wait and see.