Evidence violence is more common than believed
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Wed Jul 08, 2015 at 11:53:42 AM EST
Think I've been making things up about experiencing Christian Terrorism or exaggerating, or that it was an isolated incident?  I suggest you read this article (linked below in body), which is about our great Sheriff and his preaching in uniform (which BTW he is insisting that he will continue doing).  It has some interesting points that I hadn't been aware of before now.


I point to the second paragraph.  Quote:

"The attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Andrew Seidel, cited other suits that ended with members having their houses fire bombed or pets killed. He believes going against the Sheriff could have some serious consequences."

He knows what he's talking about.  It's the same for going against the dominionists in general.  It's exactly what we experienced just because I'd written things critical of the churches.

I am afraid (almost terrified) to write this (exercising freedom of speech) but feel it necessary to take the risk (it's also why I use a pseudonym).  Things have gotten so tense in this area after the Supreme Court decisions that I am afraid to even make a comment anywhere on the internet because of the very real danger to anyone who opposes the "Good Christians" - at least to anyone living in a hellhole like this.  I hope this will serve as a wakeup call to anyone who still claims "But it's a CHURCH, it can't be THAT BAD!" or "Christians cannot be terrorists!"

This (preaching in uniform) is a new form of attack on separation of Church and State.  I know others have done it in the past, but the reality is that a message is being sent to the non-Christians in this county by our "Great" sheriff... that if we don't convert and conform to THEIR expectations, we don't belong.  Believe me, I get that message LOUD AND CLEAR.  I'm just glad that some evidence has finally showed up, showing that I'm not alone in the experiences I've gone through in this hellhole.  I also now think I understand why there have been so many separation of church and state lawsuits in this county - and why they were dropped.

I just hope and pray that I don't experience their "consequences for actions" for writing this.  If something bad happens to us... remember this.

(Note: I just came across the article I linked to.  It appears to have been published around a month ago - nothing like it in the local news.)

As long as the Corporate Press ignores or down plays these kinds of local terrorism it fuels those who would criticize others for in any way comparing the "good" Christians here with the "bad" Muslims over there. Though both religions have violent bases to them, equally so, most of their adherents are not violent. We need to build bridges and get them to dispose of the violent aspects of their religions.

by Nightgaunt on Sun Aug 02, 2015 at 02:28:04 PM EST
One of the things that has most turned me off to Christianity in general (besides learning much that tends to call 99% of Christian doctrine into serious question) is the common attitude that they have to somehow control or manipulate others - which in it's worst forms results in blocking of employment, slander, libel, "legal" harassment, coercive proselytizing, and other attempts to force others to change to fit their stereotypes - all of which I also consider aspects of terrorism.  The attempts to control others dominates most of the Christianity in this hellhole (not surprising considering the Christian Terrorism that occurs in this region on a somewhat regular basis).  We see this desire for control (beyond just this area) in attacks on LGBT people, on minorities, and on organizations that oppose their domination.  I've even had an occasion where upon my disagreeing with the practice of preaching hostile and condemning sermons against living individuals resulted in the comment of "How will we control them if we DON'T preach against them!".  I didn't have the quick wit to tell the speaker that Religion should not be about controlling others, but controlling oneself - and power issues caused me to withhold comment.

I used to try to build bridges, now I only want to build my own walkway and those who would be friends (real friends, not fake friends only seeking to convert) are welcome to use it.  (I admit to being far more friendly to pagans, to Jews, to Muslims, to atheists, and so on - it's because of our experiences.)

From what little I know about Islam and Islamic nations, the desire to control others is also a problem in those areas.  I have long realized that from a certain point of view, there is little difference between the two religions.  IMO, if the adherents of the main religions would stop looking at others and start applying their religion upon themselves (make it an internal thing instead of external - and stop requiring others to live up to the first person's expectations), a lot of this stuff would slack off.  Of course, I also have to admit that there are people who directly benefit from violence and control (sometimes discussed here on T2A), and those individuals will resist mightily and that they encourage the things we resist.

by ArchaeoBob on Mon Aug 03, 2015 at 09:07:51 PM EST

Religion is all about control. Difficult to get away from that. Flock and herder imagery tells it all. It would depend on individual Christians, Muslims etc. who agree with live-and-let-live. Which is few since it goes against certainly the Abramic religions.

by Nightgaunt on Fri May 06, 2016 at 03:49:52 PM EST
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by bobbrencher01 on Thu Jul 15, 2021 at 11:12:19 AM EST
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by And3y on Tue Aug 17, 2021 at 06:19:27 AM EST

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by lmsena on Tue Feb 23, 2021 at 09:15:27 AM EST

That's pure cruelty. How could they claim themselves righteous if they cannot respect other people? If they can't respect them, then ignore them, just don't hurt them.

by lucabbedirectory on Fri Mar 05, 2021 at 12:11:32 PM EST

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by glassjarleads on Tue Jan 31, 2023 at 10:32:31 AM EST

I earned the hate of a Good Christian on YouTube recently, and received another credible death threat.  It was reported to YouTube, and the guy vanished - banned from YouTube and all of his posts deleted.  It seems to have become more and more common (noticing that conservatives - often "Bible-believing" Christians - vanished along with their often-bigoted and hateful posts).

I've also had several "Death Wishes" (along with "I'll pray for you!"), which didn't quite reach the threat level of the jackass I mentioned.  Some of those were removed by YouTube as well - the comment, and I think the ones making the comments were warned.  Others also were getting that sort of treatment - the Death threats, death wishes, and so on.  Bible-believing Christians and Conservatives are NOT happy that people are speaking out in opposition to their pet causes (usually forcing their ideology on others).

It's getting more and more scary, and I've had to cut back my freedom of speech even further.  Even confronting clear, overt, and vicious racist bigotry can get you in trouble with some Good Christians these days - as in the example I mentioned in the beginning.

If Clinton wins (I hope), we're going to keep the lowest profile we can.  If Trump doesn't take over the government by 'legal' means, I expect violence, especially directed at those who opposed him.

by ArchaeoBob on Thu Oct 20, 2016 at 12:28:07 PM EST

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WWW Talk To Action

Cognitive Dissonance & Dominionism Denial
There is new research on why people are averse to hearing or learning about the views of ideological opponents. Based on evaluation of five......
By Frederick Clarkson (374 comments)
Will the Air Force Do Anything To Rein In Its Dynamic Duo of Gay-Bashing, Misogynistic Bloggers?
"I always get nervous when I see female pastors/chaplains. Here is why everyone should as well: "First, women are not called to be pastors,......
By Chris Rodda (198 comments)
The Legacy of Big Oil
The media is ablaze with the upcoming publication of David Grann's book, Killers of the Flower Moon. The shocking non fiction account of the......
By wilkyjr (111 comments)
Gimme That Old Time Dominionism Denial
Over the years, I have written a great deal here and in other venues about the explicitly theocratic movement called dominionism -- which has......
By Frederick Clarkson (101 comments)
History Advisor to Members of Congress Completely Twists Jefferson's Words to Support Muslim Ban
Pseudo-historian David Barton, best known for his misquoting of our country's founders to promote the notion that America was founded as a Christian nation,......
By Chris Rodda (113 comments)
"Christian Fighter Pilot" Calls First Lesbian Air Force Academy Commandant a Liar
In a new post on his "Christian Fighter Pilot" blog titled "BGen Kristin Goodwin and the USAFA Honor Code," Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan......
By Chris Rodda (144 comments)
Catholic Right Leader Unapologetic about Call for 'Death to Liberal Professors' -- UPDATED
Today, Donald Trump appointed C-FAM Executive Vice President Lisa Correnti to the US Delegation To UN Commission On Status Of Women. (C-FAM is a......
By Frederick Clarkson (126 comments)
Controlling Information
     Yesterday I listened to Russ Limbaugh.  Rush advised listeners it would be best that they not listen to CNN,MSNBC, ABC, CBS and......
By wilkyjr (118 comments)
Is Bannon Fifth-Columning the Pope?
In December 2016 I wrote about how White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who likes to flash his Catholic credentials when it comes to......
By Frank Cocozzelli (250 comments)
Ross Douthat's Hackery on the Seemingly Incongruous Alliance of Bannon & Burke
Conservative Catholic writer Ross Douthat has dissembled again. This time, in a February 15, 2017 New York Times op-ed titled The Trump Era's Catholic......
By Frank Cocozzelli (64 comments)
`So-Called Patriots' Attack The Rule Of Law
Every so often, right-wing commentator Pat Buchanan lurches out of the far-right fever swamp where he has resided for the past 50 years to......
By Rob Boston (161 comments)
Bad Faith from Focus on the Family
Here is one from the archives, Feb 12, 2011, that serves as a reminder of how deeply disingenuous people can be. Appeals to seek......
By Frederick Clarkson (177 comments)
The Legacy of George Wallace
"One need not accept any of those views to agree that they had appealed to real concerns of real people, not to mindless, unreasoning......
By wilkyjr (70 comments)
Betsy DeVos's Mudsill View of Public Education
My Talk to Action colleague Rachel Tabachnick has been doing yeoman's work in explaining Betsy DeVos's long-term strategy for decimating universal public education. If......
By Frank Cocozzelli (80 comments)
Prince and DeVos Families at Intersection of Radical Free Market Privatizers and Religious Right
This post from 2011 surfaces important information about President-Elect Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. -- FC Erik Prince, Brother of Betsy......
By Rachel Tabachnick (218 comments)

Respect for Others? or Political Correctness?
The term "political correctness" as used by Conservatives and Republicans has often puzzled me: what exactly do they mean by it? After reading Chip Berlin's piece here-- http://www.talk2action.org/story/2016/7/21/04356/9417 I thought about what he explained......
MTOLincoln (253 comments)
What I'm feeling now is fear.  I swear that it seems my nightmares are coming true with this new "president".  I'm also frustrated because so many people are not connecting all the dots! I've......
ArchaeoBob (107 comments)
"America - love it or LEAVE!"
I've been hearing that and similar sentiments fairly frequently in the last few days - far FAR more often than ever before.  Hearing about "consequences for burning the flag (actions) from Trump is chilling!......
ArchaeoBob (211 comments)
"Faked!" Meme
Keep your eyes and ears open for a possible move to try to discredit the people openly opposing Trump and the bigots, especially people who have experienced terrorism from the "Right"  (Christian Terrorism is......
ArchaeoBob (165 comments)
More aggressive proselytizing
My wife told me today of an experience she had this last week, where she was proselytized by a McDonald's employee while in the store. ......
ArchaeoBob (163 comments)
See if you recognize names on this list
This comes from the local newspaper, which was conservative before and took a hard right turn after it was sold. Hint: Sarah Palin's name is on it!  (It's also connected to Trump.) ......
ArchaeoBob (169 comments)
Unions: A Labor Day Discussion
This is a revision of an article which I posted on my personal board and also on Dailykos. I had an interesting discussion on a discussion board concerning Unions. I tried to piece it......
Xulon (180 comments)
Extremely obnoxious protesters at WitchsFest NYC: connected to NAR?
In July of this year, some extremely loud, obnoxious Christian-identified protesters showed up at WitchsFest, an annual Pagan street fair here in NYC.  Here's an account of the protest by Pagan writer Heather Greene......
Diane Vera (130 comments)
Capitalism and the Attack on the Imago Dei
I joined this site today, having been linked here by Crooksandliars' Blog Roundup. I thought I'd put up something I put up previously on my Wordpress blog and also at the DailyKos. As will......
Xulon (331 comments)
History of attitudes towards poverty and the churches.
Jesus is said to have stated that "The Poor will always be with you" and some Christians have used that to refuse to try to help the poor, because "they will always be with......
ArchaeoBob (148 comments)
Alternate economy medical treatment
Dogemperor wrote several times about the alternate economy structure that dominionists have built.  Well, it's actually made the news.  Pretty good article, although it doesn't get into how bad people could be (have been)......
ArchaeoBob (90 comments)
Evidence violence is more common than believed
Think I've been making things up about experiencing Christian Terrorism or exaggerating, or that it was an isolated incident?  I suggest you read this article (linked below in body), which is about our great......
ArchaeoBob (214 comments)

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