Bush 41 salutes Sun Myung Moon's effort to subdue the planet.
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Tue May 06, 2008 at 06:44:00 AM EST
Sun Myung Moon's end time political front, the Universal Peace Federation had a summit from April 28 to May 2 in Washington DC. The participants took a tour of the Moon owned Washington Times and chartered a plane to go visit George H. W. Bush's library. Once again,  George 41 gave a keynote address in support of Moon's efforts.

John Solomon, the new executive editor of the Washington Times who told C-span viewers recently that the paper does not push Moon's agenda, made an appearance at one function apparently hosted by the paper. (see slide show link below)

Brent Scowcroft and former congressman Earl Hillard also showed up to help Moon subdue the planet.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is the Unification Church as Moon intended it to be. The reason his was a "religion" was for tax and First Amendment purposes it appears to me.

Here's how Steve Hassan described it:

In the 70s [Moon] was saying that democracy was evil, Americans were lazy, the Koreans are the master race. [In] fact he believes that when he takes over the world, which is his espoused goal, there'll be a theocracy which will rule with himself and other leaders. All other religions will be abolished. The only language spoken will be Korean. I mean this man is a demagogue who doesn't believe in pro family values, that's just a hoax. What he believes is he is the True Parents of mankind and his group and the people who have been - quote "blessed" unquote - by him are now "the family." Everyone else is in Satan's world. [Steve Hassan - Greater Boston - WGBH Boston - Dec. 1, 1997 ]

Moon's plan has always been to create a world wide political front made up of people who take their direction from his organization. The UPF is the culmination of Moon's grand plan to control the direction of world events.


Yes, Moon is on schedule to be the last to laugh.

You may not understand why this is important; you may still be under the illusion that Moon is a clown. But I ask you to look and keep looking until you see.

From the UPF webpage: (photo of Bush at link)

In his keynote address, the 41st President agreed. "This is not the time for America to be turning inward," he said. "The United States needs to stand up and work for peace in the world, especially in the neighborhood of nations near to home. It is a matter of conscience, not just a concept. The challenges are more complex and more compelling than they were in the past, but they are so important we cannot afford to get them wrong. We need better solutions for issues like poverty and immigration and make sure that the successes of the past in the fight against drugs are not lost."

"However, too many citizens these days are becoming disengaged at a time when we need more involvement, more debate, and more foreign exchanges," he said. "That's why the work of the Universal Peace Federation and The Washington Times is so important, and I thank Rev. Moon and salute all of you for coming here to address these urgent issues."

From Moon's address:

"We are entering into a new and hopeful time," said Rev. Moon in his remarks, "And all of us are being called - whether we know it or not - to bring our best efforts to bear on creating a new culture of peace, centered on the ideal of one family under God." He went on to describe a vision of a future world where some of the weaknesses of democracy, and in particular the wasted efforts of extreme partisanship, [partisanship in America helped along by Moon's media] can be relieved by the involvement of elder statesmen as senior advisors. [Read: Moon's Ambassadors for Peace who study Moon's ideology. Moon preacher Michael Jenkins said the Ambassadors for Peace were created "to be True Parent's representatives to govern the world."]

"We believe that groups of political, religious and community leaders such as these working together in new partnerships hold the key to lasting peace," said Dr. Thomas Walsh, the UPF Secretary General. [and long time Moon follower]

Find more photos of the summit at this slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/3ew2ef

About the "Ambassador" from the State Department they list as a participant:

Roman Catholic Bishop Estrada was there to help the "Messiah" with his world conquest. The Roman Catholic Church, best I can tell, has no clue what is going on right now, none. But, they certainly aren't the only ones. Find the Bishop here:

The UPF's battle cry is "One Family Under God."

Here's how Moon's former daughter in law spoke of this "one family" goal while talking about Moon's tax conviction.

There was no question inside the church that the Reverend Moon used his religious tax exemption as a tool for financial gain in the business world. [...]

No matter what the lawyers said in court, no one internally disputed that the Reverend Moon commingled church and business funds. No one had any problem with it. How often had I heard church advisers discuss funneling church funds into his business enterprises and political causes because his religious, business, and political goals are the same: world dominance for the Unification Church. It was U.S. tax laws that were wrong, not Sun Myung Moon. Man's law was secondary to the Messiah's mission.

The Reverend Moon's philosophy sounded benign enough: "The world is fast becoming one global village. The survival and prosperity of all are dependent on a spirit of cooperation. The human race must recognize itself as one family of man." What his civil libertarian allies outside the Unification Church failed to realize was that Sun Myung Moon, and only Sun Myung Moon, was the head of that family. [ "In the Shadow of the Moons: My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Family" By Nansook Hong]

This how former Moon follower, Steve Kemperman, described it.

Father was always clear about God's ultimate goal of restoration - that one day all nations of the world would follow him and realize a one-world family under God - global theocracy guided by heaven through God's perfect son, Sun Myung Moon. [...]

The Sunday before the [Yankee Stadium] rally, Father strutted back and forth across the outdoor stage at the Belvedere estate. The Sun Myung Moon who addressed a strict family audience was shockingly different from the one I encountered at the Day of Hope talk in Berkeley. Amongst his followers he did not conceal his desire to influence and control world affairs.
[Lord of the Second Advent  - Steve Kemperman - 1980 Regal Books]

Ultimately, Moon is the arbiter of God's Will in this scenario.

From the conclusions of the 1978 congressional investigation known as the Fraser Report:

Among the goals of the Moon Organization is the establishment of a worldwide government in which the separation of church and state would be abolished and which would be governed by Moon and his followers.

Moon brags about his organization's involvement in the Middle East "peace" process and in the negotiations with North Korea. They are.

None of this is being reported by our media. They are too busy surveying important stuff like who has on a lapel pin flag. When they are not doing that, they are finding ways to ignore a truly radical preacher.

BTW, Bush's library is where 41 drank Moon's Holy Wine which in Moonieworld ties you to Moon's lineage and makes you part of the "Blessed" family. Moon's preacher, Michael Jenkins, who gave the wine to 41 under Moon's direct orders, told Moon's followers the act of drinking it gave Bush 41 the strength to point out Moon and openly praise him when 41 gave the keynote address at the Washington Times 25th anniversary gala in May of 2007.

Astonishingly, this has basically received little to no attention either.

This Youtube video is of Micheal Jenkins who is the President of the Unification Church in the USA describing how 41 drank the wine. Jenkins now has a UPF title as all higher ups in Moon's organization do since Moon has rolled about everything he's got under the UPF as he springs his trap.

Jenkins starts out talking about members participating in Hoon Dok Hae which is the early morning study of Moon's words. Please keep in mind that Danny Davis, who Jenkins mentions also, no longer attends Moon organization functions and hasn't best I can tell since shortly after he helped crown Moon in March of 2004. Danny must have awoken. Too bad we can't say the same for the rest of these discernment-free souls.

Nothing I see on the horizon reflects that Moon is going to be stopped, it is much too late. I personally feel he had a fork in America's political system by the early 90s and the nation has yet to awaken to that.

When not crying "One Family Under God" the Moon organization likes to talk about how they are "living for the sake of others." I salute all those, in particular Mr. Parry and Mr. Gorenfeld, who are "living for the sake of others" by working to bring our nation out of its slumber.

now that 41 is on the lecture circuit. Easier than registering as a foreign lobbyist. They are using each other. I doubt 41 really believes in Moon's "religion", just in Moon's money.

by NancyP on Tue May 06, 2008 at 07:48:22 PM EST
Moon has never intended his organization to be a religion. His is an ideology and I do think Bush has bought into that just like most of these people who participate in these events. The money of course greases the wheel but I don't think even Bush would still do it just for the money and to say their relationship is only money oversimplifies what is going on, imo. Bush is just one though, most of these people, the thousands of non moonie "Ambassadors for Peace" are buying into it like people at any Amway convention or any pyramid scheme and that it why it is working. Get in a room of people who feel they are promoting peace, look around and see the former Prez and you get psyched up and won't even look to see what is really going on. You will ignore Moon critics who have watched this all materialize over the decades. I don't think the RC Bishop was involved for money for instance. People get caught up. Moon works to learn how to push those buttons and yes, there is some ego massaging with the free trips around the world and awards but that is not all there is to it.

Your religion quote marks are quite proper. Moon actually believes in 2001 that he started the Kingdom of God which he calls "Cheon Il Guk." He believes he has created God's Kingdom and therefore what need is there for any religion? We are becoming "one family."

41 knows that when he speaks for Moon, he speaks for the ideology and that he is pushing the control Moon wants to attain. Bush and Bar are big, big, fans of the Moon front the Women's Federation for World Peace and their "work." They do believe in the work Moon is doing. I would agree Bush would do most anything for cash but I also believe he has bought into the Moon thing at some level beyond the cash.

excerpts from 'Gifts of Deceit':

There is a Moonie explanation for everything.

Lying. One of the central tenets of the faith is the doctrine of Heavenly Deception. Good must deceive evil. The non-Moon world is evil. It must be lied to so it can help Moon take over. Then it can become good under Moon's control. In the Bible, Jacob lied to Isaac. God rewarded Jacob by making him the father of the nation of Israel. Closer to home, you lie to your children about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, don't you?
The non-Moon world, being of Satan, lives under the laws of Cain. Constantly, they get in Moon's way. One law however is very useful. It makes it possible to try to get around all the others. The First Amendment to the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. As long as Moon says everything the cult does is religious, he can claim the protection of the First Amendment.

The advantages of using the first Amendment were seen early. Before Moon moved to the United States in 1971, he and his small band of followers realized the operation would have the most flexibility if it was called a church. Businesses, political activities, and tax exempt status could be protected. Moon was dubbed "Reverend" in 1969. In 1970 the name "United Family" was changed to "Unification Church." Organization and goals stayed the same. Only the name was changed, for its "effect on the institutions of society." A cult publication explained, "The name implies respectability and stability."

Since Moon's invasion of America began, he has marched steadily behind the First Amendment shield. Calling himself "Reverend" and his operation a church early enough, Moon put the burden of proof on the non-Moon world. His beliefs are fully protected by the First Amendment. He insists his actions are, too. His beliefs cover everything. No matter what the cult does, therefore, it is claimed to be an exercise of religious belief.

In the non-Moon world, Fraser conducts an investigation. He wants to find out if the Moon organization's political and business activities are part of the Korean influence campaign. At first, he has only allegations that the Moonies acted as unregistered agents of a foreign intelligence service, the KCIA. The Moonies can believe in God as they choose, but they ought not violate the law in the process, he thinks. He is amazed at what he finds: evidence that the Moon organization has violated laws on banking, immigration, taxes, currency control, charity fraud, arms export control, and foreign agents registration.

To the moonies, everything Fraser did from start to finish violated their freedom of religion. Since they claim everything they do is religious, Fraser had no right to question what they do. The cult's published comment on the Fraser Report says it well: "Its objections to the activities of the followers of Rev. Moon are fundamentally objections to their religious beliefs."

Moon apparently thinks his "religious beliefs" are special license to break laws. The new Messiah is above the laws of Cain. Whatever contempt Moon has for the laws of the United States, he sees fit to hide behind the First Amendment to the Constitution. [Robert B. Boettcher -
Gifts of Deceit - Sun Myung Moon, Tongsun Park and the Korean Scandal. (1980)]

by Lou on Tue May 06, 2008 at 11:17:13 PM EST

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