Lou Engle: Hispanic Evangelicals Key In Electoral Strategy To Make California "Pro-Life"
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Sat Apr 17, 2010 at 09:32:07 AM EST
The following is a talk given by Lou Engle in 2008 at an October 2008  Pre-Call rally, prior to the November 1, 2008 TheCall event held in San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium. Engle's talk was broadcast internationally in GodTV.

Here are some of the notable points Engle's made in his talk:

  • The moral climate in California is comparable to Baal-worship during the Biblical rule of Jezebel.
  • Legal abortion is comparable to the sacrifice of infants to the God Molech, and Engle claims Planned Parenthood is the Molech of our time.
  • Engle claims he made 3,000 phone calls to leaders and pastors during the anti-gay marriage, pro-Proposition Eight push in California prior to the November 4, 2008 presidential election.
  • There cannot be peace in California until "sorceries, adulteries, and witchcraft" are stopped.
  • GodTV is "fueling the prayer movement worldwide."
  • Hispanic evangelicals are the key part of an electoral strategy to make California a "pro-life" state. As Engle stated,

We believe that the Latinos are going to be a mighty force to turn America back to God. I am burning with a passion for the Latinos. Cindy Jacobs prophesied that California will be a pro-life state. The only way that will happen is MILLIONS of Latinos begin to understand that they can literally turn elections!

And that they can bring their fasting and prayer from South America and Latin America and not leave their prophetic fire at the border ! [applause] And bring it up into Texas and into Arizona and into California, to awaken some of the cold blood of the white folk.

Lou Engle, October 2008  Pre-Call rally

"If you didn't see the beginning of the video or hear the beginning, that man up there was the mayor of San Francisco who, when the Supreme Court of California just a couple of months ago legalized same sex marriage, he was on the front page of every newspaper and on television declaring, "As California goes, so goes the whole nation."

I don't care what you think he said. This is now gonna spread all across America. Whether you like it or not. Except for one thing.

Four years ago I went on a forty day fast, lifting up the victory of the Cross over Jezebel. In that state, in asking God to cleanse me from every little bit of compromise in my own soul, and after forty days, I ended up preaching in a black church in San Francisco. And when I was preaching on the Jezebel-Elijah showdown in America coming out of San Francisco, a tall white man walked up into the front row, sat down, end of my message the African-American pastor said, "The mayor of San Francisco's come here today. He's just been elected. This is four years ago.

He got up and shared something, and then he asked me to pray for that man. And the spirit of God agitated my spirit. I have a picture where my ring is right next to his head, shining, and I said
`Lord, I thank you that all government is derived from your government. Therefore, let this man know that he will be held accountable for everything he does in this city under the government of God.'

Little did I realize that four years later, once again, he would be on the front pages because it  was four years ago he married the homosexuals in San Francisco illegally. But it stirred the church to go to prayer and to the polls to vote. And turn things around. Four years later Charles Colson, Chuck Colson, is calling California's battle the armageddon of the culture wars of America, and he is saying `as California goes so goes whole the nation.'

Except... if the church doesn't play politically correct. Except [if] an Elijah Spirit stands up with loyalty to God, not in an unsanctified mercy, and confronts the demonic spirits that would seek to rage across the world, in a massive wave of intercession, fasting and prayer to declare to the principalities and powers, `Oh no, you don't'


I find that same agitation in my spirit these days, but I'm not so much agitated with that man. I'm agitated with the church - that the church is awash in a sea of moral relativity and will vote for those who will legalize and remove every limitation from abortion.

A candidate running for office, a president in America, declared, in front of Planned Parenthood after the Supreme Court had just banned partial-birth abortion...

Time out.

Do you know what partial birth abortion is ? It's when  a baby even up to nine months in the womb, a doctor can go in and jamb this scissors in the back of that child's head in the womb, pull the body out, all but the head, crush the head of that child, and deliver it - and it's legal in America, until the US Supreme Court just banned it.

Folks.... and, that candidate declared it was a terrible ruling and it would nullify the life work of Justice Ginsburg. And I'm thinking, `God, in front of Planned Parenthood'... declared that the first thing that candidate would do if elected president would pass the Freedom of Choice Act that would legalize and remove every restriction from every abortion procedure - and the church goes marching on. In silence.

I was supposed to take an offering for GodTV... I just don't get it. And by your... I don't know if you get it.

See, I don't have, I don't have the option of political debate. `Cause five years ago God gave me a sovereign assignment to raise up a prayer movement, for the ending of abortion. And I have to be loyal to God. I don't care. I have to be loyal to God.


In the days of Jezebel when 7,000 had been bowed in the knee to Baal, over ten million people, where Jezebel and Ahab had legalized state-sanctioned immorality, exactly what's going on in California right now, the people were silent - halting between two opinions.

But it was when that happened that another guy came on the scene, and his name was Elijah. When governments go renegade, and they offer up babies to Molech in the days of Jezebel, or they offer them up to Planned Parenthood in the days of America...

When it's legal to kill a nine-month old baby in the womb, God says, `It's time for a prophetic movement that will confront the powers of darkness and not let Western Culture just slide into the abyss! Where did every other nation that did these things go ?

I don't know what to do - I don't know how to take an offering. I just... I find myself wanting to weep these days because I can't... where are the prophets ? If the pulpits were simply alive, not so concerned about their self-preservation and their 501(c)3)'s and  were rather loyal to God, we wouldn't be in the mess we've been in for these last 20 years, continually sliding.

And I speak it over GodTV to Europe and all the other nations.

There were four kind of prophets in the days of Elijah. There were the prophets of Asheroth, those are like the Hollywood folks, with their movies perpetrating sexual immorality, there were the prophets of Baal - they're the media that keep perpetrating the ideologies that destroy culture. And then there were the Christian cult prophets... court prophets (you didn't get that). The Christian court prophets - they were the prophets that hung around Ahab and kept saying `yes' to Ahab but there was a different kind of prophet that rose up. And they were the Yahweh separatist prophets. The Elijah, stubborn Elijah people. They didn't play politics, they played righteousness and justice. Not Democrat and Republican but truth and compassion together.
And until America has a restoration of that prophetic spirit we will slide and we will lose our children.

And so, I get a phone call from San Diego. They say to me, `the church is rising up because of this thing that's taken place in happened in California, legalizing same-sex marriage. But on November 4th the people of California can go to the polls and reverse the ruling of the Supreme Court.


And, suddenly, the churches are coming alive all across California! I've been on the phone with 3,000 leaders and pastors, and they're rising up, but I'm thinking, `why did it take us to this point to rise up ? Why weren't we standing with God twenty years ago instead of enjoying our nice vacation plans ? Why weren't the pulpits alive then, when our people were filled with pornography ? What is it gonna take ?'

And the pastors of California called me and said, `this is not a natural battle, this is a spiritual battle. Would you bring fasting and prayer and TheCall to California, because we're in a crisis.'
And I said, `yes.'


I turned 56 two days ago, fasting on my 56th birthday, I think I've fasted on every birthday I've had for the last five years [applause]... I walked into Qualcomm Stadium where we're going, seats about 70,000 people, and I looked at that stadium, it's the second time I saw it, and I  thought, `Lou, when are you going to stop doing this ?' That place looked massive. `Why do you have to keep stretching your faith ?'

It's because I just believe the Body of Christ isn't gonna to slumber in crisis. I believe that Joel 2 is still the answer to the crisis of nations. Let me say it again - I still believe that Joel 2 is still the answer to the crisis of nations. And the nations are in crisis. America in economic, moral decline...

But in the midst of it God says, `blow the trumpet in Zion... Call a fast. Gather all the inhabitants of the land.' If you're willing to get out of your little, little "cross your `T', dot your `I' " theological holy clubs and join with the different races and the different denominations, because - listen - our differences are far smaller than our greater en... than the enemies are great.

Come on. If we can't be united when war comes to the city gates then we just gonna just drift off
into oblivion and the church will be relegated to 40th most influential organization in America. I'm tired of that.

I went on a forty day water fast four years ago, confronted that mayor, and I'm thinkin', `It's but the lion and the bear to this Goliath that is now on California. And if this is a Goliath who taunts the armies of the living God for forty days, then I've called all of California, all the Southern Baptists are on forty day fasts, there's a movement called `Forty Days for Life,' 175 cities are on forty day fasts, I'm thinking - `God, if we would move beyond the elections and a day of prayer and then take the whole next year to rumble and not stop fasting and praying, we could start to drive the Devil off this turf and release a deliverance revival and make a name for God.

I hate this kind of apathy in the church that just goes from crisis to crisis. Why don't we create a crisis ? [applause] Why don't we create a crisis for Jezebel ? And all of her dominions and minions in Sacramento who keep passing every kind of liberal law. It's destroying our children and then it destroys us, because we've made peace with the altars of Baal and Canaan when we were called to tear them down.

We are living with peaceful coexistence with the Gods of Las Vegas and California - it doesn't even bother us anymore! We can't even blush! And our pulpits are filled with sin. And I could name names tonight. Big names who have gone mushy on homosexuality. But I'm not pointing the finger at homosexuals. I'm pointing the finger at the church.

[applause, Engle chuckles]

I don't know what time it is, and with this... and I... I love... we love GodTV. I hope you still love TheCall. I tell you, I believe there is hope for Europe. When a stubborn Elijah Company arises again in Europe and turns the hearts of the fathers to the children and the rebellious back to the wisdom of the righteous, folks... Balance is a dirty word, and Elijah was anything but balanced.

It's time for fathers to go to war for their children rather than to go to wart vicariously, watching a football team fight for them. Time out. Men were created to go to war - so, we let gladiators do the war for us while we veg.

When Elijah, stretching himself out over a dead kid in the city where Jezebel lived, and raising him from the dead... It's time to go to Jezebel's city, not her come to mine. It's time for men to fast and pray for the deliverance of their children. Matthew 17 - come on! Who wants your kids more ? I fasted thirty days for my 13 year old boy, my second son Josiah. I lost his heart. And on the 30th day God began to visit him with dreams and I got my son back.


And he's nineteen, and he's just completed a 40 day fast, twenty-one days on water alone - there's a new breed coming and if we allow the young people to go radical and to the hilt rather than to make them just kind of tame - nothing tame is going to turn America back to God.

Some kind of incendiary force has to be released into the Earth. Holy to the gills. Loving the homosexual and hating the demonic spirits that are releasing the agenda. Who fast and pray to move angels and demons and fast and pray to see deliverance.

So am I stunned when I get a report that a woman fasts 40 days for her brother who is bound with homosexuality and on the 40th day a light appears to him in his bed and he's instantaneously delivered from homosexuality ?

We've been putting bandages on wounds and we've not bound the strong man to take the spoil. We've played with the church, we've played with the prayer meetings... Got a great report the other day - a man woke up burdened for his daughter living in San Francisco. So he said, `I didn't - I can't fast because,' he says, `I don't know how to fast.' So, he said, `I went on twenty one  days and I just stopped drinking coffee.' [applause] And, like, on the 21st day his daughter, who was on Methamphetamines in San Francisco - his daughter was pregnant and going to have an abortion... Something came over her and said, `I'm keeping my baby, I'm going back home, I'm going to get right with God, I'm returning to my dad,' and I was with her and him just a week ago and I think, `what if thousands begin to fast and pray for a Deliverance Anointing ?'

Matthew 17 - Jesus is the one that can heal our land and then, if we'll take this to another level, and not just pray for George and Sally but turn our prayers into imperialistic takeover centers - we were to pray for those in authority. Governments are the rule of God's kingdom!

So, I've always known that TheCall was not just a nice meeting. It really was an Elijah-Jezebel showdown. It's always been a Mt. Carmel moment. I did a California prayer walk 40 days, from San Diego to San Francisco as part of a team, guys had to map out the journey.

They got up in Carmel, California with the Apostolic center of the original Catholic apostles - you may not like their doctrines but their commitment is far greater than ours. You should see CatholicVote.com - calling 67 million voters to not vote for the economy but to vote for life! [applause] And I'm thinking, `where is the church ? The mighty church's voice like that ? [laughs]

But, anyway, we got to Carmel - not Mt. Carmel, might as well have been - Carmel California. That's not Carville, that's Carmel. Carmel mafionos and all that stuff. That's never gonna move angels and demons. [laughter] Carmel will. It gets up to Carmel and the guy's so overwhelmed with the journey, he says, "I can't do it, I'm stopping. I'm done. We're not going to do the 40 day prayer walk.'

But he decides to go to the Catholic mission that morning - he walks into the Catholic mission and the priest is reading the scripture, `Arise and eat, for the journey is too great for you.' And in the strength of that food he walked 40 days and forty nights.

I think California is in an Elijah-Jezebel showdown, and I'm right in the middle of it. And TheCall, I believe, is a showdown before November 4th when they go to the polls. I say it's time for the church to hold up hands in prayer, for the next 21 days, like Daniel, to ship angels and demons, believe for the deliverance of their children and sons and daughters...

And then on November 4th the church of America goes to the polls with a spirit of violence. [applause] It's called the "violence of voting." We don't overthrow our people here, we vote them out. [applause]. The church, we are much to casual. We are the kings of America, not McCain and Obama. [applause] And you will be held accountable, as the kings of America, by how you vote.

And, if you vote for the shedding of innocent blood of babies you'll be held eternally accountable. If you vote for those who will put judges in that will change the very laws of marriage you will be held accountable. Because you got swept away in a spirit of delusion, because you did not have a love for truth, you had a love for charisma but not a love for the truth... [applause]

The whole world's looking for a charismatic leader - I want the man, Christ Jesus, who is the Law, he is the Love. God himself instituted marriage at the beginning of the world, not as a bondage but because he loved us. And to turn those laws, and change them, because we want freedom in America is absolute insanity.

We're going - November 1st - Qualcomm Stadium - if ten people show up it will be me and my family.... no, nine will be. Seven kids and a mother and a father.

I'm on this forty day fast, its been a miserable fast so far, [laughter] and [unintelligible]...soup... I'm with fifty young people that are praying day and night in San Diego, and I got fifty young people in DC that are praying day and night, in DC, the one is going after abortion, the other is going after the altar of marriage....

There's a generation is not WILLING to let (sobbing) a sick... and hung  between two opinions when we've come to a Carmel moment. And we're not angry. We love people. And because we love people we're willing to speak truth. Because it's not love to let a person go on saying [sobbing again] `It's OK for you to remain in your adultery.' We know you have a problem - it;'s not OK! It's not even love! Because when you call the truth people then get conviction of sin and then RUN from it and get deliverance! [applause]

There's  a whole movement in the Emerging Church, the young people in America that I am deeply concerned about. They're moving away from the fixed moral standards. And it's like the 60's all over again. We can't go through another 40 year revolution of rebellion, we've got to turn. Remember the law of Moses and I will send you the prophet Elijah, he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children... folks, the answer is - connect with the older generation.

As bizarre and as outdated as I am, bald, rocking, come on! Hop inside this [unintelligible] and run into Jezebel's palace and when she says, "do you come in peace ?' you say, `how can there be any peace as long as the sorceries, adulteries, and witchcraft of Jezebel are in the land ?'

I've got to believe that the devil has overplayed his and on this one. And right now, all across California, thousands are praying and fasting. And from the day we started our fast, the polls have shifted ten points! And now we're keeping it going, keeping our heads up. Mobilizing.

Maybe this will be the church's greatest hour. We get victory on November 4th, oh we don't stop there. We take TheCall to Sacramento next year. Take a year of prayer to raise up revolutionary houses of prayer - in every town, in every city,  in the desert, in the ocean...

I want to think of a new day when God has taken this field, when the Jesus movement breaks out all over the place and everywhere people are getting saved. I say, `it's not over with yet for America!'  [applause]

I was saying that this has been a hard fast - it's been a great fast really. The last couple days I kind of let down my guard. Got an email today, from a young lady, in which I was with this strong man and he was making a meal for me, and it was asking me to eat with him and have a gentle, peaceful conversation. And in the dream she knew that the devil was tempting me to stop fasting. Because the war that was going on has given me fresh faith to go on...

You see, you're legalists, maybe [emits strange guttural, raspy noises] Let God determine that ! [laughter] But I would rather be a little bit on that edge ! [cries of assent] Well, I think God remembers our sacrifices. And I do believe that as long as Moses kept up his hand, in the air, a real battle was being won on the Earth. Have you ever thought about that ?  

A REAL WAR was won because a guy had his hands... a REAL WAR WAS WON! Come on, we have no IDEA of the power of prayer - WARS can be won !

Well, what about elections ? Ask Esther if fasting can change public policy ! When God brings down a Haman Spirit, raises up an ESTHER [applause]...

Stand with me. We were going to take an offering. Maybe we'll do it afterwards. The [unintelligible] on GodTV, go to GodTV - they show, live, TheCall all over the globe. And I'm so grateful for GodTV because they do it all at their cost. Would you go to GodTV, to their web site,
and give finances ? Because they are fueling the prayer movement worldwide.

What a great place to launch your finances ! [applause] I think we can take an offering here, but I don't want to do it right now. Can we take it after ? What's that... I know, it's an offering for TheCall... I'm sorry, I'm not all that professional. But I would rather not miss the spirit of the moment.

Brothers and sisters, what are you doing with your lives ? Everything in this culture is calculated to drive your prophetic passion  out the door. Jesus said that John the Baptist was a burning and shining lamp, and you enjoyed his light for a little while. Oh God, I wish you would write that on my epitaph or on the epitaph of the generation that I was called to reach.

I want to tell you, starting tomorrow kids will be doing a three day Esther fast before the debates. No food, no water. `Til they actually believe that their prayers are as important as the debate itself. [applause] They actually believe that God is the same God he was in the days of Esther.

And when there was a decree of death on the land they actually believed that Roe v. Wade could be overturned if, indeed, we appealed to the supreme court of heaven to overrule the supreme court of Earth.

We believe that the Latinos are going to be a mighty force to turn America back to God. I am burning with a passion for the Latinos. Cindy Jacobs prophesied that California will be a pro-life state. The only way that will happen is MILLIONS of Latinos begin to understand that they can literally turn elections!

And that they can bring their fasting and prayer from South America and Latin America and not leave their prophetic fire at the border ! [applause] And bring it up into Texas and into Arizona and into California, to awaken some of the cold blood of the white folk. Oh, but there are some good white folk... right in here. [applause]

Would you raise your hands, this is praise for you - again, thank you GodTV for joining us tonight and on November 1st. Would you join us to pray, the whole world pray, for California ?
Put your hands down.

A leader... did I say this ? - A leader from Egypt... did I say that tonight ? A leader from Egypt got with me, a prayer leader, and he said, `Lou, don't think too small... The whole... the whole world, through GodTV to prayer on November 1st - because as California goes, so goes the whole world.' And he said, `If it doesn't, if you don't win,' he says, `It will unleash a spirit of lawlessness and it will go worldwide just like abortion did in `73' And he said, `It will release a sexual insanity worldwide.';

I'm calling all those, all over these... would you join us on GodTV on November 1st ? Look at your time zones and join us for twelve hours of fasting and prayer. And pray for the greatest spiritual awakening in California, pray that the people will wake up and go to polls.

Pray that God would shift the ideology and then begin to get in his chariot and ride through California and America.... We have polluted the world with our pornography. We have polluted the world full of our greed and corruption. But I beg you, PLEASE pray for America ! We need you now.  Nations of the world, pray for us now. Philippinos, pray for us now. Asia, pray for us now. Latin America, Africa, pray for us now.

Raise your hands.

Father, I pray right now across this place that tonight there will be a line drawn, and the end of silence. I am asking that the spirit that was in Elijah, burning zeal when he said, `I'm exceeding zealous for the Lord of Hosts' -  that zeal of the Lord which is holy love  and holy jealousy would sweep through this place and we would make war with everything that dampens the inward fire of our passions...

I was made to burn, and so were you.

I'm wondering if there will be those who will join us for 21 days of fasting and prayer. I cry out for the deliverance of your children. Cry out that your children wouldn't be just moral, that they would be fiery lovers of God. I am not content to have good kids. I want kids to love the Lord, I don't even want them to be successful, necessarily. I want them to love God. "

Bruce has written a great article here and I enjoyed reading it all here. I would say that Bruce is one of the top online paper writers and his work is getting better every day. I am glad I get to read all his articles here.

by LayneMarvin on Wed Sep 16, 2020 at 01:55:40 PM EST

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