Fatima Center Leaders Claim "Apostate" Jews and Israelis Plan To Slaughter Human Race
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Tue Sep 03, 2013 at 11:37:49 AM EST
This is the 3rd in a series of full and partial transcripts of public talks from leaders associated with the Fatima Center, headed by Father Nicholas Gruner. From September 8-11, 2013, in Ontario, Canada, Gruner's Fatima Center will be hosting a major conference, with a planned keynote address to be given by Former United States Congressman (R-TX) Ron Paul. Father Gruner has recently been revealed as a Holocaust denier. As researcher Rachel Tabachnick characterized, the Fatima Center conference was originally to feature "New World Order conspiracy theorists, holocaust deniers, racists, and an openly fascist speaker". The latter, self described neofascist Italian politician Roberto Fiore, has since dropped out of the event - along with Canadian Senator Roméo Dallaire, whose personal secretary told the CBC "There is absolutely no way that General Dallaire would be associated with these speakers."

But for the time being, Ron Paul - whose troubled history included anti-Semitic and racist newsletters published in his name in the 1980s and 1990s, remains slated to keynote the event.

In the transcript below, from Fatima Today broadcast #44, "The New World Order", Fathers Nicholas Gruner and Paul Leonard Kramer describe a global Freemasonry plot, centered in Israel and headed by "apostate Jews" whom the two describe as children of the Devil, to create a satanic New World Order, slaughter the majority of the world's population, and repopulate the Earth with a "master race". These conspirators, alleges Father Paul Kramer, hold a "Hitler-like doctrine of exterminating the gentile races and repopulating the Earth with their own kind."

At the apex of the alleged conspiracy, according to Gruner and Kramer, are 6,000 "super rich" individuals, most of them "trillionaires", whose ranks include the Rothschild family (who in turn funded Hitler and the Nazis, claim the two) and David Rockefeller.

This segment, from the Fatima Center's "Fatima Today" show, originally aired approximately April 2011. The Fatima Center broadcasts its shows by various means - such as the Internet, shortwave radio, and Italy's Channel 217.

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Transcript of episode #44, "New World Order", with Father Nicholas Gruner and Father Paul Leonard Kramer [rough date: April 2011]

Gruner: Welcome to Fatima Today. Our special guest is Father Paul Kramer, author of the book "The Mystery of Iniquity" and the editor of the book "The Devil's Final Battle". Both titles of these books tell us that we're close to some terrible chaos, some terrible events.

We talked about this in our last program, about how - all of a sudden, things unraveling, society unraveling in the West - first with the lack of oil and the Middle East being dried up by these riots and so forth going on, followed by the price of gold going up, therefore the Euro and the Dollar going down, therefore people can't buy food, then there's - then people are out of jobs, they start food riots, they have total chaos in their own neighborhoods. Is this what we're talking about last week, Father ?

Kramer: This is what we can look forward to in the near future. Toward the end of this year we could already expect these things to really seriously start to, start then a chain reaction and our civilization as we know it will start to unravel.

Gruner: And this has been planned by the enemies of God, the enemies of Christian civilization, the enemies of our people, the enemies of our country to bring this about so they can impose their New World Order, one world religion, and impose that by force. Is that also correct ?

Kramer: That is their published and stated aim. That is the goal of Freemasonry.

Gruner: And they've been planning this for over 200 years, since 1730 - in their published plans - to bring about the New World Order, and they're that close to realization. Is that what we're saying ?

Kramer: That's right. They've been working at it for a long time, and now is on the verge of fruition for them.

Gruner: Now the problem I see, and I think your audience will see as well, how is is that we don't see this ? I'm reminded of in France, in June of 1789, everything was quite normal, everything was quite calm. One month later you had the French Revolution and you had blood on the streets and thousands, tens of thousands of people being killed - when the month before, everything was calm. Is that the kind of picture we find ourselves in here ? Or can you give us some parallels to this ?

Kramer: We see this again and again. The - in Russia, for example, the meticulously planned revolutions - the first one that fizzled, of course, in 1905 but then they went at it again in 1917 and the - all the resources and manpower, that all was imported into Russia to bring about the revolution. And we see this happening today in the Middle East. All the organization, the, the Al Qaeda fighters that have been imported into Libya, for example, the - notably into Libya but also like in other countries, like in Egypt.

I recall, in a live broadcast, a man on the telephone in Egypt saying, "We don't know where all these people came from." The organize - these were well-organized and planned events. Sure, the people had grievances and there was a popular aspect to these uprisings - but it was set off by, by foreign, foreign resources that were brought in, foreign organizers that, imported professional revolutionaries, professional [Gruner: Agitators], agitators and fighters. And that's how they set off these, these upheavals that are turning into revolutions throughout the Arab countries.

So this has happened again and again and again, and it will be happening soon in Europe.

Gruner: And you were in Egypt but seven years ago and things were quite in order, were they, when you were there ?

Kramer: Well I was there 10 years ago - I mean, from what I her from people who are, who were there recently - Last year, for example, things were not much different from when I visited Egypt 10 years ago. Yes, there was poverty, there was no political freedom. But society was well ordered, the people - people were earning a living - even if they were poor, they were earning a living. They - the families had food on their table. The day-to-day business of families and of businesses and the state were, were moving along. And it was last year and all of a sudden, throughout all of these countries of Northern Africa and, and also on the Arabian Peninsula - they're just erupting into chaos!

Gruner: So this was predicted by what's his name, by Lindsay - [ Kramer: Lindsay Williams ] about six months ago, back in October 2010. He said it's going to start in about four months. Not because - he would talk to an insider, somebody who he knew was, could, was in on the plans of what was going to happen.

Kramer: He talked to two corporate insiders - high in the elite structure of the corporate world - and they were the ones who told him that the financial elite of the world were organizing, were planning these upheavals, these rebellions in the Arab countries. And their objective was to, to overthrow all of the royal families, to overthrow the governments, to create total chaos in these countries and bring about the stoppage in the production of oil.

Gruner: And, of course, putting their own people in charge of these countries to - the people that would obey them.

Kramer: And then, of course, they would have their own lackeys come into power anyways - as we see happening in Egypt - Mubarak was thrown out. And has anything really changed ? No.

Gruner: And so this - what's going on in Libya under - they're attacking Libya to, because they don't, because Khaddafi doesn't obey the orders of these plutocrats. Perhaps you can explain to us what the plutocrats are.

Kramer: Those are the super-rich who would like to be the rulers of the world. And they behave as if they own the world and as if all the human population on the Earth are just their own personal property, their farm animals, their slaves.

Gruner: Well, in fact, Animal Farm was the word - a book by George Orwell. Who was George Orwell, what did he have to say about it, also 1984 was another book he wrote.

Kramer: People think of George Orwell as a novelist. His real name was Eric Blair. George Orwell was his pen name. Eric Blair was formerly an intelligence officer of MI6, which is the British intelligence. And he understood where things were leading to and he rebelled against that system.

Gruner: So he knew, from MI6, his experience there, that these things were planned - and he was foretelling that this was going to - this is what the plutocrats, the super-rich, want to rule the world, and we're talking about - we're not talking about people who own a million dollars or a million Euros or something that like. We're talking about super-rich people. How would you define a super-rich person ?

Kramer: Well, we're talking about people who make the billionaires look like the poor - trillionaires. There are multi-billionaires and then there are trillionaires. And as far as the super-rich, there are about 6,000 of them in the world.

And, if - I recommend people read Orwell's Animal Farm. Maybe you read it in school when you were a child in school - read it again. It's far more interesting with all the hindsight we have and the historical knowledge that we might have gained since we first studied it as schoolchildren.

Orwell was not describing something theoretical. What he was describing was the collaboration between the communists and the, the most plutocratic high-finance capitalists in the world - those were the "humans". The rest were all the "animals". So, you get the idea - what the masters of high finance, the plutocrats, the super-rich, what they think of the rest of us. Eric Blair, pen name "George Orwell", made it very clear, just with that imagery, that the "human beings" were the super-rich. Everyone else were the "farm animals", even the communists.

Gruner: Some, I think that in some books the Christians and the lower people were Goyim, or "cattle". Is that the same idea ?

Kramer: Well that's where it originated. Because, again, Freemasonry is the organization that links together all these super-rich elite of high finance. and of the great transnational corporations. And Freemasonry, of course, is based on this pseudo-Jewish mysticism called "Kabbalah". Because it is not Jewish. It is pantheistic - meaning, they believe in God as a "world soul", God as a part of the world, that -

Gruner: That there's no God outside the world who created the world, but that God is the world and we're all a part of that. And, of course, that's beyond heresy - it's apostasy, it's destructive of all Christianity to believe in such a thing.

Kramer: And that is the origin, it is in that false - this very pagan, occult mysticism that began when, with mysticism infiltrating into the ancient Jewish faith, and those who apostasized from the Jewish faith and became - embraced paganism; from there there developed this doctrine of looking upon the rest of humanity as mere animals, as cattle - and this, this Hitler-like doctrine of exterminating the gentile races and, and repopulating the Earth with their own kind.

And this is why, you can understand, while, while they outwardly profess to be Jewish - the Rothschilds, for example, financed Hitler - who persecuted the Jews. They sent in a great number of Jewish revolutionaries in to Russia to overthrow the Russian monarchy, and set up the communist government in Russia, and ordinary Jews eventually were persecuted by the communist government and many Jews wanted to get out of the Soviet Union because they were persecuted.

So, those who were really Jewish, and who have some sense of fidelity to the God and to the Mosaic covenant - these people were the ones who were terribly persecuted by these apostate, uh -

Gruner: Jews.

Kramer: I wouldn't call them "apostate Jews". These apostates, these pagans whose ancestors were apostate Jews -

Gruner: Or these pagans who, who claim that they have Jewish origins, of the Talmud, of the book that calls everyone else "Goyim", that the Kabbalah comes from, I mean you might say their ancestors, really old ancestors - but there's a whole series of people who call themselves Jews who are not Jews at all, who are not racially Jews, they're not believing Jews, they're not any - because they don't believe what their prophets told them, they don't believe what their prophets told them - their father is the Devil, as Christ said of them.  

Kramer: That's right. And the racial theory of these people is as bogus as the racial theory of Hitler. Hitler professed this notion of an Aryan race which of course - we know through genetic studies, DNA and everything, that it's utter nonsense. The same idea that in modern times exists a Jewish race is equally nonsensical. The Arabs, for example, have every bit as much Israelite blood as do modern-day Palestinian Jews.

European Jews - about 12 percent of European Jews do not have any Israelite DNA in their blood at all. And then, of course, there's the so-called Ashkenazi Jews - who are descendants of a Turkic race, their ancestors being converts to Judaism. So there is no - there is no Jewish race. Judaism is a religion. And if you're truly Jewish, you are a practitioner of observance of the Covenant of Moses, and you worship the God who revealed himself to Moses on Mount Sinai. Those are Jews.

These people who profess this occult religion - this idea of a world soul, this paganized notion that mixes in elements of Judaism, that has the window-dressing, the outward appearance of being Jewish - but the very essence is entirely pagan and devilish - there's nothing at all Jewish about that !

In fact, that is what the Jewish prophets opposed the most -- the most deadly enemy of the Jews were the pagan Canaanites. And freemasonry, which has for its secret, it's sacred scriptures and its secret doctrine coming from the Kabbalah - that is, that is in its very essence the ancient Chaldean, and fused together with the Egyptian paganism and the paganism of the Canaanites : those were the arch-enemies of the Jews.

So there's no wonder that when these people who outwardly profess to be Jews come into power, cause wars, revolutions, that eventually it's the Jewish people also - not just the Catholic people but the Jewish people - who also get terribly persecuted and even annihilated by these false Jews, that Saint John says, the Apocalypse, they say that they are Jews but they are not Jews - they are the Synagogue of Satan.

Gruner: And so, the Kabbalah is from the Devil, from Lucifer, from Satan and it promotes the worship of Satan and the Devil, or various devils - I think the God of Moloch, or something like that, is Beelzebub if I'm not mistaken, but all these things are all - and Masonry is, basically, paganism. But it will dress itself outwardly by whatever they say; we don't care if you're a Catholic Mason or a Protestant Mason or a Jewish Mason or a Hindu Mason as long as you're a Mason first of all. But, in fact, they can't really be a Mason and a Catholic, or a believing Jew, because their doctrines are completely opposed to the fundamental beliefs of either of Catholics or of Jews for that matter.

Kramer: And that is the basis of Freemasonry. And Freemasonry, as Father Arrupe Padrone [sic: Padre Pedro Arrupe] - in his discourse to the Second Vatican Council - he explained that they are very well organized, entirely organized, that they control financial institutions; that they control the media, the press; they control non-governmental institutions, international organizations - and this is, this organized atheism is very meticulously planned and very well organized to destroy the Catholic Church and to destroy our civilization. And he explained that very openly in a discourse that he gave at the Second Vatican Council.

Gruner: It was in the 4th session, in 1965 - I think it was September 1965.

Kramer: It was the 4th session.

Gruner:  And, so, we - talking about the, in our previous program we talked about the immediacy, and I mentioned that -

Kramer: Father Pedro Arrupe was, of course, the Superior General of the Jesuit Order at the time.

Gruner: Yes, of course that's why he was one of the few priests to address the Council, because he was, he was in charge of more than 15,000 priests, he was at that time and - of course - his researchers uncovered this plot, so to speak, against God, at every level, and how well it was planned. And, of course, he's not the only one to talk about that.

But we're seeing now, 50 years later, after that discourse, we're seeing that they've come to fruition, that they've been able to bring about, that they're just about ready to cause World War Three - the social, complete social destabilization not only of the Arab countries but also of Europe and of America, and of the world, basically - so they can bring about their chaos in order to bring about their New World Order and to impose the one-world government. Does this ? - this is all part of their plan.

Kramer: It's all part of their plan, it was outlined in - even by the Prime Minister of Israel at the time in 1962, David Ben Gurion, published in Look magazine, the 16th of January 1962 -- the plan was that the Soviet Union would gradually change and it would become, due to internal pressures, it would be turned into a Eurasian federated state - which, he said, 25 years in the future, he was talking about in 1987; four years later, he was four years off the mark, but four years later the Soviet Union became a federated Eurasian state.

Gruner: It's amazing because only he could predict this 25 years ahead of time.

Kramer: That's right. He said, he said that the United States of America would become a welfare state with a planned economy - and we see that transformation taking place - even Mikhail Gorbachev, September 2009, said on Russian television that America is now undergoing its own perestroika -

Gruner: With Barack Obama as president.

Kramer: The restructuring under Obama. The restructuring of America under Obama.

Gruner: Well, you see the Ford General Motors Company being taken over by the government. Now it becomes, it's really a government company now - that's not the only one.

Kramer: The government is, has become, a management agency for the super-rich, so everything - the economy is being taken over entirely by the government. But the government is only hired managers in the hands of high finance. So what we see taking place is total transformation of the United States into fascism - was, remarkably, foretold in 1944 by the economist Friedrich Hayek in his book The Road to Serfdom. He is the one who said that America is going along the path to fascism. So: a planned economy controlled by the corporate elite and the super-rich.

Gruner: When you say "fascism", people of course just think of Hitler, but fascism was a doctrine. Perhaps you want to explain how that one could say that the United States is becoming fascist.

Kramer: Fascism is corporatism. It is the merging of government with the, with the great corporations and high finance.

Gruner: So when people say, "Well, America, we're elect - we elect our officials, we have elections every four years, you know we have the Republicans, we have the Democrats - so, I mean, how can they control this ?

Kramer: Well the United States is basically run by a government of, that is drawn from two political parties and these two political parties are owned and operated by the same super-rich families, and corporations.

Gruner: So, these - why you say they're plutocrats - ruling by the rich top 6,000 people who are trillionaires or close to being trillionaires, and they can buy up newspapers, buy up television stations - buy up not just one or two but a whole series - all these things are controlled.

So the media is controlled by them, the political parties' controlled by them, the contributions, to one or - so they can choose even so that whoever is nominated is nominated, chosen by them first of all. So whether the Republicans win or the Democrats win the presidential house, either way it's one of their men.

Kramer: The financial elite are the ones who control everything. And I always give a good example of that with - a typical example of that with Obama appointed General James Jones to be his National Security Adviser. Now, this is of the Democratic Party.

We recall that Henry Kissinger had the Secretary of State under the Republican Party, and General James Jones, National Security Adviser, didn't say "I take my orders from the president, Mr. Obama". No, he said, "I take my orders from Henry Kissinger. My daily orders come from Henry Kissinger". Through Brent - he mentioned - that  transmitted by Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, that Kissinger is the one who is in charge of national security in the United States, not even the president.

Gruner: So and, so these orders come, we're talking about in 2011 when Kissinger was under Nixon back in 1970s, now he's basically giving the orders, and who is Nixon's, I'm sorry, Kissinger's, boss then ?

Kramer: Uh, David Rockefeller - to put it quite bluntly, David Rockefeller.

Gruner: One of the plutocrats, one of the 6,000 super-rich.

Kramer: That's right, and one of the very super-rich who is closely allied with the Rothschild Family in Europe. So, Ben Gurion foretold this taking place in the United States and so we have a complete - a government that is completely under the control of the rich, an economy that completely in the control of the rich, exactly as Ben Gurion foretold, and then he said Eastern, Western and Eastern Europe would become a federated state, democratic and socialist in character - that is exactly what we have now in the Eurozone.

Gruner: So we have, we have both the - Ben Gurion foretold the Soviet Union changing, he foretold America changing, he foretold what would happen in Europe, almost 25 years - he said this in 25 years would take place. He was wrong - he was 29 years for the Soviet Union, but basically he was dead on target.

Kramer: Absolutely, for all these three things. And then the next thing he says - "What this will lead to is the world, the universal, the World Federation of Continents", that there will be a world government, all under one jurisdiction. And he said that the headquarters would be in Jerusalem, it would be under Jewish rule - he, under Israelite rule - which, of course, is really a code word because these people are not Jewish, they're Masons. They are, they are anti-Judaic to the core, but they, they present themselves as Jews.

But he said the headquarters will be in Jerusalem and all the continents of the United Federation of Continents, the World Federation of Continents will be under that jurisdiction - with the exception of the Soviet Union.

So we can already see how long in advance it was prepared that the Soviet Union would be the enforcement arm of the, of the one-world government - because this, this secret alliance was already made known by Ben Gurion in 1962.

Gruner: How we knew this is, of course, is because of the masonic circles that he was going in. Is that, is this is how -

Kramer: Yes but the thing is, God is wiser than men. God knows that the Russian people have within themselves the potential to turn against the plutocratic banking system that would rule and destroy the world as we know it and create a devilish New World Order. And that's why God chose Russia, and sent our Lady to ask for the conversion of Russia -

Gruner: And the consecration of Russia -

Kramer: Because with the consecration and conversion of Russia, Russia will be precisely the instrument to destroy the godless New World Order. Not the United States, not Europe. No, it is Russia, will be the instrument in God's hand to destroy this apocalyptic beast that will be called the masonic New World Order, the "Mystery of Iniquity".

Gruner: And, of course, we have some foretelling of this in scripture. You have, say, King David - who is only 18 years old -  who took on the giant Goliath and he killed him - even though all the fighting men who had much more experience, much more skill than David did, would not dare take on Goliath 'cause he was such a giant of a man, and so fierce as a warrior. And yet David, because he was consecrated was able to do it. And David had been able - and this consecration of Russia will turn, make Russia the, capable of being preserved from the giant Goliath which is ruining the world.

There's a Jew who wrote a book called "The Illuminati that Hijacked the World" - well it's not just the Illuminati, it's the, it's the masonry in general and, in fact, it's super-rich, uh, money, much of which is claimed to be Jewish. But that - 'cause they're really not Jewish because they're really Kabbalistic which is against being Jewish.

But our Lady came and asked for the consecration of Russia, and this will deliver the world. Why - we need to talk about why the Pope - well, what we need to do to get the Pope to do his duty to consecrate Russia before it's too late, because otherwise we have this terrible - millions of people being killed in some Third World War, and we have everyone oppressed under the anti-Christ in the very near future.

Remember to pray the Rosary every day and petition the Pope for the consecration of Russia, before it's too late for all of us. God bless you.      

I am not a trained psychologist, but it does seem that they are projecting their own intentions to slaughter millions in their own self-conceived cosmic war against Satan and his agents. They seem to borrow bits of conspiracy theory from everywhere, including The Protocols and the John Birch Society. As to the obfuscation, they correctly note that the top one percent or top one-tenth of one percent essentially control the political system. But, then they completely destroy that insight by linking it to the New World Order conspiracy theory and bring in anti-Semitic ideas. It would appear that many who traffic in these conspiracy theories know that the plutocrats run the country--all you have to do is read Robert Reich or Paul Krugman or Joseph Stiglitz or Yves Smith--to know that--or read Winner Take All Politics or Its Even Worse Than It Looks.

by James Estrada Scaminaci on Tue Sep 03, 2013 at 05:01:37 PM EST

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