Imagining a Witchcraft-Fighting Vice President
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Fri Oct 31, 2008 at 02:25:59 PM EST
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Imagine a movement, predicated on the notion that our world is swarming with demon spirits, witches and 'spirits of witchcraft' that was obsessed with driving out those demons, spirits and witches because then crime and societal disorders of all sort would cease, garden vegetables would grow to enormous size, and declining coral reefs would miraculously regrow.  

Imagine a religious movement that declared adherents of all competing religions and belief systems were under demonic influence and maintained that an entire generation of its members would soon rise up, supernaturally equipped, to purify the Earth of evil and "take back the land" for God.

Imagine its members started to go into politics, perhaps running for the local school board.

Imagine this mass movement in America taught its members they could perform miracle healings and raise the dead, and that its leaders had praised the work of church-based death squads operating in Central America.

Imagine those leaders advocated seizing the wealth of the "godless", the "wicked", atheists and "pagans" and called that "wealth transfer".

Imagine one of the top movement leaders said New York City was especially infested with powerful demon spirits.

Imagine that movement those activists who had won lesser positions, such as on local school boards, then started running for and winning positions as mayors of mid-sized towns.

Imagine top movement leaders boasted their prayers may have helped kill Mother Theresa and that they said Catholic prayers don't go to Heaven.

Imagine they sent prayer warfare teams out to Israel, because they think government there was the gateway to the mind of Satan.

Imagine that prayer warfare  team also went to Washington D.C. to fight demons of Freemasonry, hovering over the city, that were spawned due to, said the movement, an evil, occult masonic plot perpetrated by George Washington and other founding fathers.

Imagine this paranoid and demon-infested ideology, made-in-America, was being exported in the form of  books and by missionaries and  contributed to a rising climate of fear, in a number of African countries, that inspired mobs to roam at night and slaughter elderly women and men accused of being witches.

Imagine movement activists, now budding politicians, began running for higher level positions, even for the position of running a U. S., as governor. Imagine a few succeeded.

Imagine the movement was developing emergency response teams and partnering with Homeland Security and FEMA, and that its members began advising teen suicide prevention policy and integrating themselves into government services of all sorts.

Imagine that here and there its members had started mapping out in urban areas, such as around the University of Pittsburgh, demon influence street by street and block by block. Imagine movement apostles had delegated to county leaders the responsibility of mapping the demons of Georgia.

Imagine this was a rapidly growing, global movement which could have a few hundred million members.

Imagine that, three years ago, a top leader and inspirational figure in the movement, who fights witches, endorsed, and blessed against "spirits of witchcraft", a woman who became a GOP Vice Presidential Candidate.

Imagine that another top leader in the movement, also a self-professed witch fighter, said the candidate joined her prayer warfare group almost 2 decades ago.

Imagine that, eight years ago the Vice Presidential candidate, then a mayor, had borrowed an inspirational witch and demon-fighting how-to video. Imagine we know this because an AP reporter found her thank-you note, to her former pastor, for the loan of the video.

Imagine that about two weeks ago on a Colorado radio show the candidate thanked networks of prayer warriors across the nation.

Imagine that last summer she gave a graduation speech, before a class of students who had just earned a 3 year degree in prophecy, Biblical scripture memorization, leadership, "authority", and prayer warfare.

Imagine students in that program went on pilgrimages to religious centers where they learn about how to prophesy, how to do miracle healing and how to raise the dead, where were told about they would form an end time army to cleanse the Earth of all evil for all time.

Imagine that candidate, last summer, dedicated the State of Alaska to God.

Imagine her name is Sarah Palin.

Because, it is.


GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin may be unique in the history of contemporary American national politics both for her association with "witch hunting" (literal as opposed to figurative).

But beyond witch hunting, Palin is  closely tie to a movement transforming Christianity into a global franchise of relational networks, apostles, prophets and prayer warriors, that professes to fight demonic spirits but appears aimed at social, ideological and religious cleansing.

Dubbed The New Apostolic Reformation, it is a movement growing, coalescing, and pulling membership away from more orthodox forms of Christianity at an astonishing rate. Leading perhaps the biggest block in the movement, with what some claim to be up to 100 million followers, is a grandfatherly man with a goatee named C. Peter Wagner.

Wagner has sent his top prayer generals, of the Eagles' Vision Apostolic Team (EVAT), to battle what his people claim to be satanic demons of Freemasonry, hovering over Washington D.C., that were born from an occult masonic plot carried out by George Washington and other founding fathers.

Also under Wagner, EVAT has also traveled to Israel and conducted reconnaissance on the Knesset, the seat of the Israeli Parliament. In a report on the trip, a team leader described the Knesset as a gateway to the mind of Satan.

On July 13, 2008, an Alaskan woman named Mary Glazier told attendees at a religious conference near Seattle that Palin joined Glazier's prayer group in 1989, when Palin was 24.

Glazier's group soon evolved into a prayer-warfare group and sometime in the early 1990's that group was absorbed into a budding national, then international, entity called the "Spiritual Warfare Network" and Glazier became the network's Alaska state director.

In 1995 Glazier's Alaska prayer-warriors mounted effort to drive an employee in the Alaska State prison system, a chaplain alleged to be a witch, from her job with "prayer warfare".

In the late 1990's, the prayer warfare network, now global, began to interlock with other rapidly coalescing national, then international networks - coalitions of "apostles" and councils of "prophetic elders" - all under the ideological imperative of something called "spiritual warfare".

Organizing and forging ideas that drove the movement was man who bore an uncanny resemblance to the late fried-chicken tycoon "Colonel" Harland Sanders. A church-growth specialist, C. Peter Wagner has plied his considerable organizational talents into remaking Christianity and steering away from traditional concerns about peace and social justice, towards a preoccupation with an outward goal cleansing the earth of evil by battling witchcraft and demon spirits but what seeks to impose absolute ideological unity.

In the 1990's, Wagner and Ted Haggard co-founded the World Prayer Center, in Colorado Springs.

Thomas Muthee was serving on the World Prayer Center's International Advisory Board in 1997 when  the center's Special Task Coordinator, a Mexican former Voodoo priestess gone Christian, Ana Mendez, received an inspiration, in a dream, that led her to plan a prayer-warfare expedition to Mount Everest.

"Operation Ice Castle" was to battle, and hopefully destroy, a global demon spirit, centered over the mountain, that blocks prayers of Catholics and Muslims from getting to Heaven. Afterward, Mendez claimed the expedition's prayer warfare may have helped to cause the death of Mother Theresa.

In 2000, according to her Wasilla mayoral records, Palin wrote a thank you note, to a former pastor, for the loan of an inspirational, "how to" book on fighting witches that had come out in 1999 and which explained how to conduct "spiritual mapping" and "spiritual warfare."

It was one of the "Transformations" videos, little known outside certain Christian circles but viewed by millions internationally.  Acting in the first video of the series, telling about how he successfully fought a witch, was Thomas Muthee.

The Transformation series made Muthee an international celebrity among many of the hundreds of millions of charismatic and Pentecostal Christians worldwide.

In October 2005, Thomas Muthee blessed and endorsed Sarah Palin as a political leader, in a special ceremony at the Wasilla Assembly of God in Wasilla, Alaska.

This October, 2008, Sarah Palin thanked prayer warriors across the nation during a radio interview with Focus On The Family head Dr. James Dobson.  

Next week she could become the Vice President Elect of the United States.

Sarah Palin has confirmed relationships, substantiated by Palin's actions in political office, with two top leaders in an international religious and political movement most Americans don't even know exists; one of those leaders has urged movement members to "infiltrate" politics and government. The other has claimed Palin in her Spiritual Warfare network. In an October appearance on Focus on The Family had James Dobson's radio show, Sarah Palin thanked prayer warriors around the nation.

Mainstream media has almost totally failed to probe who Thomas Muthee and Mary Glazier are and what the movement they lead is, or what it is currently doing, or what its goals are.

Muthee, Glazier and, evidence suggests, Palin are together in a movement whose members and top leadership, as detailed in the 36 page report Spiritual Mapping and Spiritual Warfare - Muthee and the "Transformations" Franchise:

  • holds international conventions on how to effect a transfer of wealth, from the "godless" of the world to the "godly". Top New Apostolic Reformation leader C. Peter Wagner declared, June 21, 2006: " I decree that vast amounts of wealth will be released supernaturally, even from godless and pagan sources. . . The enemy's camp will be plundered."

  • are building emergency response servicing in partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

  • claim police department prayer and fasting cuts murder and crime and are convincing police forces to adopt prophecy and prayer based policing.

  • are integrating their members and ideas into suicide prevention and other social services.

  • have sent a prayer warfare team to Mount Everest to battle a global demon they claim blocks the prayers of Catholics from reaching Heaven; have boasted the expedition may have helped to Kill Mother Theresa

  • have sent a team to wage Spiritual Warfare against the government of Israel, whose leader  describes the Israeli Knesset as "the mind of Satan on Earth."

  • have organized and inspired massive, institutionalized Spiritual Warfare campaigns successfully de-Catholicizing whole nations, such as Brazil.

  • are mapping out, block by block, opposition and demonic "strongholds" in cities around the United States such as in Pittsburgh and Topeka (not in report) and in entire U.S., such as in Georgia.

  • have developed strategic outlines for taking control of society and government in Austin, Texas and other communities.

  • are waging their Spiritual Warfare campaigns internationally, such as in Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Uganda, Kenya, and elsewhere

  • are exporting an ideology, that includes fighting "witches" and "spirits of witchcraft" to the developing world.

  • have endorsed church-based death squads operating in Central America.

  • promotes the idea, to teens in the movement, that they will form a supernaturally equipped end-time army that will cleanse the earth of evil.

  • have sent teams to fight Freemasonry demons over Washington D.C. which they claim originated from an occult, masonic conspiracy by George Washington and other founding fathers who based the foundation of United States government upon a "false covenant made to Baal."

Are you nuts?  Sarah Palin is a nutjob!
"When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law." ~ Frederic Bastiat
by Patriot Gal on Mon Feb 02, 2009 at 08:15:04 PM EST

would be interesting, if there are any connections with "witch-hunts" in South-Eastern Nigeria, see: itch+children/2780062

by Entdinglichung on Fri Nov 14, 2008 at 10:48:43 AM EST

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