Scarborough's Annual Anti- Separation Gala
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Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 08:57:39 AM EST
Out on appeal, Tom DeLay was the guest host for Rick Scarborough's gala in Lufkin, Texas.  He drew a standing ovation.  Handouts contained an endorsement from Governor Rick Perry who blessed Scarborough and fellow Texas David Barton.  Barton endorsed Scarborough in the brochure.  
     The theme of the event appeared to be uttered by the musical group Classic Praise.  Their acknowledged controversial original song carried the repeated chorus, "One nation under God, there is no separation."  They received applause for the words in the chorus which slammed the misguided idea of separation of church and state.
     The singing group's leader was at one time the director of music at an East Texas Baptist church that is noted for its Religious Right activity.  One of those activities was spearheaded by a member who offered Texas churches the video known as the Clinton Chronicles.  The film, a fictitious movie put together by the late Jerry Falwell, accused the Clinton's of drug trafficking, organized crime and murder.
     Militant language from the group's song, "Cry to Arms" was preceded by Old Testament horns used to call Israel to battle.  The announcer stated Israel heard the trumpet and so should America.
     Tom DeLay, ex-speaker of the House, told the crowd God created the country so that those of us who knew Him could run it.  Scarborough wanted to do his part to make sure that happened in Texas.  The bulletin stated his organization in 2010 recruited and organized pastors to swing 15 contested districts in Texas to go Republican.  One might recall  DeLay had been redrawing the state's districts to make sure the GOP controlled Texas.
     Partially underwritten by Christian Reconstructionist friend Dr. Stephen Hotze, the event sought to inspire pastors to electoral activity.  One of Scarborough's board members, Ronnie Floyd, had drawn national criticism and warning for using his pulpit to endorse a Presidential candidate.
     A patriotic aura engulfed the meeting.  One of Rick's movements is called Mobilizing Patriot Pastors.  The movement began earlier in the century under the banner of defending Judge Roy Moore.  Moore was forced by a higher court to stop using his elected office in Alabama to endorse a religion.  The next phase of the movement centered on what Rick calls judicial tyranny.  This is what he sees as the courts being out of control, seeking to override American legislation.  The 2006 conference was based on the idea the nation was at war against Christians.  Rick helped author a book available at the conference on judicial tyranny.  He is helped in the work by Judge Roy Moore, Christian Reconstruction advocates Howard Phillips and Herb Titus.  William Federer, a frequent John Birch Society speaker helped write the work. Alan Keyes, who in the same room called President Obama a grave evil person is listed as one of the authors along with Eagle Forum's leader.  Alan Sears helped with the manuscript.  Alan is the point man at the Alliance Defense Fund which encourages Christian pastors to violate 501c3 tax exemption and endorse candidates from the pulpit.
     The event began by honoring a local Baptist pastor I know for his service to church and community.  It would quickly turn to a pity party for Tom DeLay.  Scarborough said what we heard from the press was not the true measure of his friend who was "falsely accused".  Rick went on to state that history would vindicate Tom DeLay. (If history revisionist and mutual friend David Barton has his way with Texas school books this strange view might just happen.)
     Tom announced that he wanted to bring God back into government.  The featured speaker for the evening was Louie Gohmert. He was introduced by Scarborough's board member who said he daily held up Louie in prayer. Gohmert, a Baptist deacon and GOP regional Congressman, was given an award for his service to the area.  The bulletin listed part of his service as "repeatedly calling for an end to the socialization of our economy."
     Even though Gohmert came from a Baptist church he wasn't too fond of the idea of separation of church and state.  He told us that prayer set up the U.S. Constitution.  The Christian nation theme was evident that night from the leaders.  Gohmert then claimed that the country's aid to GM was unconstitutional.  He blasted the courts for not defending the Constitution and stopping this aid.  Next Gohmert defended DeLay saying he is not really a "hammer".  Instead he noted Tom is a "selfless man".  The GOP leader stated DeLay was charged with crimes as a political/type ploy.  Someone was out to get Tom and there was no evidence against him.  (An Austin jury evidently didn't buy into this ex-judge's position.)  The speaker then stated DeLay could have avoided the indictment, which was a picky Republican rule, but Tom stood  by his post in order to protect the GOP.  He then predicted DeLay would be found not guilty by an appellate court.  
     The evening was dragging on and I had a long drive home in the dark.  I left before Gohmert finished, but it was evident where he wanted to take the capacity crowd.  I missed the closing remarks by Scarborough.
      On the way home I wondered to myself about folks like Ronnie Floyd, DeLay, Judge Moore and Alan Sears having so many run-ins with the law. The evening had been billed as an event to honor the high moral conduct Rick Scarborough claims to admire. I found a bit of irony in the effort.

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by wilkyjr on Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 09:29:32 AM EST

Don't forget the Clinton Chronicles were produced by Jeremiah Films headed by Council for National Policy member Pat Matrisciana who in fact was the anonymous man behind the screen being interviewed by Falwell, also was a member of the CNP. The whole film was a CNP scam from beginning to end.

by JerrySloan on Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 08:02:09 PM EST

Thanks Jerry, good to hear from you.  Falwell Jr. appears to have picked up the baton in the race and is taking the same track as father.  One has to wonder at the nobility-like passing of the throne that takes place in all of these settings like Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Swaggard and etc.  Is the son called, or merely cashing in?

by wilkyjr on Wed Apr 13, 2011 at 09:04:19 AM EST

Apparently their political zeal gets the better of the ir desire to observe the Ten Commandments, particularly the one about bearing false witness.

by khughes1963 on Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 09:36:36 PM EST

Those of us in DeLay's district know that his favorite sin is adultrey. I have heard more than a few credible accounts of his indiscretions; they're common knowledge. In addition there is a group of 8 foster homes in Sugarland that are abandoned (except 1). He started the project with a large public announcement about the time he started to get in trouble over campaign finances and then abandoned it when he no longer needed the press. The Fort Bend Star recently carried an expose about the fiasco. For Scarborough to ignore both of these items and praise DeLay requires a large amount of hypocrisy or stupidity on his part, words that readily come to mind when I think of these two.

by SamD on Thu Apr 14, 2011 at 06:18:57 PM EST

"The singing group's leader was at one time the director of music at an East Texas Baptist church that is noted for its Religious Right activity.  One of those activities was spearheaded by a member who offered Texas churches the video known as the Clinton Chronicles.  The film, a fictitious movie put together by the late Jerry Falwell, accused the Clinton's of drug trafficking, organized crime and murder."

Okay, is it really necessary to testify falsely against a neighbor in a court of law for lying to be a sin, and in all other circumstances it's all right? Like, if a guy doesn't live on your street, you can accuse him of all sorts of crimes, for example, "drug trafficking, organized crime and murder," with no evidence besides you really hate the guy,  and that's okay because he's not your neighbor, he's just the president or something? And what if it's not in court? What if you're not testifying in any formal situation at all-- you're just being your own sorry self and you want to say, just to make life easier, that you were told you had to work late instead of having time to attend your son's piano recital, when in truth you would prefer burning bamboo slivers under your fingernails to listening to one more eight-year-old, even your own, massacre another work by the Brahms who never deserved what American schoolchildren could do to him...

by nogodsnomasters on Fri Apr 15, 2011 at 12:50:13 AM EST

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