Spiritual Mapping and Spiritual Warfare - Muthee and the "Transformations" Franchise / 3
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Palin's Churches and the Third Wave Series

By The New Apostolic Reformation Research Team

Part Three (continued)
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There are Transformations networks connected to Sentinel Group and "prayer warriors" under the authority of Wagner's Apostles in almost every state and most major cities.

Following is a small sampling of their organizations and activities. They take many forms, but most Transformation entities are presented as charitable or community service organizations. While these organizations are also often presented as "reconciliation councils" and "religious unity" groups at the ground level, the top level leaders openly proclaim their goal of using these entities for "possessing the gates of the enemy." Recognize that many local participants in these activities may take the organizations at face value as charitable organizations, and may not be aware of the beliefs and goals of their leadership. Each example is from a Transformation related entity or one of the "prayer warrior" groups under the New Apostolic leadership.

"The transformation movement is accelerating and spreading across the nations. Currently no less than 500 communities have experienced supernatural transformation as God's presence permeates people and society at every level. This isn't a season of revival that is limited to one location or lead by a ministry, this is a widespread move of God sweeping across communities from one end of the earth to another, crossing denominations, ethic backgrounds, gender, spheres of society. Nobody is "managing" it or controlling the outcome." - Rhonda Hughey of Fusion Ministry

Oklahoma - SWAT Christian Military Training

In Oklahoma a combination of leaders from the New Apostolic Reformation and Intercessors for American are training Native Americans in spiritual warfare and "Christian military" training. These efforts to bring Native Americans into the Apostolic fold are repeated throughout the country including Alaska. (See articles on Palin's connections to activities in Alaska at "Palin and the Apostles" and "Palin Puts Religious War Advocate on Suicide Prevention Council." link to master document for series.) This particular SWAT (Strategic Warriors at Training) boot camp in Oklahoma, is advertised as:

"A Christian military training camp for the purpose of dealing with the occult and territorial enemy strongholds in America. Special points of interest include land issues and how to pray for casinos on Native American Land."

Georgia Global Apostolic Prayer Network:

Native Americans Divorcing Baal A similar effort has been conducted with Native Americans in Georgia under the leadership of some of the same Apostles. From the site of Apostle Jacquie Tyrie...

To accomplish the next phase of the Lord's assignment to free our state and region from the reproach of alignment with Stonehenge and the Baal structures, a war council of apostolic and prophetic leaders was convened. These leaders all carry unique and specific anointings of authority to deal with land issues, particularly in this territory. The War Council included: Ap.(Apostle) Jay & Joan Swallow, Ap. John Benefiel, Ap. Negiel Bigpond, Ap. Diane Buker (FL), Ap. Billy Joe & Ruthie Young (MS), Ap. Jacquie Tyre, Ap. Venessa Battle, Ap. Bradley White, Ap. Mark Hawkins, and apostolic intercessor, Deborah Landwerlen.
While a team of 40-50 worshipping warrior intercessors gathered at NE Metro Christian Fellowship to stand watch and engage in intercession, a team of state, regional, national and international leaders went on-site to fulfill the mandate of the Lord to wage war against the ancient powers that had been imbedded in the land as places of worship to Baal, Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan.
The Apostles then helped the Native American in "filing declarations of divorce against the defendant (Baal) by the plaintiff (the Church), and the necessity of the writ of divorce being decreed by the court of heaven for the divorce to be finalized."

The formal filing of divorce papers against Baal is becoming a fairly common occurrence in the movement. Linked here is a divorce decree from Baal by the Texas Apostolic Network.

Georgia Global Apostolic Prayer Network prepares for the G-8 Summit

"The Lord has led us into a strategic relationship with an international ministry devoted to the global governmental arena - the Institute for Global Affairs. This has proven to be a tremendous blessing for us. Amazing doors have opened for us to pray on-site in the general area of the G8 meetings, to lay hands on the Summit Table, to meet with governmental officials, and to network with wonderful men and women of God across the state, nation, and around the world."

Vision Orlando - Prayer Based Policing and Prophecy Based Suicide Prevention.

Vision Orlando is headed by Maureen Bravo, who also heads the "Intercessory Prayer Networks of a United Caribbean," and the "Intercessory Prayer Network of Central Florida." Under the auspices of Vision Orlando, the police force is now putting into action the Transformations model. "Operation Armor-All" prayer initiative is coordinated by the police department chaplains and supported by the Chief of Police. This effort to bring the city to God through fasting and intercessory prayer supposedly decreased crime and brought renewal to the area in 2007 and is being repeated in 2008.

Also announced by Vision Orlando is Suicide Prevention training for International Fellowship of Pastoral Counselors and Chaplains led by Dr. Maggie Faulkner, State of Florida Governor Charlie Christ appointee for Suicide Awareness. "Dr. Maggie Faulkner" is also Apostle Maggie Faulkner, senior pastor of United Christian Services, and the CEO of the IFPCC, a business that gives accreditation to chaplains and counselors.

The IFPCC 2007 Annual Conference

Facing the Giants in Life, was focused on the "giants of suicide, depression, extreme stress and event/hostage terrorism." One of the lead speakers was announced as Dr. Joe VanKoevering, star of "God's News Behind the News". A World re-known author, TV personality, and speaker who will share the keys of understanding Bible End Times prophecy relating to the terrifying events unfolding on the earth at this hour!

"Faith Based" mental health approaches, including in the area of suicide prevention, appears to be growing more common and in early 2008 Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appointed Northwinds Global Minstries Director Pat Donelson to the Alaska Suicide Prevention Council, where Donelson led a New Apostolic program in prophecy for youth "joining an end-time army." Donelson is also the co-founder of Carry The Cure, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which bills itself as a suicide prevention charity that brings a suicide prevention message to schools. But some of the Carry the Cure program material appears to carry messages unusual in the context of suicide prevention, sch as a Carry the Cure heavy-metal song the group plays in schools and which urges teens to carry out a revolution. On its federal tax forms Carry the Cure describes its mission as: "Religious - Evangelism". Sarah Palin joined the Advisory Board of Carry the Cure in 2000.

Texas: Bringing the Kingdom to I-35

From Global Harvest Ministries of C. Peter Wagner, Convening Apostle, the following report by Apostle Tom Schleuter:

"Two weeks before Hurricane Rita hit Texas, the USSPN began a God-ordained national effort to bring the governmental rule of the King of Glory to our nation along the I-35 corridor. This effort began in the largest inland port in our nation, Laredo, Texas. Through Apostles Jay Swallow and Doug Stringer and Prophet Chuck Pierce, God positioned the Church of the region (Laredo, Texas, and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico) in unity and governmentally set the Church in order, commissioning the Church to develop and move with Kingdom authority. The United States of America will either be held together or divided by what occurs during the next three years along the I-35 corridor. What began with the Church of Laredo-Nuevo Laredo must continue all the way to the Canadian border. The Lord Jesus Christ wants the Church along the I-35 corridor to move in obedience to Him with unity, order, and authority.
That you are praying for Texas the week before the citizens of our state vote for or against God's definition of marriage is NO coincidence."

Texas: Anointing Ceremony in the Texas Capitol

Bob Long, Apostolic leader of Rally Call Ministries reports on the ceremony at the auditorium of the Texas Capitol on June 3, 2007, where Tom Schlueter was anointed as the new Texas Coordinator of United States Global Apostolic Prayer Network. From the report:

Alice Patterson, (Director of Justice at the Gate) led us in decreeing order, humility and fear of God over the state... She also led us in breaking the curse off black and Hispanic legislators.
At this point Chuck Pierce commissioned Tom...and spoke over Tom words from Matthew 16 - that the gates Hades will not prevail in Texas... Chuck Pierce, Bob Long, Alice Patterson, Doug Stringer and Ramiro Pena laid hands on Tom and Chuck presented him a key.
Tom Schlueter gave a report on Releasing Shalom in Olney where the Trinity, Red and Brazos Rivers come together. Those in that meeting divorced Baal and re-covenanted their marriage to God. Tom invited...members of the Comanche tribe from Lawton, Oklahoma, to the front... They forgave Texans and asked God to give them a new anointing to open the gates to the Kingdom.

Linked here is Schlueter's divorce decree of the Texas Apostolic Network from the Prinicpality of Baal including rights to the "wealth, gifts and treasures, and possessions that have been held back from the kingdom of God.

Nationwide - Transformations Modeled Emergency Response

Apostle Doug Stringer (also in ceremony described above) is head of Somebody Cares, a Transformation Ministry which has become a major organization in the faith-based emergency operations of Christian Emergency Network and its activities for FEMA and Homeland Security. Christian Emergency Network defines its mission as "re-defining emergency response with a Biblical worldview, seizing emergencies as God's opportunities for Kingdom expansion."

Founded by members of the Mission America Coalition, CEN is a "a standing partner with the Dept. of Homeland Security National Preparedness Committee, the Dept. of Homeland Security Faith-Based Office, Homeland Security Institute, CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team), Citizens Corps, and the Center for Disease Control (links: 1, 2).

Apostle Stringer described to a conference sponsored by the Heritage Foundation the,

"demand on his Somebody Cares organization when 250,000 victims of the storm sought refuge in Houston, Texas. He said his organization helped raise $1.5 million in gift cards for evacuees, distributed $30 million in emergency supplies, re-granted $1.2 million in donations to 113 organizations, and raised another $5 million to help other agencies who were already on the ground working such as Genesis Food Bank in Mississippi and Good News Camp distribution centers in New Orleans city park (link).
Stringer reported that his organization has created a national think tank in Washington in recent months to help faith-based organizations collaborate on disaster relief and learn how to communicate with local, state and federal agencies. "Last time we went by grace. This time we need to be more prepared," he said. "How do we be who we are called to be, to be the heart of a community, but not be tied down in the structures of the system, especially in the first hours and days of a disaster? We need to be released to be who we are" (link)."

Doug Stringer speaking to the Texas Republican party

Arlington, Texas - Staking Texas Counties for God

Tom Schlueter, (anointed in ceremony described above), recently wrote to his Texas Apostolic Prayer Network participants, beginning the letter "Dear Texas Warriors." Schleuter informs them that Chuck Pierce (C. Peter Wagner's second in command and based in Denton, TX) wants each Texas county to "discover the enemy that the Lord wanted to remove from that region so as to release revival fire." On October 14, 2008, during the Feast of Tabernacles, the Texas warriors were instructed to plant a stake in each of the 254 counties in order to fan revival throughout the state. "We are staking the Lord's possession... declare that this county and state belong to none other than the King of kings... This is an exercise in warfare as we confidently stake claim of land for our king.

Indiana Strategic Prayer Network

Scroll down near the bottom of the page to see the Israel and Joshua Stakes: (quote from site linked, above) "These may be used as an aid in reclaiming territory that has been corrupted through sin; idolatry, bloodshed, immorality or broken covenant to name a few; and for reestablishing the legal rights of authority in the land that belongs to the believer."

Iowa Strategic Prayer Network Report

"There are also those in the Church who do not want to admit it, and would like to continue moving on without acknowledging it. This is impossible, since there are strong Masonic strongholds that still need to be addressed in our state. There is an international satanic coven in Des Moines, Iowa that has branches out across the state into the cornfields and smaller cities...
...While on a ministry trip to Iowa in the last couple of years, Chuck Pierce identified something occult in Des Moines without any previous knowledge, and said that it is affecting our whole state and the cornfields."

Apostle Cindy Jacobs on Iowa to Reformation Prayer Network

"When the Lord spoke to me that He would deal with Baal, He also spoke to me that unless we began to deal with the ancient roots of Baal in our Nation, we would not be able to break the power of abortion in our nation. In Iowa, there exists the Effigy Mounds National Monument, which preserves over 200 ancient earthen mounds, some dating back almost 2,000 years. Inside these mounds are ceremonial and burial sites. It is documented by earlier archeological studies of the mounds, before many were plowed under by settlers, that the ceremonial sites had altars in them, along with human remains and ashes.
By the direction of the Lord, we set the date of April 26, 2008 to come together corporately in Iowa to tear down these ancient altars and divorce Baal."

Arizona Call to Prayer, Prayer Walk to the World

"At 10:00am on Saturday, September 22, seventy intercessors gathered in Prescott to deal with the roots of Freemasonry and related issues that come with harboring a pervasive secret society with covenants, oaths, and idols..."
"...At 4:00pm on Thursday, September 27, ten intercessors joined Henry Gruver to address the world-wide influence and impact of Frank Lloyd Wright and his New Age philosophy at one of his historic anchor locations in the desert of north Scottsdale. The nature of the location does not lend to a large group of intercessors on their private land, so we invited a small team of intercessors already familiar with the issues and location.... The Taliesin West site is full of statues, obelisks, and architectural designs that reflect his New Age syncretistic religion. He was also a friend and frequent visitor to Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood in Tucson."

Alabama Global Apostolic Prayer Network

John Buhler, Alabama Global Apostolic Prayer Network, joins Alabama Governor Bob Riley on conference call to pray for and end to the drought. As seen in other examples, the New Apostolics believe that rain or lack of rain is due to demonic influences and can be altered through intercessory prayer. See the decree at the bottom of the page.

Nationwide - Apostolic Charities and Stealth Evangelism

Apostle Doug Stringer (from above examples) also serves with Apostle Jane Hansen and Alaskan Apostle Mary Glazier, on the Board of Directors of "Loving Our Cities to Christ" which uses charitable events, city "spring cleanings" and reconciliation efforts, to gain influence with city leaders and to gain access to public entities such as schools. One pilot project leader states, "City officials are open for us to share the gospel because they've seen the caring." (This is a project of the larger entity Mission America Coalition including the National Network of Youth Ministries which sponsors the "See You at the Pole" program and National Day of Prayer now under the direction of taskforce chairperson Shirley Dobson.)

"Loving Our Cities to Christ" now currently has pilot projects in:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Serve the City

Charleston, WV - Pray West Virginia

Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Awake!

Coachella Valley, CA - Lighthouses of the Valley

Corvallis, OR - Loving Corvallis

Juarez, Mexico/El Paso, TX/Las Cruces, NM - Borderplex Ministries

Fox Valley, IL - Love Fox Valley

Santa Rosa, CA - HINGE

Tuscaloosa, AL - Tuscaloosa Impact Roundtable

Austin, Texas: Seven Mountain Strategies for Taking Austin

Austin has a city impact roundtable which uses the Seven Mountain Strategies for the taking of the "Kingdom" through the taking of seven "gates." The Gate of Government is the first item on the strategy document, and the first item under that heading is to "repent for giving dominion away to the enemy." Number three on the list is "Force God's government everywhere," and further down the list, "Christian favor within prisons." The document goes on to cover the other six "gates" for the successful taking of the Kingdom, which are consistent with the Seven Mountains Strategy developed by Apostle Lance Wallnau.

Ephrata, Pennsylvania: Transformations Summit

In April 2006, during his reelection campaign, Senator Rick Santorum spoke at the "2nd Transformations Summit" in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Santorum spoke on "Partnership Between Ministry and Government." The event featured Apostle Alistair Petrie, Director of International Operations for the Sentinel Group, one of the original proponents of spiritual mapping and warfare, and considered a leader in bringing Apostolic "renewal" to Anglican/Episcopalian Churches.

Ruth Ruibal, Transformations Associate and featured in the Colombia segment of Transformations I; and Steve Fry, Transformation Associate of Steve Fry Ministries. Other events at the convention, according to Petrie'ministry accounts after the event, included a "reconciliation" session between the Amish and non-Amish. Petrie expressed a desire for his ministry to spend more time with the Amish later. Other topics included: Releasing Heaven on Earth, Guarding the Gates, Releasing Destiny, Healing the Land. Also participating was Dove Christian Fellowship International led by Apostle Larry Kreider and headquartered in Lititz, PA. - Link to article.

Florida Global Apostolic Prayer Network and Katherine Harris

During the 2006 election U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris was running for the U.S. Senate when she was taped in a "telephone prayer service" praying to "bring the hearts and minds of our Jewish brother and sisters into alignment." She later claimed that she meant "alignment" with the Republican Party. However, the phone call was a conference call with Ken Malone, former head of the Florida Spiritual Warfare Network, now the USGAPN. Alignment in this context means alignment with God's will as is demonstrated later in the phone conversation when Harris prays "nation into alignment with your government, with your Kingdom principles and authority. Also, Malone later says, "when civil government and God's government align together for the nation, you would bring reformation to transformation."

I-10 Prayer Project - Ken Malone

Scroll down to the Light the Highway near the bottom of the page. This is an Interstate 10 Prayer Project coordinated by Ken Malone like the I-35 project above.

Transform Houston

Tranform World Houston is advertising its upcoming event in November which will be able to accommodate 10,000 people. It lists its Houston host team including Apostle Doug Stringer (in several of above examples) and traces its roots to the Transform World gathering in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2005.

Pittsburgh: Spiritual Mapping

The Open Church of Pittsburgh has spiritually mapped the Oakland area of the city, home to University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. Notice comments.

Spiritual Mapping at University of Texas Campus Renewal Ministries

Video Instruction on Spiritual Mapping on Campus from Vice President of CRM

International House of Prayer, Shreveport Spiritual Mapping IHOP Shreveport - "A Nine Year Old Delivered from Harry Potter Witchcraft" Shreveport Times coverage of Harry Potter Book Burning

A Transformed Spokane - Spiritual Mapping

Ohio Governmental Prayer Alliance

The Ohio GPA held a spiritual mapping workshop (OHGPA events calendar) in July with Martha Lucia (from above segment on the spiritual mapping of Masonic influence in Washington DC and Israel.) Most states now have a Governmental Prayer Alliance network. The Ohio site currently features a prophecy on the upcoming election. The chanted prophecy from Julie Meyer was made at the Rosh Hashanah event of Robert Stearn's Eagles Wings. Link to prophecy video.

"This is about the VP this election We are not electing a president We are electing a Vice President All eyes will be on Ohio And intercession is the key that will tip the scales." - see here for complete transcript of prophecy

Transform Indiana

Transformation Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Tranform World USA

Michigan Governmental Prayer Alliance

Tennessee Governmental Prayer Alliance

Link from Tennessee Governmental Prayer Alliance to Justice at the Gate

Mississippi Governmental Prayer Alliance

Minnesota Governmental Prayer Alliance

Georgia Healing Rooms

National Governmental Prayer Alliance

Conference in Latham, New York

"There is a network of demonic hosts, meeting in NYC and coming here, demon gods that are guarding the state capital in a 25 mile radius. They are holding the "legality structure" in place that's creating an atmosphere over this capital. They seek to influence laws and legislation.
Chuck decreed at the end of this word that the demonic forces will be confronted and will have to let go of their hold. Every demonic force within a 25 mile radius will be displaced! Angelic forces are coming in to visit Albany!"

International Examples

Transformation Africa

Transform World

Transform World Brazil 2008

Spiritual mapping example - Strasbourg, France

Spiritual Mapping for Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Transformations Port Elizabeth: Report on George Otis, Ruth Ruibal, Alistair Petrie, Harold Caballeros

Capetown Community Transformation Consultation Spiritual Mapping guidelines including:

"The world can be divided into the believers (Body of Christ) and the unbelievers who are unable to free themselves from bondage. Many of the unbelievers are in their state because they cannot receive Christ as their saviour because Satan has blinded and captured them.
The principle way in which strongholds in an area maintain their power through the centuries appears to be a spiritual power transfer that occurs during religious festivals, ceremonies, and pilgrimages. Missionaries in "dark" countries often speak of increased demonic activity during these periods. Such events are occurring almost every week throughout the world."

Spiritual Mapping for Chennai India

Spiritual mapping of Kfar Sava Israel

Spiritual Mapping Information

The spiritual mapping information includes the following about the city by the Messianic congregation:

"Exposing the lies of the false worldview of the New Age spirits, Humanistic socialistic roots and Anti-Christ religious orthodox extremist influences, which are bringing confusion, deception and hindering the blessing of God to be poured upon the people of this city....
There are at least three New Age shops in the main street, Weizman, attracting spirits opposed to Yeshua the Messiah and bringing spiritual deception. (New Age being another name for Old Paganism.)"


There has been almost no visible response to the movement outside of the conservative evangelical and fundamentalist world despite the role that spiritual mapping and spiritual warfare has played in some of the divisions in the mainline Protestant Churches. The aggressive proselytizing and demeaning of those of the Roman Catholic, Jewish, Islamic and other faiths has also gone virtually unanswered despite the international scope of the movement. Conversely some of the efforts to reveal the anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic nature of this and other American Religious Right movements are often received with hostility by Catholic and Jewish leaders. Some have actually come to defense of these leaders and their activities.

Because of the current attention to Sarah Palins Vice-Presidential candidacy, some of the research posted on Talk2action.org by this research team has found its way into the mainstream media. This includes coverage of the anointing of Sarah Palin by Muthee which was accelerated when the video, which had been removed from the Wasilla Assembly of God's public web site archive, was located and posted on another site on the internet. However, even with that evidence, most media outlets failed to connect Muthee to the larger movement or to publish other links between Palin and the movement. This past week Palin was interviewed by James Dobson, and thanked "prayer warriors" for their support. It is true that there are more benign definitions of that term than what is defined in this report, but Palin's many ties to the New Apostolic leadership should at least cause Americans to question her support for religious pluralism.

With little notice from other Americans, Wagner and Otis have built what is essentially a new "Postdenominational denomination" and one of such size and international scope that it has surpassed the largest Protestant denominations of the world. This is now institutionalized with their own seminaries and training, both youth and adult, worldwide, their own accreditation system, hundreds of Apostolic networks, conventions, revival circuits, business and finance networks, and literally thousands of books and publications in addition to the Transformations media covered in this report.

Palin's links to this movement are current, numerous, and well-documented. Unlike situations where other politicians, such as Rick Santorum who perhaps stumbled upon this group in order to curry favor with the Religious Right, Palin's association is personal and long term. However, beyond the issue of Palin's personal political career, the anti-pluralistic and theocratic activities of the New Apostolic Reformation require more attention from those who care about the separation of church and state.

You have reached the end of
Spiritual Mapping and Spiritual Warfare - Muthee and the "Transformations" Franchise

Links to parts one and two of this story:      part one            part two

Media contact information: please see contact email address at:

For additional documentation and further research on Sarah Palin's churches and on the New Apostolic Reformation and The Third Wave, see:

A PDF file version of the three part report is available at this link.

Note: This is version 1.0. Please visit the link, above, for subsequent versions as additional material will be added to this source document.

Footnote: In this document certain terms such as "Fundamentalist" and "Evangelical" are capitalized because they are being used here according to their rigorous, academic meanings.


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