"Faked!" Meme
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Thu Nov 17, 2016 at 11:35:17 PM EST
Keep your eyes and ears open for a possible move to try to discredit the people openly opposing Trump and the bigots, especially people who have experienced terrorism from the "Right"  (Christian Terrorism is a real thing).  
The Dominionists or their allies may be starting a "The accusations against Trump Supporters are FAKED!" campaign.
I've noted several instances of people whose language set off my "dominionist-dar" (so to speak) trolling different venues, and a common message is "The attacks on people opposed to Trump by Trump supporters are FAKED!".  It's claimed to be "common knowledge" or "documented", and of course anyone who is liberal, or Muslim, or Jewish, or minority, or LGBT is lying about the attacks they experienced, while the Oh So Godly Trump supporters would never hurt a flea and THEY are the ones being attacked.  (Yeah, right... I'm not buying any bridges!)

Faking an attack makes no sense.  The hate is palpable all over, and can be found in some of the strangest venues (I've run into it on non-political and non-religious YouTube videos  - by people trolling the comments!).

I've also been hearing a lot of the old "Liberals are liars"... problem is, we've CAUGHT the dominionists lying (Ditto for Trump and others).  Indeed, I would say it goes with the territory.

I think they're trying the "Big Lie" gambit.

I might add that I also have heard some good may be coming of the election.  A Muslim group and a Jewish group are working together to combat antisemitism and hate towards Muslims - that sort of thing seems to be growing.  

Some relevant links:  Jewish-Muslim alliance formed against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia by Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service, Nov 14 2016, and Why two top Muslim and Jewish groups joined forces to fight bigotry -- and why some are trying to stop them by Rabia Chaudry, Tablet magazine.

by Diane Vera on Tue Nov 22, 2016 at 01:08:35 AM EST

In your experience, do a lot of dominionists tend to be strong believers in grand conspiracies such as "the Illiminati" and "the New World Order"?

Also, in your experience, do a lot of dominionists tend to believe in all manner of conspiracy theories in general, e.g. "9/11 was an inside job"?  

Do a lot of them tend to have political beliefs similar to those of Alex Jones, to whom just about everything bad that happens is a "false flag operation"?

To someone with such a belief system, a belief that all or most hate crimes are faked would be par for the course, I guess.

by Diane Vera on Tue Nov 22, 2016 at 05:25:00 PM EST

I've been thinking back through the years, and the more radically dominionist, the more likely they were to say something about the "Illuminati" or "New World Order".  Back when I belonged to the Assemblies, the "New World Order" was daily fare - plus I was regularly approached by the tax protesters and their pet conspiracy ideas, and others (including the religious bigots rabidly hostile to any religion not theirs).  Everything that happened was some sort of evidence that the "NWO" was at work and "Jesus will return soon!".  I got the "Concentration camps in Tennessee/Kentucky/wherever", "gays are trying to make it legal to reject their advances" (with forged and faked 'proof'), "They'll be hunting you with dogs and their super-high-tech toys they won't let ordinary people see or have, to try to make you renounce Jesus (and join the "Devil") or throw you in a dungeon", and so on.  Like I said, everything that happened was proof that "Jesus is coming soon!", and if they contradicted themselves from one week to the next, well, you weren't supposed to think about that.

Except that the meme back then was if you weren't good enough/godly enough, you would be left behind and suffer all sorts of really horrible things before you died and only if you were "faithful to the end" (death) would you escape hell.  They were trying to SCARE people into being obedient.  In more recent years, their "Jesus" is a macho killer who creates suffering and horrible death for anyone who didn't convert or belong to their church, and people need to be more afraid of their "Jesus" than anything else.  (Again, to manipulate people.)  Two completely different 'Jesus'es, separated by a few short decades!  I will never forget hearing a recording of a preacher ranting about "General Jesus" or one referring to their "Jesus" as "The Executioner!".

The militant ones I read or hear today all talk about Illuminati or some such nonsense.  Everything is a plot to "Get Christians"... but I've argued many times that what is taking place is projection.  Their attempt to "take back America for Jesus" isn't conspiracy, but anything that opposes them and supports separation of church and state (and keeps them from forcing themselves on others) is a "conspiracy against GAAAHD!!!".  In other words, the usual double standard at work.

I've heard the 9/11 ideas, and it's about the same for dominionists vs non-dominionists.  Maybe slanted slightly towards non-dominionists a bit.  As a general rule, the Dominionists seem to think that Bush almost walked on water, and the 9/11 ideas (the ones I've heard) tended to put blame on Bush.  The people I heard who tended towards the 9/11 stuff usually were a little more rural (I don't know how that would be in other parts of the country).  I've also heard it from ex-military people, especially ones who are a lot older.

Other wild ideas, like "UN concentration camps for Christians" - yeah, almost purely dominionist fare, although it also existed in extremely fundamentalist churches (and severely steeplejacked churches).  Ditto for conspiracies about "libruls taking over the schools and teaching anti-Christian lies to our children", "Libruls and atheists taking our children away so they can turn them against us!", and so on.  Over the years I've gotten my fill of that stuff - including the fact that it was projection again.  I've met too many non-Christians who had problems because Christians (of the Dominionist ilk in most cases) were trying to turn their kids against them.  That is the reality (at least in this Christian-dominated hellhole).

Oh, and a big one - they deny being antisemitic, but if you listen long enough, you'll start hearing rants against "Rothschilds", "Zionists', and if they get worked up enough that they loose a bit of control, Jews - who they blame for everything.  Problem is, the things they claim about Jews in general don't match reality.  Just as their descriptions about other religious groups don't match reality.

As far as hate crimes, I think it falls under the idea that Christians are doing things for God and are connected to God, so they can't do anything wrong.  They have this idea of what Christians are supposed to look like, and the lily-white, sugary (saccharine) sweet upper-middle-class folks never do anything wrong or evil - heaven forbid that anyone DARE suggest that they do!  (No True Scotsman...)  So anyone connected to them or sharing their pet ideas can't be bad either.  Therefore, anything that hints that reality is far from their image - like reality itself, HAS to be faked or a lie.

by ArchaeoBob on Tue Nov 22, 2016 at 10:32:03 PM EST

After Trump came out with his calling for punishment for burning the flag, one of the rabid dominionists I frequently encounter (usually in comments to news articles in the local paper) stated that Freedom of speech meant what was said, and burning a flag was not speech - after all, you aren't talking.

The same person has ranted about "Trilateral Commission", "Illuminati", "Concentration/Death camps for Christians", and the other "conspiracy theories" we encounter, many times - to the point where many people think she's crazy.  In fact, she often comes out with stuff that seems to spread throughout the country (and it's obvious she gets it from her NAR preacher).

I will try to be aware of any spread of this idea - that "freedom of speech only means what you say", just as they've redefined "Freedom of Religion" to mean "Freedom to force MY religion on others" and NOT "Freedom FROM religion" (or from THEIR religion).

by ArchaeoBob on Wed Nov 30, 2016 at 11:22:05 AM EST

To the Christian Religious Reich, I like to be contrarian. The Illuminati idea is perfect for that. They paint them in the worst way possible. I paint them in the best way possible. A benevolent group of experts both male and female from all over the world. They are the good guys even though they do everything the Reich Wing doesn't like or will do themselves as claimed by their malevolent enemies the Militant followers of Nazism, Crusaderism, Inquisition etc. That is what the Illuminati's enemy use against them even while they preach the use of it themselves against the benevolent group of Secularists who want essentially what Star Trek paints as the best of all possible worlds for humanity. A global multi expanded world with freedom for all and all anti-isms gone by most people. It exists, just that they find very few who will follow them down that very narrow road of simplistic beliefs and martial fury to eliminate that which offends their eye up to and including the Goldstein Illuminati.

by Nightgaunt on Tue Jan 03, 2017 at 07:43:17 PM EST

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