2001 John Hagee Film Shows Gangsterish Rabbi, Foppish Catholic Priest In League With anti-Christ
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Tue May 13, 2008 at 02:23:51 PM EST
The following somewhat satirical video is built around a brief excerpt from Texas megachurch pastor John Hagee's 2001 55-minute film "Vanished", which followed the prophetic, premillennial plot line of Tim LaHaye's and Jerry Jenkin's "Left Behind" book and film series so closely that it was produced by the company which made "Left Behind: The Movie".

The 4 minute, 51 second video explores the association, made in the Hagee Ministries film, of Jews with homosexuality, abstract art, conspiracy, satanism, organized crime, and New York City and Europe as historic Jewish power-bases---all associations made in the infamous 1930's-era anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda film [perhaps one of the three most lethal works of anti-Jewish propaganda in modern history alongside The Protocols of The Elders of Zion and Henry Ford's "The International Jew"] that was produced with close supervision by Third-Reich arch-propagandist Joseph Goebbels and which some consider it to be, in effect, authored by Goebbels himself: "The Eternal Jew". "

The video is, in a certain sense, only three minutes long--the last 1:51 simply lets two extended John Hagee quotes scroll by-- quotes, from Hagee's 2006 book "Jerusalem Countdown", which both blame Jews themselves for the Holocaust (because the ancient Hebrews, worshiping idols, incurred a divine, generational curse) and suggest that God sent the Nazis to persecute European Jews in order to drive them to settle in Palestine. The implication of the latter is that John Hagee considers there to be a divine mandate relegating Jews to what is, in effect in terms of Hagee's eschatological, end-times views, an ethnic bantustan which will function as a death camp as well because Hagee believes that, in the "Tribulation" and battle of Armageddon Hagee expects to happen soon and which will occur around Israel, all but as few as 144,000 Jews--who in classic premillennial theology will convert to Christianity and so gain divine protection--will survive and the rest of Israeli Jews (and everyone else in Israel presumably) will perish.

There are a number of smaller details I didn't cover in my filmic treatment of the stereotypes John Hagee trots out in "Vanished - in the twinkling of an eye". The film is, of course, a rich vein for analysis of latent and veiled (and sometimes quite overt) ideological content.

For example, the placement of menorahs on a Talis is, as far as I can tell, somewhat unusual. But, the Menorah itself is also odd - it's quite conventional to depict a Menorah on a two-step pyramid, the most basic possible geometric shape of a ziggurat. And, menorahs are also typically depicted with either a triangular or fluted base. But I cannot find any menorahs at all which use both motifs, the two-step ziggurat shape and also a triangle shape. The two menorahs on the odd rabbi's Talis are depicted with a pyramind-shape inside a ziggurat shape.

That is suggestive given that in one of Pastor John Hagee recorded sermons Hagee posits a conspiracy of European-based  "international financial power brokers" who "would rule the world through economic wealth" - classic crypto ant-Semitic conspiracy theory involving shadowy cabals of Masons and Illuminati. Hagee has also posited, in "Jerusalem Countdown" and other writing going back into the 1980's, that the Catholic Church conspired with Hitler and the Nazis to commit the Holocaust. In the excerpt from Hagee's Illuminati-conspiracy sermon below, Hagee opines on the symbolic importance of pyramid-shapes which, for him but also commonly among right-leaning Americans prone to conspiricist thinking, designates a feared, allegedly coming "New World Order" ruled by the anti-Christ.

Note: the visuals and music which accompany the sermon are very probably not by John Hagee or his ministry but were more likely added by someone, not a member of Hagee's church, as a satirical touch.

The sermon was one of three packaged in a three-videocassetts series, sold by John Hagee Ministries in 2003, entitled "Iraq: The Final War".


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