Anti-Semitic White-Supremacist Orthodox Jew Tries To Ban Islam In US
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Thu Dec 27, 2007 at 08:08:19 PM EST
[editor - David Yerushalmi has recently come to public notice by way of drafting a bill, before the Tennessee state legislature, that would impose criminal penalties for citizens who follow Sharia law... which has no clear definition. Islamic clerics interpret Sharia law in many different ways.]

Although David Yerushalmi's activist efforts, to promote legislation that would effectively outlaw Islam in the United States by imposing 20 year jail sentences on practicing Muslims, by way of a controversial project to map allegedly suspicious Muslim activity [one blogger described the project as having the goal of "squirting squid ink on every single Muslim in North America"], and by fighting against the establishment of a dedicated Arabic langage and culture public school in New York City, are directed towards Islam and its adherents Yerushalmi, an observant Orthodox Jew, seems to harbor a special animus towards Jews. In a piece published February 3, 2007 on David Yerushalmi's "SANE works for US" website and entitled "Jew Hatred ?" Yerushalmi wrote :

"The Jews it seems are the bane of Western society. I will ignore the Leftist version of the Jewish problem... But the Jewish problem for conservatives is a different and quite interesting affair. It is most interesting because so much of what drives it is true and accurate. Now the high-brow among these men and women insist that they don't hate Jews or wish them ill so in that sense the contempt is disguised much like that from the Left. The conservative variety simply professes to uncover the many and varied ways Jews destroy their host nations like a fatal parasite, especially when the host is a Western nation-state."

Since I first published this story, access to writings and other content on David Yerushalmi's website has been blocked for all but SANE members and according to the main site page "SANE Works for US website is under renovation and redesign". So, the link, in the above paragraph, is to the Internet Archive's archived page of Yerushalmi's post. Yerushalmi's piece, "Jew Hatred ?", was illustrated on the "SANE works for US" website with a French anti-Jewish poster [shown above, right] entitled "LE PERIL JUIF", subtitled "Le Protocoles De Sages De Sion", which featured a scowling curly-black-haired man with a beard and a huge, hooked nose digging his fingers into a bleeding Earth (below the Earth were piles of corpses and skeletons) Yerushalmi's post, without the poster image, was also published at The Intellectual Conservative, formerly called The Conservative Voice.

I've been studying, lately, a number of high-profile, egregious anti-semitic and anti-Jewish displays from the American right. My last post in this vein concerned an anti-Jewish book mailed out by a Jerusalem-based Christian Zionist ministry, in 2004, to perhaps 1/2 million Jewish-Americans. The book stated that New York City "may be the leading center in the world regarding perversion and hedonism" and then proceeded to ask why the greatest urban concentration of Jews on Earth could be found there (no answer/s were suggested). It also appeared to invoke the myth of Jewish ritual sacrifice of children. Today, I'm turning my focus to the most prominent anti-Semitic white-supremacist Orthodox Jewish activist you've never heard of.

It's hard to know how to characterize David Yerushalmi and so I won't even try except to describe him as "sui generis"... For several months now I've been wandering through the labyrinth of anti-Semitism and Holocaust studies, and part of that involved watching the most notorious anti-Jewish film ever made, the Nazi-produced "The Eternal Jew" and transcribing the text of the English translation of the film because I couldn't locate a transcription on the Net. Then, about one week ago, a lucky combination of Internet search engine terms brought me to a phenomenon I wouldn't have believed could possibly exist - an Orthodox Jewish white-supremacist anti-Semite, of some note, who espoused ideas that were very similar to those to be found in "The Eternal Jew".

Keeping in mind David Yerushalmi's accusations against Jews I've just mentioned, let's then turn to my transcript of that infamous Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda film, "The Eternal Jew":

"The Jews are a people without farmers or workers, a race of parasites. Wherever the body of a nation shows a wound, they anchor themselves and feed on the decaying organism. They make business out of the sickness of the nations and therefore endeavor to deepen and prolong all conditions of sickness....

Wherever rats turn up they carry destruction to the land by destroying mankind's goods and nourishment, and spreading diseases and plagues such as Cholera, Dysentery, Leprosy, and Typhoid fever. They're cunning, cowardly, and cruel and usually appear in massive hordes. They represent the elements of sneakiness and subterranean destruction among animals, just as the Jews do among mankind.

The parasite nation of Judah is responsible for a large part of international crime. In 1932, the Jews, who made up only 1% of the World's population, accounted for 34% of the World;s dope peddlers and 47% of robberies. 47% of crooked games of chance. 82% of international crime organizations. And 98% of dealers in prostitution. The most expressions in the jargon of International gangsters and criminals stem from Hebrew and Yiddish words.

Returning to David Yerushalmi's text:

Jews of the modern age are the most radical, aggressive and effective of the liberal Elite. Their goal is the goal of all "progressives:" a determined use of liberal principles to deconstruct the Western nation state in a "historical" march to the World State... must admit readily that the radical liberal Jew is a fact of the West and a destructive one.

Then turning back to "The Eternal Jew" :

...other Jews represented the radical line against law and order. In the guise of selfless humanitarianism they offered the German masses castles in the sky, incited them against civic order. Unrestrained personal freedom and self indulgence for the individual. Rejection of all ideals and higher values. Submission to the basest life of material pleasures. Criticism of all that is sacred, revolt against everything. Incitement of the young, class warfare, and terrorism. it's no accident that this doctrine of destruction of nations sprang from the Jewish mind of Karl Marx...

...Although they were a small minority, they knew how to terrorize a great, tolerant nation.

Recently. Yerushalmi's attitudes towards Jews became a point of controversy because of his participation in a group that opposes the creation of a New York City magnet school with an Arabic cultural and linguistic focus, especially when Jewish Week picked up the story.  

Meanwhile, Yerushalmi readily admits he's one of the few Jewish defenders of Mel Gibson's "The Passion" and Gibson's attitudes towards Jews generally, and in an August 8, 2006 piece, published at, in defense of Gibson Yerushalmi-- who started out with a "well, he was drunk that's all. He wasn't serious" style of defense of Mel Gibson's July 2006 drunken anti-Jewish "tirade" to a Malibu cop who had pulled Gibson over for speeding --wound up seeming to justifiy Gibson's outburst, writing:

"let's assume that Gibson looks out into the world and sees liberal Jews taking the social and political lead in all forms of World State ideologies and moral abominations... That Gibson sees Jews in an unfavorable light is only irrational if one wishes to make the argument that secular liberal Jews are not in fact the leading proponents of all forms of anti-Western, anti-American, anti-Christian movements, campaigns, and ideologies"

So, secular liberal Jews are responsible for all political ideology and all "moral abominations" [whatever those are supposed to be] ? They're the font of all "anti-Western","anti-American" and "anti-Christian" movements and ideas ?  

It would be cleaner and far more direct were David Yerushalmi simply to write : "Jews are to blame. For all of it. All the bad stuff that's happened, is happening, or will happen. For eternity. It's all their fault."

He might as well go the extra mile and declare Jews, collectively, to be responsible for acne and bad breath, bad hair days and marital infidelity, mortality and flat tires, Global Warming and the comet (or bolide) strike, millions of years ago, that helped wipe out the Dinosaurs.

And, why stop there ?. Yerushalmi, while he's at it, should blame Jews for sin, death, taxes, gravity, the number Pi, the nuisance of misquitoes and fleas, flatulence or the human aging process,  the very existence of time or the human handicap of being unable to perceive more than three or four dimensions. Perhaps we could even blame Jews for the coming, inevitable heat death of the universe billions of years in the future. Why be bashful ? Let's get a full accounting.

David Yerushalmi's  political animus goes beyond accusations leveled at Jews ; directed towards Muslim, Arabs, and Islam it manifests in a less rhetorically toxic and more active form. Yerushalmi is very enthusiastic about the information gathering potential of  state-administered torture in the American fight against terrorism. He appears to find Shari'-a centered Islam "an evil religion" and has called for a legal prohibition against practicing Islam in the US. As the "Milli Gazette", which bills itself as the leading Indian Muslim's Leading English Newspaper writes:

David Yerushalmi, has established an anti-Islam group known with the acronym SANE: the Society of Americans for National Existence. The sole objective of the group is banishing Islam from the US by making "adherence to Islam" punishable by 20 years in prison....

In February of this year, it released a policy paper that in part stated: "Whereas, adherence to Islam as a Muslim is prima facie evidence of an act in support of the overthrow of the US. Government through the abrogation, destruction, or violation of the US Constitution and the imposition of Shari'a on the American People. . .It shall be a felony punishable by 20 years in prison to knowingly act in furtherance of, or to support the, adherence to Islam."

For SANE's purposes anybody who follows the teaching of the Quran and Prophet Mohammad is adhering Islam. This includes both major Muslim sects, Sunnis and Shias.

On June 13, SANE unveiled its so-called "Mapping Shari'a in America Project" devoted to spying on 2,300 Islamic institutions in the United States. "The project will collect information about America's 2,300-plus mosques and associated day schools, provide information to both law enforcement officials and the public, and test the proposition that Shari'a (read Islam) amounts to a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government," the SANE project said.

According to the SANE mission statement :

America is a unique people bound together through a commitment to America's Judeo-Christian moral foundation and to an enduring faith and trust in G-d and in His Providence... America was the handiwork of faithful Christians, mostly men, and almost entirely white, who ventured from Europe to create a nation in their image of a country existing as free men under G-d. The founding fathers understood that party-led parliaments and democracy were the worse form of government and sought to resist the movement that was soon to find fertile ground in France with the French Revolution... its core, SANE is dedicated to the rejection of democracy and party rule and a return to a constitutional republic...

...Any world view, ideology, or -ism that promotes directly or indirectly the elimination of national existence and the establishment of a world state is our foe. So you can know at the start that liberalism (and this includes libertarianism) and Islam are in our sights.

Although SANE's mission statement does not expressly spell this out ( it could possibly be inferred from the text ) David Yerushalmi wants a return to the pre-Bill Of Rights Constitution and he wants to restrict the voting franchise - to landholding white males. At base, Yerushalmi doesn't much like American democracy in its current form - it's too inclusive and too directly democratic. In a exchange, last August 2007, with the formidable liberal Jewish blogger Richard Silverstein, Yerushalmi delineated his position:

[Yerushalmi rejects] "raw or radical democracy where all men and all ideas and all cultures are deemed equal and given equal voice. That is of course the agenda of the Left (and often blindly supported by "conservatives") which attempts at every turn to destroy national sovereignty with a One World Government."

Responding to Yerushalmi's clarification, the less than fully mollified Silverstein wrote:

There you have it. David Yerushalmi doesn't believe in the 17th amendment and prefers returning to the Constitution circa 1789. You see, we've allowed too many of the unwashed masses like former slaves and Arab-Americans to enter into our democratic processes. Even we Jews have infected the body politic with our leftist notions. They shouldn't vote for U.S. senators nor even for president. Best to return to that time in history when Blacks equalled 3/5 of a white person and Southern whites got to increase their voting power by subsuming that 3/5 into their own voting bloc.

"Race", ethnicity, and immigrants --whether those be a supposedly "parasitic" Jewish "race", the rather dubious notion of a "black" race (probably other alleged racial groupings as well) or immigrants who are suposed to be somehow diluting or "poisoning" the white anglo-saxon ethnic makeup of America --figure prominently for David Yerushalmi, who asks - What's the big deal, with having an open, honest discussion on the "Troubling Question Of Race" -  of dark skinned humans as "empirically the most murderous of peoples (at least in New York City)", or about "illegal immigrants as deserving of no constitutional rights" ?  

There's no big deal here for David Yerushalmi, who appears to advocate a type of American volkish Christian supremacist ideology that calls for a withdrawal of the voting franchise from all but white, male landowners. In his On Race: A Tentative Discussion, Part II, Yerushalmi writes:

There is a reason the founding fathers did not give women or black slaves the right to vote. You might not agree or like the idea but this country's founders, otherwise held in the highest esteem for their understanding of human nature and its affect on political society, certainly took it seriously. Why is that? Were they so flawed in their political reckonings that they manhandled the most important aspect of a free society - the vote? If the vote counts for so much in a free and liberal democracy as we "know" it today, why did they limit the vote so dramatically?

Regardless of any controversy over his ideological views, it is hard to escape the impression that David Yerushalmi is prominent, highly effective, prolific and extremely intelligent man. As his biography, provided at the right-leaning Institute For Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (that Yerushalmi helped found) informs us:

Mr. Yerushalmi is a lawyer and businessman experienced in strategic business analysis, international business development, and business/legal/strategic/scientific risk analysis for IT companies, bio-medical projects, and international concerns.  Yerushalmi's relationship with IASPS began 25 years ago as a dedicated student, and later colleague, of the Institute's president, Robert Loewenberg.  After completing his undergraduate studies with a B.S. in public policy studies, summa cum laude, Yerushalmi received his Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University College of Law in 1984 as the recipient of the Most Outstanding Graduate Award.  After graduation, Mr. Yerushalmi worked as a lawyer specializing in securities, banking, and business law in the Los Angeles office of the law firm of LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & Macrae L.L.P. (then known as LeBoeuf, Lamb, Leiby & Macrae).

...Yerushalmi was instrumental in establishing the Israel Export Development Co., Ltd., as an entrepreneurial policy tool to initiate radical free market reforms in Israel.  Working along side fellow board members and shareholders such as Robert Tishman, Jerry Speyer, Larry Silverstein, Lawrence Tisch, Eugene Grant and Sy Syms, Yerushalmi was appointed  the company's CEO and Chairman.

Over a two-year period, Yerushalmi built an international sales force for marketing free zones and knowledge parks in Israel and around the world, successfully attracting $750 million in financial commitments and identifying over 20,000 high-technology jobs for Israelis...

Yerushalmi continues his active involvement with IASPS by editing and writing contributions to this web site and has published several op eds in the Wall Street Journal, the Jerusalem Post, and Globes, Israel's leading business newspaper.

Yerushalmi has advised and provided business, marketing, and legal risk analysis for the principles of Fortune 1000 companies and has successfully launched several innovative bio-medical and high-tech companies in the U.S. and Israel...

As a nutshell biography attached to a Yerushalmi article published by the Thinking Catholic Strategic Center tells us : ""

David Yerushalmi is an attorney who has been involved in international legal issues for over 25 years. He is Of Counsel and sits on the board of trustees of the Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies, a policy think tank. He has published op-eds in the American Spectator, the Wall Street Journal Europe, Ha'aretz, Globes (Israel business paper), and the Jerusalem Post. David is President of Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE).


What a fascinating, informative, and somewhat scary article. If you had written this as a fiction piece I would say that you would deserve a prize for excellent satire. It is, however, good informative journalism. Good grief...just when I thought that the Ultra-Right couldn't get any nuttier! Thanks for a great piece.

by Frank Frey on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 11:00:28 AM EST

What fascinates me is Yerushalmi's level of success :

"...Yerushalmi was instrumental in establishing the Israel Export Development Co., Ltd., as an entrepreneurial policy tool to initiate radical free market reforms in Israel.  Working along side fellow board members and shareholders such as Robert Tishman, Jerry Speyer, Larry Silverstein, Lawrence Tisch, Eugene Grant and Sy Syms, Yerushalmi was appointed  the company's CEO and Chairman.

Over a two-year period, Yerushalmi built an international sales force for marketing free zones and knowledge parks in Israel and around the world, successfully attracting $750 million in financial commitments and identifying over 20,000 high-technology jobs for Israelis..."

"Impressive" doesn't do this justice. "Astounding" comes closer.

So, I can't bring myself to view Yerushalmi's anti-Semitism as poorly thought out or "cranky". I suspect there's method to the madness.

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 11:25:06 AM EST

Rewriting History: A Black Neo-Confederate Speaks - from the Southern Poverty Law Center

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 11:26:40 AM EST
I live in Florida and Edgerton has made the papers here. How ironic but on the flip side an African-American friend of mine gave an excellent seminar presentation on "Black Confederates". It was a well researched and well balanced presentation. His goal was not to condemn them but rather to present what historical facts there were. He was called an "Uncle Tom" by some of the radical black lefties in the audience. It seems that the extremists on both sides of an issue have serious problems with reality.

by Frank Frey on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 11:43:58 AM EST
Kurt Vonnegut novel ; a black Nazi.

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 12:26:48 PM EST
Parent the name of the book. IIRC, the character you're referring to is Robert Sterling Wilson, "The Black Fuhrer of Harlem." BTW, the movie adaptation is really good. Frankie Faison plays Wilson.

by Frank Frey on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 01:22:10 PM EST
Thanks again.

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 06:38:51 PM EST

The website is called Looks like everything is out there on the internet!

by Frank Frey on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 01:32:31 PM EST

Bruce, I'm quite astonished to read the facts presented. Although, I've been checking Talk2action on a regular basis over the last six months, i had to comment on what you've written today. I'm very puzzled though at many aspects of Yerushalmi's world and ideology. It's full of contradiction that defies commonsense. I've known a Yerushalmi a few years back and learned that the name is one of the most impressive and well regarded in Israel and amongst jews. How can a Jewish man be anti-Semite and denounces it at the same time. He uses valid words to protect the society that he thinks is a model yet he is also calling for its destruction. I'm surprised that he has never been denounced by Jewish people, but again, we seem to be living an era where it is okay not to denounce Zionism.

by boeing777 on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 02:18:06 PM EST
First, although it doesn't sound as if you're making this mistake, there's a well respected scholar, Josef Hayim Yerushalmi, who specializes (at least in part) in Holocaust studies. For all I know, David Yerushalmi could be related to Josef Hayim Yerushalmi. I haven't checked.

I have very mixed feelings about David Yerushalmi. He's clearly
brilliant (per his accomplishments) but he holds some rather unpleasant views as well.

David Yerushalmi says he is not a Zionist, but his views remind me of those put forth in an official communication from the Zionist Federation Of Germany To The new German state, after Hitler and the Nazis came to power. One section of this memorandum, submitted June 21 1933, states  :

     "Zionism has no illusions about the difficulty of the Jewish condition, which consists above all in an abnormal occupational pattern and in the fault of an intellectual and moral posture not rooted in one's own tradition. Zionism recognized decades ago that as a result of the assimilationist trend, symptoms of deterioration were bound to appear, which it seeks to overcome by carrying out its challenge to  transform Jewish life completely.
    It is our opinion that an answer to the Jewish question truly satisfying to the national state can be brought about only with the collaboration of the Jewish movement that aims at a social, cultural, and moral renenal of Jewry--indeed, that such a national renewal must first create the decisive social and spiritual premises for all solutions.
    Zionism believes that a rebirth of national life, such as is occurring in German life through adhesion to Christian and national values, must also take place in the Jewish national group. For the Jew, too, origin, religion, community of fate and group consciousness must be of decisive significance in the shaping of this life. This means that the egotistic individualism which arose in the liberal era must be overcome by public spiritedness and by willingness to accept responsibility....

    We believe it is precisely the new Germany that can, through bold resoluteness in the handling of the Jewish question, take a decisive step in overcoming a problem which, in truth, will have to be dealt with by most European peoples--including those whose foreign-policy statements today deny the existence of any such problem in their midst.

     Relationship To The German People

   Our acknowledgment of Jewish nationality provides for a clear and sincere relationship to the German people and its national and racial realities. Precisely because we do not wish to falsify these fundamentals because we, too, are against mixed marriage and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group and reject any trespasses of the cultural domain we--having been brought up in the German language and German culture--can show an interest in the works ad values of German culture with admiration and internal sympathy. Only fidelity to their own kind and their own culture gives Jews the inner strength that prevents insult to the respect for the national sentiments and the imponderables of German nationality; and rootedness in one's own spirituality protects the Jew from becoming the rootless critic of the national foundations of the German essence. The national distancing which the state desires could be brought about easily as the result of an organic development.
      Thus, a self-conscious Jewry here described, in whose name we speak, can find a place in the structure of the German state, because it is inwardly unembarrassed, free from the resentment that assimilated Jews must feel at the determination that they belong to Jewry, to the Jewish race and past. We believe in the possibility of an honest relationship between a group-conscious Jewry and the German state."

[from see Lucy Dawidowicz's, A Holocaust Reader, pages 150-153. The book section in question is entitled "The Zionist Federation For Germany Addresses the New German State"]

It is easy, no doubt, to misjudge such a document which is, of course, highly political. Nonetheless there seem to be many troubling assumptions packed into the political position spelled out by the German Zionist Federation, the most significant--to my mind--being the belief that Jews possess different souls.

Steve D. Martin's new 1-hour documentary, "Storm Troopers Of Christ: Baptism and The Jews In Nazi Germany" [ link to 1-minute YouTube trailer for film, which can be purchased from Vital Visuals, Inc. ] explores the extent to which the definition of "Jewishness" was defined in theological terms during the Third Reich.

Here is the narrative introduction:

"During the years of the Third Reich, every German carried with them a document that had to be on their person at all times. It was not a driver's license, not a passport, not even proof of citizenship but a record of their racial heritage as attested to by their pastors and their baptismal certificates. Baptism had once stood as a sign of equality. In the Third Reich, baptism became a dividing line - between heroes and heretics, between compassion and catastrophe."

Towards the end of this documentary, Susannah Heschel, author of the upcoming book "The Aryan Jesus", offers a definition of racism that has clarified much for me:

"Racism in itself is a kind of theological or spiritual argument, and I'll give you an example of what I mean. A racist will say "The Jewish nose, look how horrible it is", and they have pictures of it and so forth, a big Jewish nose. Well, what is it about a nose ? A nose in itself isn't a dangerous thing. If someone has a big nose, a little nose, what difference does it make ? It doesn't harm me. Do you even notice, when you talk to somebody, the size and shape of the nose ? Of course not. Is this going to jump out, the nose, and shoot me ? Of course not.

So what is it about a nose ? Maybe trhe way racism works is this : the body is a manifestation of something deeper, of a spirit. What was of concern to  racists was not the nose itself but the nose as bearing within it a degenerate moral spirit, a degenerate spirit that was dangerous for society, and it was a moral degeneracy that wasn't visible. You can't see it and touch it. But it was there nonetheless. And, you have to be careful because that's what can destroy you, moral degeneracy. And Germany, racists claimed, was being undermined by Jewish immorality, by Jewish degeneracy, exploitativeness and so forth.

And so, in that sense, my understanding of racial theory is that it's a kind of incarnational theology. It says that the moral degeneracy is incarnate in the body, in the nose or the lips or the hair, and what a racist tells you is ; you have to know how to read the body and interpret it properly so that you know the moral degeneracy that adheres in that body, that's incarnate in that body."

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 03:45:24 PM EST

...that truly celebrates the spirit of the season. Check out
This is the best way I can think of to fight bigotry and prejudice. It is ironic that it is held in Skokie, Illinois where the Nazis once marched.
What a great example of what people of faith and goodwill can accomplish.

by Frank Frey on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 03:39:29 PM EST
That's absurd yet heartwarming. A triumph of the human spirit.

Here's one for you :

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by Bruce Wilson on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 06:35:12 PM EST

Here's the link :

Touching, absurd, grandiose, theatrical, sublime :  Freddy Mercury's last major live public performance, with legendary opera singer Montserrat Caballe, at the opening of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 06:38:04 PM EST


First thanks for the link. Queen is still one of my favorite bands.
Secondly, what do you and Fred know about an outfit called the Trinity Foundation Inc? I am a fan of John Bloom aka Joe Bob Briggs and he is a part of it. Bloom is now the editor/doorkeeper of a site called the Wittenberg Door which has some pretty funny religious satire on it. Anyway, I'd appreciate whatever info you can direct my way.

by Frank Frey on Fri Jan 04, 2008 at 04:02:55 PM EST

From what little I know I think well of them. That's Ole Anthony's group ( or he's associated with them ). They seem much closer to the selfless spirit of early Christianity than most Christian groups I can think of. Their theology is noticeably orthodox... They've got a charismatic edge.. They feed and shelter the poor and dislike televangelists... what's to dislike ? I can't say with 100% certainty of course, but they seem like a good bunch.

This about says it all to me:

"we quickly became disillusioned with religious broadcasting, having determined that the only way to truly communicate the love of God was by deeds, not words. Accordingly, we have been providing food, shelter, and a sense of community to the poor and distressed since 1976...

An early skepticism about the way religious programming is bought and sold prompted Trinity to conduct a controversial research project on the audience demographics and ratings of religious broadcasting. By the time scandals rocked the religious television industry in the 1980s, Trinity was already monitoring religious programming and reporting abuses of the public trust. In the 1990s Trinity Foundation became the leading "watchdog" of religious media, conducting investigations and providing information used to expose fraud and abuses committed in the name of God."

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Jan 04, 2008 at 10:15:08 PM EST


Bruce, check out John Bloom has written an excellent piece called "Muslim Girls Gone Wild". It is one of the best essays that I've read in a long time. If possible, I think would be great to see it posted here.

by Frank Frey on Tue Jan 08, 2008 at 09:42:29 AM EST

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ArchaeoBob (6 comments)
Central Florida Sheriff Preached Sermon in Uniform
If anyone has been following the craziness in Polk County Florida, they know that some really strange and troubling things have happened here.  We've had multiple separation of church and state lawsuits going at......
ArchaeoBob (2 comments)
Demon Mammon?
An anthropologist from outer space might be forgiven for concluding that the god of this world is Mammon. (Or, rather, The Market, as depicted by John McMurtry in his book The Cancer Stage of......
daerie (2 comments)
Anti-Sharia Fever in Texas: This is How It Starts
The mayor of a mid-size Texan city has emerged in recent months as the newest face of Islamophobia. Aligning herself with extremists hostile to Islam, Mayor Beth Van Duyne of Irving, Texas has helped......
JSanford (8 comments)
Evangelicals Seduced By Ayn Rand Worship Crypto-Satanism, Suggest Scholars
[update: also see my closely related stories, "Crypto-Cultists" and "Cranks": The Video Paul Ryan Hoped Would Go Away, and The Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand/Satanism Connection Made Simple] "I give people Ayn Rand with trappings" -......
Bruce Wilson (10 comments)
Ted Cruz Anointed By Pastor Who Says Jesus Opposed Minimum Wage, and Constitution Based on the Bible
In the video below, from a July 19-20th, 2013 pastor's rally at a Marriott Hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, Tea Party potentate Ted Cruz is blessed by religious right leader David Barton, who claims......
Bruce Wilson (3 comments)
Galt and God: Ayn Randians and Christian Rightists Expand Ties
Ayn Rand's followers find themselves sharing a lot of common ground with the Christian Right these days. The Tea Party, with its stress on righteous liberty and a robust form of capitalism, has been......
JSanford (7 comments)
Witchhunts in Africa and the U.S.A.
Nigerian human rights activist Leo Igwe has recently written at least two blog posts about how some African Pentecostal churches are sending missionaries to Europe and the U.S.A. in an attempt to "re-evangelize the......
Diane Vera (3 comments)
Charles Taze Russell and John Hagee
No doubt exists that Texas mega-church Pastor John Hagee would be loathe to be associated with the theology of Pastor C.T. Russell (wrongly credited with founding the Jehovah's Witnesses) but their theological orbits, while......
COinMS (3 comments)
A death among the common people ... imagination.
Or maybe my title would better fit as “Laws, Books, where to find, and the people who trust them.”What a society we've become!The wise ones tell us over and over how the more things......
Arthur Ruger (10 comments)
Deconstructing the Dominionists, Part VI
This is part 6 of a series by guest front pager Mahanoy, originally dated November 15, 2007 which I had to delete and repost for technical reasons. It is referred to in this post,......
Frederick Clarkson (3 comments)
Republican infighting in Mississippi
After a bruising GOP runoff election for U.S. Senator, current MS Senator Thad Cochran has retained his position and will face Travis Childers (Democrat) in the next senate election. The MS GOP is fractured......
COinMS (4 comments)
America's Most Convenient Bank® refuses to serve Christians
Representatives of a well known faith-based charitable organization were refused a New Jersey bank’s notarization service by an atheist employee. After inquiring about the nature of the non-profit organization and the documents requiring......
Jody Lane (7 comments)
John Benefiel takes credit for GOP takeover of Oklahoma
Many of you know that Oklahoma has turned an unrecognizable shade of red in recent years.  Yesterday, one of the leading members of the New Apostolic Reformation all but declared that he was responsible......
Christian Dem in NC (4 comments)

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