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Wed May 31, 2006 at 01:44:40 PM EST
A plan to keep dominionists in power is outlined recently by Ralph Barker on the website ChristianWorldviewNetwork.com
The dominionists are wasting little time as they scramble to destroy the rights and blessings bestowed upon us by our constitution.  Ralph Barker sets up his argument by repeating some biased accounts of government chicanery (mostly Democratic, but to his credit he does include SOME Republican crimes), but the really juicy part of his article comes about halfway through.  He states: "This has to do with taking the Constitution seriously." --even though we all know that dominionists despise the protections granted under the constitution.  They want their protections and their rights, but God forbid anyone who does not believe as they do should be tolerated and allowed the same.

My favorite part is when Barker (bear in mind this is a man who claims to be a Christian) states the following: "Today, we are not that important in the process except to be used in helping our leaders stay in power. Truth is irrelevant. Right and wrong is not important. What is important is staying in power. If you don't believe this, I'd skip to another article."

The blatant cynicism is actually kind of refreshing.  He doesn't beat around the bush, does he?  Truth is irrelevant.  He admits they are being used by their leaders.  Such blind obedience to corruption should be exposed for all to see.  I won't state the obvious, but we know what happens when the blind are led by the power-hungry.

Barker wants us to vote all incumbents out so that the dominionists can pack the government with people who subscribe to their "worldview".  A worldview that would have us ignore the actual world in front of us and replace it with a medieval view that subjugates women, destroys families, promotes war, and advocates the killing of any who dare to disagree with them.  Once again we are being asked to leave our God-given abilities of sight, cognition, connection, synthesis and analysis at the door and instead believe a lie.  A lie supposedly founded on God's word, but instead corrupted by men (the patriarchy MUST be preserved at all costs) bent on power.  Didn't the reformation already happen?  How did we allow the Pharisees to regain power?   When will the Church of Love finally refuse to bow to the Church of Law?

I've included the entire article here:

Ralph Barker was born in Atlanta, GA in 1947.
He graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Subsequently, he served four years as an IRS Revenue Officer.
In 1985 Ralph was called to ministry and ordained in 1985 as co-pastor of Word of Life Fellowship in East Point, GA. From 1981-2004 he served as Vice President of American Vision Ministry, a national educational ministry. Ralph has been privileged to speak in churches across America and has been a guest on hundreds of radio and television programs over the years. He also hosted a live, call-in talk show in Marietta, Georgia, on AM 1080 WFTD for four years.

Election 2006: A New Voting Strategy

I have still not recovered from the election of 2000. It was brutal, as you know. 2004 was almost as bad. Now, another election is just around the corner. I can't stand it.

I believe in learning about the candidates and issues. I vote, every time, but something is wrong with the process today. It's too long. It's hateful, mean-spirited, dishonest, and sometimes criminal. Lies can be found on both sides of the fence.

Don't you find it interesting that each election cycle, every candidate says we need a "change" But nothing seems to change. What have the Republicans done since the 1994 revolution? Not much from my count.

One reason change is so slow to come is that elected officials know we can only vote one of two ways: Democrat or Republican. Looking back over time I have to agree with my friend Howard Phillips. He said the choice between Democrat and Republican is between "losing and losing slower." Even with the Republicans in power, we are still sliding left. I'm much more conservative than most Republicans so where can I go?[1]

Something has got to give. We need to try something different other than simply dividing over left and right, right and wrong. I have an idea that I want to share with you, but give me a minute to set the stage.

Our political system appears to be broken beyond repair. Recent D.C stories (soap operas) abound revealing corruption, favoritism, and partisan politics beyond reason or belief. Political hypocrisy seems to have no bounds. Let me offer just a few examples.

A month or so ago, Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney struck a Capital Hill Police officer. She immediately blamed the officer for the incident and played the race card. According to McKinney, this police officer had the audacity to not recognize her as she entered a secure area. After her redo who could?[2]  According to her, she was a victim being a black female. The jury, literally, is still out on this one.[3] Where would you or I be if we had slugged the policeman?

Soon after this episode, Representative Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island crashed his vehicle at 2:45 AM one morning and exited his car staggering. He claims he can't remember the event at all, but he was aware enough at the time to claim his Congressional immunity. He was, according to his testimony, on official business and was late for a vote. Voting was completed almost three hours before. Being intoxicated does help time fly.

The Capital Hill police once again were involved. This time they gave the Representative the "tender touch" treatment. Instead of putting him in the clink where we would be, they gave him a ride home and attempted to cover up the incident.

Once this story got hot, Democratic leadership visited with Kennedy to work damage control. He hastily confessed his addiction to prescription medication and entered rehab. The democratic leadership wanted this incident out of the news as quickly as possible. After all, it's the Republicans that reflect the culture of corruption.

This week we are learning about the William Jefferson (D/LA) bribery scandal. Beyond the alleged crime itself, this incident has highlighted the double standard that is in place in D.C. The congressman's response to the FBI entering his office to seize evidence of bribery reveals the basic presupposition our leaders have in common: Jefferson said  "There is no real authority for it."[4] Jefferson criticized the government for using police powers to enter the office of a member of Congress.

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, Nancy Pelosi, and others agree with Jefferson. For some reason our leaders don't understand why they should be subject to the same laws we, the little people are. This view is a common assumption among Members of Congress.

We won't spend time on this here but let's not forget the many other scandals of recent decades. There was the post office scandal, House banking scandal, abscam, the current Abramoff scandal, and others. We do have short memories don't we?

My point here is not to catalog the ubiquitous hypocrisies of our leaders. There are plenty of books written on this. What I do want to do is explore an idea of how we can put the fear of God back into them this fall. Let them panic for a change.

My idea is not something that just popped into my mind recently. I've thought about this for years. Maybe it is new, maybe it isn't, but I think it could work. The challenge is to get this idea into the minds of mainstream America. Maybe you can help if you agree.

This has nothing to do with partisan politics. This has nothing to do with good elected officials versus bad ones. This has to do with reminding our leaders that the power really does reside with us, the people. This has to do with our getting a better return on the billions of dollars we entrust to our leaders every year. This has to do with taking the Constitution seriously.

I think you will agree that truth, justice, and the American way was certainly reflective of Superman, but these things don't play well or often on Capitol Hill. I know, the rhetoric sounds good. Those in power know what to say. They tell us what we want to hear, but when we watch what actually happens, what they do, how they vote, we see the deception[5]. Today, we are not that important in the process except to be used in helping our leaders stay in power. Truth is irrelevant[6]. Right and wrong is not important. What is important is staying in power. If you don't believe this, I'd skip to another article.

We have to put this in perspective. There are only 535 Representatives and Senators.[7] There are almost 300 million of us. I realize that might doesn't always make right, but come on. Who should have priority here? Them or us? Who should be held to a higher standard? Who should serve whom?

Ok, here's my idea. I call it "Operation Turnover." It is simple. All we do is vote out every incumbent good and bad. If you throw out a Democrat and want another one back in office, that's fine. Vote for him or her.  The same thing goes for a Republican. The point is to clean house, from corner to corner. I understand that this isn't fair to those officials who are honest, and truly representing their constituents. It is fair to us. And we are who count most under our Constitution. They work for us. Don't forget that. This is self-defense at this point. Thomas Jefferson said, "[The people] are in truth the only legitimate proprietors of the soil and government."

Why would this be a good thing to do? First, it would break up the "good ol boy" networks. It would reduce seniority to zero and it would remind our elected officials that their jobs are not secure and that we, the people, are more important than their careers. It will also force both parties to become more sensitive to all the people.

Operation Turnover would also bring fresh blood into Congress, a new crew who would be much more sensitive and attentive to us. The new respect for the people won't last forever, but it will for a time to come. It will scare them into doing what they should have been doing all along.

I realize that even if successful this isn't a perfect plan. Former Representatives and Senators would probably get back in office. Those who would be new to Congress would probably hire entrenched aides and staff. But, the message would be clear and I think the benefits would override the negatives. Something has got to shake up the system. We, the voters, are the only ones who can do it.

If Operation Turnover gains traction and those running for office get wind of it, it will be fascinating to hear their arguments as to why it would be irresponsible, detrimental to America, and downright evil for us to do such a thing. This could be fun!

This is what I think. What about you?

----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

[1] I know that some would say I could vote for the Constitution Party or some other third party. I appreciate that but I still can't get past seeing that as a vote of conscience but one that is really going (by default) to one of the two major parties. Some of my best friends are members of third parties and urge me to join them. I would join in a minute if I thought my vote would really count. I pray that one day one of these Godly parties will have a national presence.

[2] If you Google this story and see the before and after photos of Rep. McKinney you will see that her physical transformation was drastic.

[3] At the time of this writing the Grand Jury is investigating this incident.

[4] Quoted from Yahoo News 5/22/06.

[5] See my article "The Age of Deception" in the archives.

[6] For more on this read Hill Rat by John L. Jackey. This book details the confessions of a Democratic Congressional aid.  It is very insightful. He states up front that truth has no place in the modern Congress.

[7] 435 Representative and 100 Senators. These same principles apply to the local level but I am concentrating only on the national government.

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