Transcript, 1998 John Birch Society Video "United Nations - A Look Into The Future"
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Tue Sep 10, 2013 at 12:08:42 PM EST
This is my partial transcript of the 1998 30-minute John Birch Society video "United Nations - A Look Into The Future", produced in support of then-U.S. Representative Ron Paul's 1997 American Sovereignty Restoration Act, which called for a complete U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations.

For more on this subject, see Rachel Tabachick's story, Ron Paul, the John Birch Society, and Fatima Center Founder Fr. Nicholas Gruner... in 1998! (Video).

Partial transcript of "United Nations - A Look Into the Future", produced in 1998 by the John Birch, in support of Ron Paul's American Sovereignty Restoration Act, calling for a complete U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations.

1:24 [narrator] "Continuing its practice of financing abortions, the United Nations will not only promote and even enforce abortion as a population control measure - it will criminalize any activity opposing the practice. All pro-life organizations will be closed down, their membership lists confiscated, and the identity of their supporters cataloged as "persons to be watched". Anyone continuing to protest abortion will be the recipient of punitive action.

Should the UN decide, for whatever reason, that a larger population is desirable then its pro-abortion policy will suddenly be reversed. In a totalitarian society, people are considered commodities - just like automobiles or widgets, with government planners determining the desired number and then fashioning policies accordingly.

Morality is not a factor.

2:17 [William F. Jasper, Senior Editor, John Birch Society publication The New American]: "United Nations has given NGO, or non-governmental organization, status to all of the very militant pro-abortion population control organizations from the United States and Europe, from around the world, most of whom, many of whom at least, are funded by tax exempt foundations like the Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller foundations and by the U.S. government.

2:40 [Father Nicholas Gruner]: United Nations is pro-abortion. it is that not only in principle, not only in its policies, but also in practice. It is estimated that 50 million babies are killed every year. This is in no small measure due to the United Nations and to its, both its policy of promoting it intellectually as well as promoting it in the practical field.

3:05 [Congressman Ron Paul] "They're very much involved in population control - which means that they're pro-abortion and they support abortion worldwide, both by funding and by changing the laws to support abortion. So if there's anybody in this country who believes in the sanctity of life they should question the authenticity of the United Nations.  

3:52 [narrator] "Parents who have chosen to teach their children at home or in private schools will be notified that they must now enroll them in government schools. No exceptions will be allowed. For totalitarian policy makers intend to have the state supplant the family as the most important institution in the hearty and mind of the child.  


8:00 [narrator] "The right to keep and bear arms will be abolished. Those retaining ownership of weapons will be required to turn in all arms they possess - or face severe penalties. Organizations built upon this God-given right will be raided, and all their records, including membership lists, will be seized and forwarded to world government officials. Persons whose names appear in these records will be visited, to assure that all of their weapons have been delivered to the authorities.

Aaron Zelmann is Chairman of Jews For the Preservation of Firearms and has authored numerous publications including "Gun Control - Gateway to Tyranny".  

[Zellman]: Every single genocide has had one thing in common. First the government will register firearms, and then confiscate firearms, and then demonize a targeted group of people - and you create in the public's mind the attitude, `Well, if the government does something forceful to these people, that's alright. They probably had it coming.' And then, once the government has disarmed its targeted group then it's easy for the government to murder those people. It's called genocide. Registration is the key. It is so crucial that if you want to control people and if you want to get their firearms from them, you have to know where the firearms are. And the way to do that, systematically, is through registration. Now, the United States is engaged in doing the very same thing that's been done in Canada - where they've been disarming people, Australia - where they've been disarming people - the United Nations has had an active hand in this."

9:43 [Ron Paul]: "I believe those individuals in this country - and there are plenty - who believe we should have the right to own and bear arms, ought to be concerned with what's happening in the United Nations, because they are a threat to us. They would confiscate our guns - there have been proposals made at some of their conventions, where they would literally repeal the Second Amendment, and I think that everybody should be alert to this and realize that this is not just fun and games, and this is not just a discussion club that we're dealing with.

10:10 Zelmann: I mean, the United Nations is an organization that - if anybody's interested in saving life - when they hear the name `United Nations' they should run in the opposite direction.  

10:25: [narrator] "The UN will require that the Western world's standard of living - including such achievements as the private automobile and the single family home be reduced to a "sustainable" level. Such sacrifices will be mandatory to counter real or imagined threats - such as global warming, destruction of the Ozone Layer, and rising levels of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

No real scientific evidence need be produced. The doomsday claims of coercive utopians will suffice. Hence, limitations on family size will be strictly enforced, as an added measure to protect the world's environment - and government licenses will be required for couples desiring children.

William Norman Grigg has also written "Freedom on the Altar - The UN's Crusade Against God & Family"...


12:57: [narrator] "No longer will anyone be allowed to protest or counter the ongoing destruction of property rights planned by various enforcers of environmental laws. The use of land will no longer be decided by those who hold title to it. In order to assure a natural and un-managed environment, along with the recommended control of the land, agents of world government will spread throughout our nation to ensure compliance.

13:24 [narrator]: Dr. Michael Coffman, environmental analyst for Sovereignty International and author of Saviors of the Earth - The Politics and Religion of the Environmental Movement.

Coffman: "This particular belief system is really that philosophical expression of what we would normally call pantheism, the belief that nature is God, God is found in all things - and this is really the official religion, or belief, or philosophy of the United Nations. And it's expressed - it has some real downsides to it because it means, basically, if a law benefits man at the expense of nature then that law is bad, because it violates the basic theology of their belief system, that everything should be equal; humans shouldn't benefit at the expense of nature. Now, you carry that far enough and ultimately you get to the point where no law is good because every law benefits man at the expense of nature, and man himself is bad.

This perversion of our U.S. Constitution, where now a species has more rights than the human comes right out of the United Nations...


14:40: [Ron Paul]: Individuals who believe in the right to own property ought to be concerned - Americans believe in that - they're careless about it, sometimes they allow our governments to regulate too much and to tax us too much, but really, the right of private property ownership is severely threatened by our own government. It's going to be a lot worse if the United Nations gets involved. There is no way you can have the concept of private property rights - they believe in welfare redistribution, in socialist redistribution, that everybody owns everything - and they would take from the wealthy and give to the poor to get an equal balance. Same old story that we've heard for years. But they do not protect the right to own private property by anything promoted by the United Nations.

15:32: All members of the United States Armed Forces will be given United Nations insignias along with the UN military manual. This manual spells out the new requirements regarding conduct, duties, and chain of command. US markings will continue to appear on American uniforms. Soldiers wearing them will be employed primarily as enforcers of peace throughout the world -- allowing the rest of mankind to know that the United States is cooperating in the establishment of the New World Order.

Author of `Changing Commands - The Betrayal of America's Military' John McManus:

16:02 [McManus]: The central thesis of my book is that our military is being delivered to the United Nations. Now, I say that very carefully. It's not a case of the UN taking it over, as much as our own leaders are delivering our military to the United Nations...


19:34: [narrator] "The election process will become the task of world government monitors. The U.S. Congress, president, judicial system, and state and local government shall exist only as a facade to assure American citizens that they still have a voice in government. Checks and balances among branches of government will be eliminated. The states will become mere subdivisions of the national government - just as the national government will become a subdivision of the world government.

The Bill of Rights portion of the U.S. Constitution will be superseded by the U.N. Convention on Civil and Political Rights. The U.S. Constitution will be supplanted by the U.N. Charter and consigned to the ash heap of history - a useless relic of the past. All other U.N. conventions will take effect. Appointed officials for state and local regions will be forced to comply with these international rules when representing their sectors.

20:25, ]John McManus, John Birch Society]:  There is a fundamental dichotomy between the United States system and the United Nations system, and almost every other system, and that fundamental dichotomy come from the thunderous assertion in the Declaration of Independence - "Men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights". We get our rights from God. And then they went on to say, "to secure these rights, governments are instituted."  

So the United Nations comes along - the United Nations, no god, there's never been god at the United Nations. So where do rights come from ? - the international covenants on civil and political rights...


23:24: Following the pattern already established in China, only approved churches - adhering strictly to government dictates regarding religion - will be tolerated. All churches desiring to remain independent of government compliance will be disbanded, their houses of worship converted to other uses, or simply burned to the ground and their pastors incarcerated.

Churches submitting to government regulation will be forced to modify their beliefs, to conform to the anti-Christian attitude of the almighty state. No exception will be allowed.

Griggs: The United Nations hostility to biblical concepts of faith has to do, once again, with the idea that biblical religions - and in this I would include as well the Islamic religions, while it is not biblical it has similar perspectives on social responsibilities - all these monotheistic faiths posit something to which the state is accountable, something to which the state will ultimately have to give a reckoning, for its abuse of authority. To the extent that there is any doctrine which posits a loyalty higher than that, which people have to the state, it is going to be hostile. And something which proposes to create a global government - as the United Nations unambiguously does - is going to have pitched hostility towards any doctrine which challenges its sovereignty over any aspect of human life.

Corneila R. Ferreira: The one world religion will decide what ethical values they wish to see brought into each country, into each religion. And there will be no choice, because the whole thing is controlled. The entire basis of the One World Religion is humanism. And humanism, when you take it back to its roots, is strictly atheism, paganism, and eventually, if you trace it back even further, you are actually right into the occult.

Ron Paul: If the United Nations has their way, there will be curtailment of our right to practice religion. They are not going to be believers in the right to practice our religions as we have seen fit throughout this country and therefore those individuals who are interested in the subject certainly cannot be complacent about what the United Nations is doing.

[narrator]: It is certain that these new UN rules governing the American people won't come without resistance. But by then, resistance will be futile. Citizens who attempt to defend whatever freedoms they have remaining will join the victims of the inevitable brutality and bloodbath carried out by a tyrannical UN dictatorship.  

For those wondering if the United Nations would actually resort to such atrocities, consider for a moment the UN's lesser known side. The United Nations was originally created by a small but powerful group of subversives, as a future seat of a one world government, camouflaged as the world's one last hope for peace - and concealed by a barrage of self-generated propaganda, the UN has been responsible for some of the most controversial and violent acts of aggression in history.

Since its founding in 1945, the UN has made gradual and significant progress toward the ultimate goal of its founders - world domination. Today, enormous in size and influence, the UN has a countless number of programs, agendas, and conventions ready to supersede the laws and practices of all nations - most certainly including the United States.

27:05 [narrator] "Fortunately, more and more Americans are beginning to see the wisdom of what the John Birch Society has been saying for well over three and a half decades - get us out of the UN !

March 20th, 1997, Capital Hill - Texas U.S. Representative Ron Paul introduces one of the most crucial bills regarding the future of freedom - the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. It's purpose - `to provide for the complete withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations'.

27:40 [ Ron Paul ] "Well, I don't think we need the United Nations to be able to talk to other nations. The United Nations was established in 1945 - we talked to a lot of nations before that. We have our embassies, we have our ambassadors, we can pick up a telephone these days and talk to whoever we want to around the world. I do not think that is a legitimate excuse - that is just an excuse to do the bad things that the United Nations does.

Every year since we've belonged to the United Nations we have lost a little bit of our sovereignty, and we're moving in that direction where, eventually, we will not have a United States of America and we will be nothing more than a pawn of the United Nations.

28:20 [narrator] I didn't take long for word to get out. Soon, Dr. Paul's office received messages from other representatives willing to cosponsor the bill, and an avalanche of congratulatory letters from the American people - thanking him for introducing himn for this crucial bill - covered his desk.

June 4th, 1997 - 54 Representatives vote in favor of the "Get US Out !" measure. A few years ago it was unlikely if four representatives would have supported for it. Even though the measure didn't pass, the numbers are a solid indicator of the accelerated support for the United States' immediate withdrawal from the UN. And with the help of more and more Americans, Congress will again be forced to vote whether or not to "get US out of the United Nations" for good.


With your help, we can rescue our nation from the United Nations and preserve liberty for generations to come.

Excellent article, Bruce. Very glad you provided this partial transcript. As I wrote on a Tabachnick article recently, movement segments are linked by ideas rather than personnel. Your transcript provides strong evidence for this thesis coming from scholars of modern social movements. We see opposition to the United Nations--dating back to the white supremacists in the 1950s who thought the UN was behind desegregation to destroy the white family and culture, as well as the John Birch Society and the National Review. We see that this opposition to the United Nations is linked to the conspiracy theory that American elites are secretly negotiating with and acting on behalf of unknown international perpetrators (Jews??) to build an atheistic, humanist, anti-God New World Order. We see this opposition to the United Nations and the New World Order linked to opposition to reproductive rights, opposition to gun control, and opposition to environmental regulations. In other words, the opposition to the UN and the NWO is linked to the anti-abortion movement, the gun rights absolutist movement as well as the Patriot militia, and the Wise Use movement. One can see how Coffman's book ties into the Christian Right's Cornwall Alliance. We can see how this ties into the Christian Reconstructionist's Constitution Party and Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty, as well as the Tea Party movement and Oath Keepers, opposing what they call Agenda21. Social movement segments no longer have to be formally linked through interlocking directorates of personnel. Ideas link the movement segments. The overarching narrative structure is filled-in by the various segments. Conferences like the upcoming Fatima Center (or Ron Paul's 2008 convention) allow the various movement segments to come together to demonstrate the movement's ideational cohesiveness, even if they maintain theological differences. And, your article strongly suggests that we reconsider the John Birch Society--that perhaps it is not really secular at all.

by James Estrada Scaminaci on Tue Sep 10, 2013 at 02:39:55 PM EST

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