Hagee in His Own Words - Part Two
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Tue May 25, 2010 at 12:42:34 PM EST
Part Two, Hagee vs. Hagee - In His Own Words

Following are additional quotes from John Hagee's sermons, books, and other media.  In Part One of Hagee vs. Hagee - In His Own Words, I compared Hagee's quotes to claims in his recent op-ed in the Jewish Daily Forward. Hagee is being marketed to the Jewish community as something quite different than he has described himself - as an end times preacher, "teaching this prophetic theme," for fifty years.

The following Hagee quotes are on a number of topics in addition to Israel and Jews in prophecy, including feminism, environmentalism, homosexuality, the Roman Catholic Church, and Islam.

As a preface to the following quotes, I would like to emphasize that I believe in, and support, Pastor John Hagee's right to preach whatever he wishes, whenever he wishes, no matter how offensive it may be to me or others.  I am posting this list because I continue to be shocked by shortsighted Israeli and American Jewish leaders who endorse Hagee, therefore providing legitimacy and political support for activism to advance a narrative in which the imminent eradication of Judaism from the earth is required (and all other beliefs outside a narrow interpretation of evangelical Christianity), in order to bring about a 1000-year utopia.  Keep in mind as you read these quotes that Hagee's CUFI bio states he has "telecasts on eight major networks, 162 independent television stations, and 51 radio stations throughout the globe broadcasting in over 190 nations" and that with the support of many Jewish leaders, Hagee has become the face of Zionism for millions worldwide.

John Hagee on why the wars of  the seven-year Tribulation period must take place:

The Tribulation will be a time of great distress for Israel.  `Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it; and it is a time of Jacob's trouble, be he shall be saved out of it.' (Jer. 30:7)  Israel will face staggering losses in war....  At the midway point of the Tribulation, Israel will be attacked by:

-Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal (names referring to geographical regions of modern-day Russia or Turkey)
-Persia (modern-day Iran)
-Put (modern-day Libya)
-Gomer (eastern Asia Minor in modern-day Turkey - although they may have migrated from territory that now belongs to the countries of the fomer USSR)
-BethTogarmah (in the eastern part of modern-day Turkey, near the Syrian border)
This is the first battle of the three-and-one half year war of Armageddon, which will actually be fought over  all of Palestine."

--John Hagee's commentary in The Prophecy Study Bible (Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1997), p. xviii

"Now please note very carefully that the Jewish people at this point yet to accept Jesus as their Messiah.  The Bible is very clear that this will happen at the end of the Tribulation, when the Jewish people, who remain living `will look on Me whom they pierced.  Yes they will mourn for one who mourns for Him as one who mourns for their only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn.' (Zech. 12:10) That is the day, the Scripture declares when `all Israel with be saved.' (Rom. 11:26)

But because of this cataclysmic battle on the soil of the Holy Land, the nation of Israel will abandon its disastrous relationship with the Antichrist and begin turning toward the Most High God."
--John Hagee, Beginning of the End: The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the Coming Antichrist (Nashville:  Thomas Nelson Publishers 1996) p. 159
(Note that in Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World, Hagee explains that "all Israel" does not mean all Jews.)

Hagee on Israel's future
"Make no mistake - at some moment in the future, Russia, together with its Arab allies, will lead a massive attack upon the nation of Israel that will probably involve nuclear weapons.  The prophet Ezekiel clearly described the coming battle, which I believe will take place just before the Antichrist steps forward to take his place on the world stage."
--John Hagee, Attack on America (Nashville:  Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2001) p. 143

Christianity Today reporting on Hagee's reaction to the Annapolis Summit:
"In the weeks leading up to the Middle East peace conference, CUFI issued a 'rapid action alert' urging the administration not to pressure Israel into giving up parts of the 'biblical heartland.' Some Christian Zionists, who see the modern state of Israel as a fulfillment of the Bible's end-times prophecies, believe Israel's borders should expand, not shrink, to incorporate the full territory God promised Israel in the Old Testament.

In a message on his church's website, Hagee wrote, 'At this point in America's history, we are plainly rejecting the Word of God because, according to Joel 3, we are helping to divide the land of Israel. We, through billions in foreign aid, are pressuring Israel to abandon the covenant land that God has given to the Jewish people forever. America is in the valley of decision, and we are making the wrong decision.'"
"Low Expectations Follow Annapolis Summit,"Christianity Today Magazine, November 30,2007

John Hagee in the New York Times concerning the 2007 letter sent to President George W. Bush and signed by more than 30 evangelical leaders, in support of formation of a Palestinian state:
"The Reverend John Hagee, who founded Christians United for Israel, was informed of the letter and read most of it. He responded: `Bible-believing evangelicals will scoff at that message. Christians United for Israel is opposed to America pressuring Israel to give up more land to anyone for any reason,' Hagee said."
Laurie Goodstein, "U.S. Christians Voice Support for Palestinian State," New York Times, July 29, 2007

In his sermon series "Jerusalem Countdown," Hagee explains the reasons why Hurricane Katrina took place, and explains what Americans have to do to repent.  He lists four steps:  1) stop abortion, 2) stop rejecting the Ten Commandments, 3) stop endorsement of homosexual lifestyle and 4) stop forcing Israel to give up land.

Katrina was an act of God for a society that has become Sodom and Gomorrah reborn...  

Stop forcing Israel to give up the land that God gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and their descendants forever...  So what does that have to do with America? Plenty.  Right now we as a nation are pushing something called the Road Map to Peace.  We have been pushing it since 2/02 with the great quartet of Great Britain, Russia, and the European Common Market,   The first step is for Israel to give up the Gaza strip.  You saw that happen this past week.  The second step is for Israel to give up Judea and Samaria. That's called the West Bank in the media. The third step is for Israel to give up a portion of Jerusalem as a  capital for a Palestinian state that is to this day, a terrorist state.  Are the Jews and evangelicals of America ready to give up control of Jerusalem for any reason?

What's God's position?  What's God's position, because I assure you, when push comes to shove God is going to have the last word.  Here is what God says my position is on my land, Joel 3:2... God says when you divide up my land, or cause it to be divided up, I will bring you into judgment.  And right now the peace process that we call the Road Map to Peace is forcing Israel to divide up the land that God has given to the Jewish people.

And God's response is I am going to bring judgment on the nation that does this I am going to say this without blinking.  If America continues to force Israel to give up land to the enemies of Israel, the judgment of God will come to America in unprecedented portions.  I want to ask Washington a question.  Is there a connection between the 9,000 Jewish refugees being forcibly removed from their homes in the Gaza strip, now living in tents, and the thousands of Americans who have expelled from their homes by this tremendous work of nature.  Is there a connection there?
--John Hagee, "Jerusalem Countdown," Sermon Series (2005), Sermon #1 "Jerusalem and the Road Map to Peace"
Note that Hagee's "Hiter as hunter" sermon quote was from sermon #3 in this same 2005 series, not the 1990s as reported in much of the press.

"Israel is reborn and thrives today as a mighty democratic nation. We are now awaiting the Jewish people's spiritual resurrection."
--John Hagee, Jerusalem Countdown: Warning to the World (Lake Mary, FL: FrontLine, A Strang Company, 2006), p. 181.
Jerusalem Countdown was advertised in the May/June 2006 issue of John Hagee Ministries Magazine as the "#1 on Walmart's Inspirational Titles" and "#1 Trade Book Christian Booksellers."

Hagee speaking at the CUFI Night to Honor Israel in Jerusalem just prior to his introduction of  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (on the day of Vice President Joe Biden's arrival in Israel):

"Lord, save your people, the remnant of Israel.  The Bible teaches that there is supernatural power in the concerted shout of righteous people.  When Joshua and the children of Israel shouted, the walls of Jericho fell down.  I want us tonight to give a shout and that shout  is, Lord, save your people, the remnant of Israel.  (Crowd chanting together) Lord save your people, the remnant of Israel."
--John Hagee, CUFI Night to Honor Israel, televised from Jerusalem on God TV, March 8, 2010

Hagee teaches that a Russian and Islamic federation will attack Israel and no other nations will come to her aid.  According to Hagee this is necessary for a remnant of surviving Jews to repent and accept Jesus.

"God is saying to the Russian, Islamic coalition, I am going to come against you and I am going to bring death and destruction to you until no one in the world can doubt that I am almighty God...  We are having a war of theology in the Middle East and God is sitting on his throne saying, look, I am going to show you people really who is great.  I am going to put on a power demonstration that's going to take your ever loving breath and the whole world is going to know when the dust settles that that there is one God, the God of Abraham and there is no other!  (Clapping)

How is God going to deliver Israel from this holy war?....

Why will God destroy the enemies of Israel in this miraculous military manner?  Let's read Ezekiel 39:7.   So that his name will be made holy in Israel. Say that with me. (Audience chanting together) So that his name will be made holy in Israel.

Israel today is full of secular Jews.  They're not kosher. They don't read the Torah, they don't love the Torah.  They have no heart for God, but following this massive annihilation when millions come against them and the nations of the world are not coming to their assistance, and they feel it's absolutely certain  they are going to be destroyed, suddenly the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob says, my fury shall come up in my face.  God has said I am tired of the nations of the world picking on the apple of my eye and he extends his mighty right hand and he annihilates the armies that come against Israel.

And then the Bible says that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is going to be glorified in Jerusalem.  They are going to have a spiritual revival in that nation and they will say there is one God of Israel, it is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and he is the holy one of Israel, bless his holy name...

One bomb into Iran's nuclear plant could start the holy war.  And believe me that could happen this afternoon.  And that holy war is described in Ezekiel 38:39.  One terrorist attack by a plane loaded with explosives could fly into a major refinery in Saudi Arabia.. and the American economy could vaporize and that is so completely possible....

I believe the church of Jesus Christ will be raptured before this starts.  The point that I am making to you today is that I have been I have been teaching this prophetic theme for forty-five years... When my father taught this, there was no Israel and the only people in the Middle East were people riding camels across sand dunes...  Now here we are some fifty to sixty years later and all of the dots connect.  Jesus Christ could be here this afternoon.  There is nothing to delay his coming.
--John Hagee, "Beyond Iraq:  The End of the Age," Sermon Series (2004) Sermon #2, "Sleeping with the Enemy."

"Israel has yet to endure her darkest night.  I believe the peace process under way is a Trojan horse. Instead of bringing the long-sought-for peace, it will bring the Antichrist and thee most horrible war the Holy Land has ever known....

One of the specifications of the agreement between Israel and the Antichrist will allow the religious Jews to rebuild the Temple and to initiate daily sacrifices.  We know this because the Antichrist will stop sacrifices and offerings at the mid-point of the Tribulation, and sacrifices have been started again in order for the Antichrist to stop them...

Now the rebuilding of the Temple constitutes an enormous political and religious problem, for the place the Bible decrees for the location of the Temple is currently occupied by the Dome of the Rock...

In response to the destruction of the Dome of the Rock, the Islamic nations of Africa and the Middle East will form a Pan-Islamic Coalition to destroy Israel, eliminate the Jewish people, and destroy the third Temple."
--John Hagee, Beginning of the End:  The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the Coming Antichrist (Nashville:  Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1996) p. 130, 141 - 143.

[Note that the book Jerusalem Countdown:  A Warning to the World includes a map on page 195 showing the "Royal Grant" stretching from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates River, and in Battle for Jerusalem, page 236, Hagee states, "in modern terms, Israel rightfully owns all of present-day Israel, all of Lebanon, half of Syria, two-thirds of Jordan, all of Iraq, and the northern portion of Saudi Arabia."]

"Most thinking Christians are not indifferent to the suffering that will come during the Tribulation - that is one reason that we are engaged in spreading the news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And not only the Jews will suffer in the Tribulation; the entire world will suffer the effects of the judgments of God. The Antichrist will put the nations of the globe under his thumb, and everyone who does not take his mark and swear allegiance to his regime will be persecuted.

God will be faithful to His covenant people.  The 144,000 Jews who are sealed as witnesses immediately after the Rapture will be granted divine protection so that they may be preserved during the time of Tribulation.  God's judgment and wrath will be evident, yes, but so will his mercy.  Once the church has been removed, God will act to bring the nation of Israel to faith in him.
--John Hagee, Attack on America (Nashville:  Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2001) p. 230

This fire Ezekiel sees coming to those living securely in the coastlands could be a direct judgment from God by hurricanes and tsunamis, or it could describe a nuclear war via an exchange of nuclear missiles.  Could it be that America, who refuses to defend Israel from the Russian invaders, will experience nuclear warfare on our east and west coasts?  That's exactly where most of us live today."
--John Hagee, Jerusalem Countdown: Warning to the World (Lake Mary, FL:  FrontLIne, A Strang Company, 2006), p. 114.

"In Revelation 13, we have a description of the Antichrist, who will be the head of the European Union."
--John Hagee, Jerusalem Countdown: Warning to the World (Lake Mary, FL:  FrontLine, A Strang Company, 2006), p. 115.

Note that Hagee also produced and starred in a 2001 movie with Cloud Ten Productions, titled Vanished, in the Twinkling of an Eye, in which the head of the European Union is portrayed as the anti-Christ. Link to "Hagee' s EU Antichrist Predates Hutaree's."

Pure Flix Entertainment Press Release titled "Dr. John Hagee Partners with Pure Flix Entertainment to Promote Message of 'End Times' Film, 'In The Blink of an Eye' Slated for November 17 DVD Release:"

NASHVILLE, TN (November 2, 2009) - Pastor John Hagee, one of America's most recognizable evangelists and pastor of the 19,000 member San Antonio- based Cornerstone Church, is offering nationwide through his television ministry an eye-opening and prophetic action film that chronicles the last week leading up to the rapture. End-times thriller "In the Blink of and Eye" will release through Pure Flix Entertainment in conjunction with EMI CMG Distribution on November 17. Hagee, widely considered an "end times" expert through his best selling books and appearances on television shows such as Fox News' Glenn Beck, will be airing a half-hour television special to discuss the importance of the message of the film. The special, which begins November 12, will air through the months of November and December.
Link to press release.

John Hagee interviewed by Glenn Beck on CNN:

GLENN BECK:  Could the threat from Islamic extremist be a sign of the end times and is the apocalypse almost upon us...

JOHN HAGEE: I believe the Bible is very specific that we do live in the end of days...Well, there are ten bible signs that we are living in the end of days...

BECK: Do you believe that global warming is a possible sign?

HAGEE: I don't believe in global warming...

BECK: Is the Antichrist alive today?

HAGEE: I believe he is.

BECK: End of the world as we know it in five years, 10 years, 20 years?

HAGEE: I don't think we'll get past 20 years.
CNN Interview, October 12, 2007

Hagee on Threats to the U.S.

"I have on my desk an intelligence report stating that Iran is now developing something that is called electromagnetic pulse (EMP)... A fake satellite crossing over America at the height of 280 miles suddenly explodes over the Great Plains of the United States, releasing several pounds of enriched plutonium, blanketing the United States of America with gamma rays.  Instantly, in one billionth of a second, all electrical power is cut off instantly, and cut off for months...  Can Iran do it?  Our government says yes."
--John Hagee, Jerusalem Countdown:  A Warning to the World (Lake Mary, FL:  FrontLine, A Strang Company, 2006) p. 27 - 28

Hagee on the imminent Antichrist and  Tribulation:

"Hollywood is nothing but hell's public relations firm...

During the Tribulation God is going to turn Satan and the Antichrist and the False Prophet loose. God is going to say to the world, you have rejected me, you have rejected my Son, you have rejected my Word, so I am going to give you what you ask for.  I am going to give you seven years of hell on earth. I am going to give seven years of letting Satan do his thing.  I am going to take my hand off, the salt is going to be removed from the earth - the church, and Satan is going to have his heyday.  

During the Tribulation God is going to turn him loose and wars are going to be so bloody, so vicious, that if God did not stop it, no human being on the earth would survive.  God's third purpose of the great Tribulation is to pour out his wrath on those who have rejected Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord."
--John Hagee, Prophecy for the 21st Century (video) sermon series, Sermon #2 "The Great Tribulation"

Promotion for Hagee's book to be released in June 29, 2010 titled Can America Survive: 10 Prophetic Signs That We Are The Terminal Generation:

Armageddon Books:
"Using carefully documented facts and powerful biblical teachings, Pastor Hagee illustrates the relationship between current newspaper headlines and biblical prophecy. This book is about more than politics, economics, and prophecy. This book is about America's very survival!"

"Carefully documented facts and powerful biblical teaching are the basis for the provocative claims and predictions outlined in this riveting book. A personal friend of Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, Hagee shares a frightening conversation he had with Netanyahu regarding the coalition of Russia and Iran in their nuclear efforts. Then in graphic detail Hagee describes the coming war in the Middle East, with Russia leading a massive Islamic army against Israel. While respectful of President Obama's office, Hagee examines the administration's implementation of Czars and the coming of a global Czar whom the Bible calls the Antichrist.
Can America Survive? concludes with a spellbinding description of Armageddon--the Mother of All Battles--and the ultimate return of the Messiah, which will bring peace on earth and leave Jerusalem as the epicenter of planet earth."

Benny Hinn hosting John Hagee on "This is Your Day" (March 2003)

BENNY HINN: What do you see coming, this war with Iraq...

JOHN HAGEE:  The future of the world has been very clearly lain out in Bible prophecy....

God showed Daniel the four empires that would rule the world - kings and kingdoms.  The first was the head of gold which was Nebuchadnezzar, which was Babylon, which is Iraq.  Understand that in Babylon was the first worldwide rebellion against God. Because they built the tower of Babel.  Babel produces the word Babylon which means confusion. The Bible said that  God is not the author of confusion. Also in Babylon was the first worldwide false religion born.  It is called to this day Babylonianism and it is the mother/child cult and is the cult where redemption comes through sacraments not the blood of Christ.  And this is something that continues to this day and in the 17th chapter of the book of Revelation God says that he is finally going to come in and crush that worldwide religious system that started in Iraq, years and years ago.

Hagee on the coming New World Order of the Antichrist:
"The third objective of the New World Order is the destruction of Christian faith. Why? ... Because as long as you believe in the word of God and loyal to the Kingdom of God, you represent a government in a government.  You  are a hindrance to the socialist new order that's sweeping American and the world.  Your credibility and your confidence must be shaken in your leaders, in your cause, in your church and in yourself.  Listen closely.  There's an all out attack on Christianity right now in America right now through law, through media, and through education...  We are now seeing the criminalization of Christianity in America.  The spirit of Antichrist will not tolerate the spirit of Jesus in America."
--John Hagee, "Prophetic Mysteries Revealed," Sermon Series (2009), Sermon #5 "The Coming New World Order"

Hagee on Feminism

"The feminist war in America is about the spirit of rebellion - against God's plan for the family, which is identified in 1st Samuel 15 as the spirit of witchcraft. First Samuel 15 very plainly says that the spirit of rebellion is as the spirit of witchcraft...

The objective of feminism, again, is the destruction of the masculine leadership in the home, in the church, and in the government - to be replaced by the feminist movement. I think Rush Limbaugh calls them 'Feminazis.' And that's probably a good title. 
...to control the government legislation through threat and intimidation. To attack the Bible believing church, and to bring the occult, specifically witchcraft and Goddess-worship, specifically Ashteroth-worship to the women of America.

--John Hagee, John Hagee Teaching Series (audio cassettes) # 231E The Feminist Movement
Link to Amazon, 1998 edition.

Hagee on Environmentalism:

"But I have discovered, from a great number of sources, an environmental juggernaut that has come together and married the New World Order crowd, and the occultists who have the objective to control the United States economy through environmental concerns, and laws that they have passed, and will pass. 
Secondly, it is their desire to control the birth rate of America. They would like to dramatically reduce the population of America because we consume so many natural resources. They are trying for the mark of 75 million. What happens to the other 175 million ? I don't know - maybe abortion plays a part in that... 

This is the environmentalist crowd and the New World Order crowd who were married at Rio [Rio Summit in 1992]. The question is - how to manipulate America and the world to surrender the wealth of America to save mother Earth? Doesn't that sound lofty - 'Let's save the Earth!'
Let me tell you something - according to this text, 'the Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof' and he doesn't need the United Nations to help him save it, he doesn't need UNCED to help him save it, he doesn't need demon worshipers to help him save it, he can take care of it by himself...

Listen to this. Donald McAlvany, from his `Intelligence Adviser' says, quote, 'This environmental crisis is a giant scam. It is a sham. A staged, pseudo-crisis designed to give national and international government bureaucrats and globalists, aka New World Order, the excuse to impose socialistic or communistic controls over people, over businesses, over private property - and virtually every aspect of our lives - in order, quote, to save the planet.' End of quote." 

--John Hagee, John Hagee Teaching Series (audio cassettes), #229E Capital Punishment/Environment

Hagee on Hurricane Katrina and homosexuality:

"All hurricanes are acts of God, because God controls the heavens. I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God, and they are -- were recipients of the judgment of God for that. The newspaper carried the story in our local area that was not carried nationally, that there was to be a homosexual parade there on the Monday that the Katrina came. And the promise of that parade was that it was going to reach a level of sexuality never demonstrated before in any of the other Gay Pride parades. So I believe that the judgment of God is a very real thing. I know that there are people who demur from that, but I believe that the Bible teaches that when you violate the law of God, that God brings punishment sometimes before the day of judgment. And I believe that the Hurricane Katrina was, in fact, the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans."
NPR  Fresh Air with Terry Gross, September 18, 2006, rebroadcast May 16, 2008, Link.  

"If God does not judge America, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah."
--John Hagee, "Prophecy for the 21st Century" Sermon Series, Sermon # 2 "The Great Tribulation"

Hagee on Islam:
TERRY GROSS: If you use the Bible as the basis for policy, is there any room for compromise? And if you use the bible as the basis for policy, should Muslims use the Koran as the basis for their policy, and then again, what possible basis is there for compromise at that point?

HAGEE: There is really no room for compromise between radical Islam -

GROSS: I'm not talking about radical Islam. I'm just talking about Islam in general.

HAGEE: Well Islam in general -- those who live by the Koran have a scriptural mandate to kill Christians and Jews.
NPR  Fresh Air with Terry Gross, September 18, 2006

Hagee explains why Islam and Christianity are not "sister faiths:"
"Islam denies Christianity's core truth - the death and resurrection of Jesus...

Islam also denies the deity of Jesus Christ..  Every revelation and every prophecy must be judged by the Word of God.  If it is not scriptural - if it denies Jesus Christ as the Son of God - it is the spirit of the antichrist.  By applying these tests to the teachings of Muhammad, we will quickly discover that this prophet does not pass the test."
--John Hagee, Jerusalem Countdown:  A Warning to the World (Lake Mary, FL:  FrontLine, A Strang Company, 2006) p. 39 - 40

Hagee on Roman Catholicism

In his sermon "The Great Harlot of Mystery Babylon," Hagee traces the history of the "apostate church" from its beginnings in Babylon and the institutionalization of the church under Constantine, to the destruction of the "whore of Babyon," Rome and "Romanism," in the end times.

"Constantine won that war and the next day, now listen to me very carefully, and the next day he became Caesar, which means the political ruler of Rome, and Pontifax Maximus, which means Pope, meaning that the church and the state became instantly one...  Then Constantine signed the Edict of Toleration in which he made Christianity the state religion. But which Christianity? The Christianity that followed Jesus, or the Christianity that worshipped idols, the Babylonian cult.

It was the Christianity that followed the Babylonian cult.

In one day they walked in they walked into places all over the world and started worshipping the mother/child cult, salvation by sacraments, purgatory, Easter and Easter eggs, and that became Christian.  Now fast forward to 21st century.  That religious cult that started in Genesis 10:11 with Nimrod and Semiramis has grown until it has covered the earth...

Judgment is coming to this great whore... This is a worldwide religious system...

This religious system is a port city.  It is built on seven mountains. It is the only city in the world that fits the description, which is the city of Rome.   The beast, the European Federation of the Antichrist, will hate this religious system...

God is going to crush, allow the political system of the Antichrist, to crush this worldwide apostate sinner.  Revelation chapter 18 describes God's destruction of the city of Rome.  The bible says the kings of the earth shall weep and lament for her when they see the smoke of her burning.  You have seen the destruction of communism.  There will be  the destruction of Romanism.  God is clearing the way for the Antichrist to assume the power that is required to literally rule the world..."
--John Hagee, "Prophecy for the 21st Century" (Video) Sermon #3 "The Great Harlot of Mystery Babylon"  (This sermon series is advertised on the 2005 DVD of Jerusalem Countdown for $70 US/ $91 CAN. )

Hagee describing a "wave of Satanic ritual murders" of children and demonized objects:

"Female Satanists breed themselves to give birth to children for ritual offerings.  Doctors in the satanic groups deliver the baby, filing no birth certificate.  As far as the state is concerned, the person never existed... The baby is ritually slaughtered, cremated, and the fat is used to make candles for satanic worship at a later date...."

"The most disturbing reason why you don't read more about the epidemic in your local newspaper is because some publishers, city fathers, and even police officers are occasionally involved in occult practice themselves."  
--John Hagee, Day of Deception: Separating Truth From Falsehood in These Last Days, Trilogy Version (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2000) p. 177 -178 Day of Deception was originally published in 1997 and includes chapters titled Witchcraft in the White House, Who Killed Vince Foster, Who Controls America, and American Under a Curse.

From a chapter titled "America Under a Curse" in Day of Deception
"There was a woman in my church years ago who was experiencing a living nightmare....   I visited the woman at home and saw that the entire inside of the home was filled with statues of dragons.  The Bible says that Satan is 'that old dragon, the devil.' I told her, 'Lady, it is my belief that if you recognize Satan in any way, with statues, with the occult, with witchcraft, with mind control, with Eastern philosophies, then Satan has a legal right for his demon powers to live in your house.  He has a legal right to claim your life, your soul, and your children.  And I recommend that you throw them out, and do it now.'
She did, and I can tell you that her life turned around immediately and permanently because she obeyed the Word of God."

--John Hagee, Day of Deception: Separating Truth From Falsehood in These Last Days Trilogy Version ( Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2000) p. 102

For video from CUFI Summits 2007 and 2008 see:

--Bill Moyer’s JournalUpdate: CUFI. (Video)
--Max Blumenthal’s Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour(Video)
--American News Project’s Pastor Hagee’s Extreme Makeover (Video)

For an overview of John Hagee’s background and rise to political influence, see Sarah Posner’s May 21, 2006 article in American Prospect.

I know the kind of stuff Hagee spews. I am mainline clergy, and I often listen to Hagee and Jack van Impe and others like them for as long as I can stand it just to know what they are saying to people. Sometimes, as I talk to parishioners, I tell them that I really don't care for TV preachers. I am frequently amazed to hear some of them reply, "Yes, but John Hagee, he's good, and I like to listen to him. Don't you agree?" I tell them that I don't agree. My faith is a faith in a God of love, and honestly, when I watch Hagee speak, I see little more than contempt, arrogance, and anger. There is never a smile, never a pleasant look, nothing but condemnation. He may say that he believes that God is love, but if that is his idea of love, I don't need any of it. However, I am amazed how people will believe this stuff. I think people reason something like this, "He's a preacher. Preachers are supposed to be good. He's talking religion. I was brought up to believe religion is good. So he has to be telling the truth." Or something like that. It is amazing how so many people can fail to think critically. An interesting side here is . . . if you've ever listened to some of the fundamentalists (maybe Eagle Forum) when they speak of education, you will hear: They hate the concept of critical thinking. You are supposed to believe what you are told by authority, not think for yourself! Ah, the level of voluntary ignorance never fails to amaze me! And, sometimes I really can't tell, is the religious right using the radically conservative politicians, or are these same politician using the fundamentalists?

by cloyd on Wed May 26, 2010 at 11:48:52 AM EST

Rachel-I'm sure you already know that Zeek has just posted an article about their policy on writing about Christian Zionism-aka your articles.

The Zeek posting is here: http://zeek.forward.com/articles/116747/should-zeek-cover-christi an-zionism/

They are asking readers to weigh in on the ussue by responding to a simple 2 question survey they've posted here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X6DC5F9

Everyone who feels strongly about the importance of this topic should go there and let them know.

by marktypos on Fri May 28, 2010 at 10:05:10 AM EST

Tanks for theses links. Freeroll

by freeroll on Sat Feb 26, 2011 at 07:24:25 AM EST

Strange bedfellows the Zionist Christians, Israel's political right and orthodox Jewry. Pretty much sums us the Arab saying: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Hagee wants to hurry the second coming, the orthodox Jew the "coming", and the Israeli political right (as well as fundamentilist christians in the kismet) cheering them on. What's it all about. The fulfilling of biblical prophecy. The rebuilding of Solomons Temple and we know the "Dome of the Rock" presently occupies that space! Ouch. Strange Bedfellows indeed.

by Yogino on Fri Sep 16, 2011 at 01:46:48 PM EST

When you preach the end times you want it to happen. Why? Because you will be "raptured" up etc. While the rest suffer through the sad little story of cosmic revenge. There is no date just a set of things that must happen in a certain order to have the program finish. Then Samma-El loses then Judgment Day and every one gets new bodies then selections for eternal bliss or eternal pain. All in all it fits just about any other kind of revenge fantasy you can think of. The problem isn't whether the stories are true. It is whether there are people who would want to bring about global terror and murder to "make it happen." Humans have shown a zeal to hurry things along. We see such a scenario now and even if someone like Pres. Obama doesn't pontificate like George W. Bush he still likes the secular part of expanded militarism in over 100 countries and spying on everyone all the time. Power breeds corruption and delusions of god hood. Wish we had a sanity test for our leaders to be.

by Nightgaunt on Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 06:57:01 PM EST

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