Alabama PSC Cantidate Matt Chancey: His Views on Suffrage, Women, Marriage, etc.
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Mon Jul 14, 2008 at 11:55:51 PM EST
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Alabama voters should be made aware that Matt Chancey opposes"one person, one vote" suffrage, apparently on religious grounds.

Matt Chancey, a Republican, is running for president of the Alabama Public Service Commission, and he and his wife Jennie teach that it is a sin (or at the very least, is highly inadvisable) for women to vote, hold political office, attend college, or work outside the home. These views are expounded upon at great length on Jennie Chancey's website,Ladies Against Feminism.

Matt Chancey is also on very intimate terms with Doug Phillips, the president and founder of Vision Forum Ministries, a major homeschooling curriculum company. Phillips also teaches that God doesn't allow women to vote or hold office.

Doug Phillips is described by Matt Chancey as being his dear friend and mentor, while Phillips in turn praises as his own intellectual hero one of the most virulent racists of the 19th century, Robert L. Dabney, and has authored a book , Robert Louis Dabney: The Prophet Speaks.

...and Matt is not above a bit of internet sleight of hand, either, when it will aid his political ends, as shown by this article, from the Washington Post.

Our Constitution guarantees that no American who has reached the age of 18 shall be denied the the right to vote without due process, regardless of race, sex, or creed, or income level, and while everyone, Matt Chancey included, has the right to their personal convictions,  the voters have the right to know that Matt Chancey's convictions concerning suffrage and a good many other things are very much at odds with what is considered right and decent in America today.

Apparently, in the Chancey household's ideal world, fathers would vote for the household, and all daughters would live at home "serving their fathers" (google "Ladies against Feminism" and "Being Your Father's Daughter") until the time of their arranged courtship and marriage, at which time they would pass from their father's ownership into their husband's possession, thus assuring that they would never have the chance to vote; theoretically, any adult sons living at home would be similarly disenfranchised.

Certainly women COULD vote under such a system if they were the heads of their own household, but the only time that this would happen would be when a woman was widowed, and then only until such time as she remarried or moved in with an adult male relative; in Chancey's world, to ensure that widows remarried promptly, they might even be encouraged to avail themselves of Christian matchmaking/arranged-marriage services, such as this one, run by Jennie Chancey's parents. (Jenny Chancey's father is the Reverend Ovid Need; he is a prolific writer, for some samples of his work and his rather amazing views concerning Jews, Catholics, and women, go here and here and here.)

 Head-of-household voting, arranged courtship and marriages, bride-prices.... that's not the American way -- in fact, it's so unAmerican that the average voter would never dream that anyone in this day and age (other than ultra-fundamentalist Moslems) could hold such views, much less an educated man who is running for political office in the United States of America; and just as they wouldn't want a man who holds a strong personal conviction that it is acceptable to embezzle money to serve as their banker or stockbroker, most Americans would not want a man who holds a personal conviction that voting should be restricted to male heads of household to serve them in a position of governmental authority.

But, Matt Chancey and those close to him do appear to hold such views, and in my opinion, the voters of Alabama need to know about it.

I agree that the folks in Alabama need to know, but will it mae any difference? How in the world can the Republicons have ANY credibility with rational people?  

McCain Campaign Quickly Scrubs Website of References to Its Allegedly Outed Alabama Campaign Chair  

The John McCain campaign scrubbed its website today to remove all references to its Alabama campaign chairman, Attorney General Troy King.

King, who is known for extremist views on religion and who has frequently made homophobic statements, including calling gays the "downfall of society," is the subject of rumors that his wife recently discovered him having sex with another man.

The story about King has been circulating in the gay press, but none of them had reported King's connection with the McCain campaign before we published the story, "McCain's Alabama Chairman Reportedly Outed - Attorney General Troy King Has a Record of Homophobic Rhetoric," earlier today.  

We [] happened to have the webpage open and so made the screen capture of it and grabbed the text:

by PlacitasRoy on Sun Jul 13, 2008 at 10:57:45 AM EST

Or is Silly Season in total, absolute, full bloom? After reading this article, and doing the subsequent research into who Chancey is, I didn't know whether to ROFL, or weep for the people of Alabama. When coupled with Alabama's supposed (his wife's divorce petition says that she caught him in act) gay Attorney General Troy King leaves me with the belief that there needs to be some institution of an honesty / IQ / in touch with reality vetting process for any candidate for public office. We need it in lots of states; nationally too. Discriminatory? Yes, but hey, better that than the current situation; of course it can't happen re Constitution and related Articles. Now, you take these two RW nut jobs and mix them together with the good Pastor John Hagee (his shenanigans are well reported in this blog), James Dobson (anything that he's said / done at anytime), Jindal in Louisiana (passage of a bill to teach creationism in public schools), plus the current POUS and VPOUS, and you have an extremely potent cocktail of noxious stupidity. Yes, I've left some other nasty ingredients (people) out, but the aforementioned are enough to make one choke for the rest of the summer. This is why I raise my query re "Silly Season". Or is this just God's sense of humor, or perhaps His message to any with a modicum of sanity that now, more than ever, is the time to get off of our collective behinds and do what we can to make some serious changes? Frederick Clarkson, of this blog, discusses one such activity. That, being a movement of Christians on the Left and (hopefully) Center, into a coalition that has the potential to combat the funddies, and rightist pseudo-Christian zealots, with a strong, reasoned, united, effort. This can, should, and must, happen.

by SemiDiscerning on Tue Jul 15, 2008 at 05:57:14 PM EST

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