Evangelist Who Thinks Gays Are Possessed By Demons Suggests Obama's worldview May Be "Aberrant"
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Thu Jun 17, 2010 at 03:13:31 PM EST
As Kyle Mantyla's Right Wing Watch describes, noted anti-gay rights campaigner and evangelist Bishop Harry Jackson was mad because the Obama White House invited the Secular Student Alliance to a meeting of the White House's Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. An outrage! So, Jackson lashed out. According Harry Jackson, during the 20 years President Barack Obama attended the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Chicago church he "was exposed to a worldview that included aberrant ideas."

What's aberrant ? Well that's in the eye of the beholder. "Gay demons" ? Demons of headaches and dandruff ? A Japanese emperor who causes a stock market crash by sleeping with a succubus ? All very normal in the leadership circles Harry Jackson moves in.

In Jackson's worldview (detailed below) homosexuality, headaches, and dandruff are all caused by demons - gay demons, headache demons, demons of dandruff... And the head of Harry Jackson's prophetic order (ACPE, explained below) has claimed that the Japanese stock market tanked in the early 1990's because the emperor at the time had intercourse with a succubus. I could go on, but that's probably sufficient for the time being.

Harry Jackson is a "prophet" on C. Peter Wagner's ACPE, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, along with other luminaries such as Cindy Jacobs and Lou Engle, who seems to support a Ugandan piece of legislation that would allow the execution of gay Ugandans.

Jackson's fellow ACPE member Lou Engle has recently come under fire for and is trying to backpedal from one of his recent stunts, staging a rally in Kampala, Uganda, that many observers saw as promoting Uganda's now internationally notorious (and internationally condemned) so-called "kill the gays bill" under consideration by Uganda's parliament.

But Harry Jackson has no reservations - he's endorsed the ministry of evangelical glam-thrash rocker Bradlee Dean, who during a recent radio show appearance suggested that executing homosexuals was the most moral thing to do.

Getting around to the question "what does it mean to be on the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders ?" well... It means you talk with God, or at least tell other people that you talk with God. And based on what God tells you, you then confer with the other twenty to thirty ACPE members and hash out standardized prophetic utterances that get emailed out to the masses and posted on various websites. Sarah Palin's prayer group leader is, by the way, a member of ACPE.

As a more general point, ACPE is part of the New Apostolic Reformation, a worldwide movement within non-denominational and charismatic churches, and one of its major features is the claim that homosexuals are gay because they're possessed by, well, "gay demons."

This isn't just Bishop Harry Jackson's belief, it's doctrine within the New Apostolic Reformation, whose leaders are arguably in the forefront of anti-gay organizing within Christianity.

And, it doesn't stop there. New Apostolic Doctrine holds that demons are everywhere and cause just about everything bad that happens including natural disasters, wars, plagues, and also physical ailments including headaches, dandruff, and gynecological complaints.

So, obviously, casting out a "headache demon" cures chronic headaches, and so on. This demon-based health care paradigm is being set up, by the NAR, on an international level as an alternative health care system.

Along with Lou Engle, Bishop Harry Jackson was a participant in the Family Research Council's December 16, 2009 "Prayercast" against health care reform. It makes perfect sense - if physical ailments can be cured by casting out demon spirits, why does America need government-sponsored healthcare ?

It gets weirder still.

During the 1990's C. Peter Wagner, who is arguably the most powerful or at least the most influential leader in the NAR at present, made a video presentation in which he explained that the early 1990's economic downturn in the Japanese economy happened because Japanese emperors have intercourse with a sky-goddess who, speculated Wagner, might be a succubus.

Far be it for me to try and judge normalcy but let's just say that Wagner's succubus-based economic theory was a bit off the beaten path.

Introducing this video talk was Jack Hayford, founder of the Church on the Way in Van Nuys, CA. Hayford recently served a stint as head of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Amy Semple McPherson's church, and which has between 5 and 10 million members worldwide.

Anyway, lest you think ACPE or the New Apostolic Reformation is marginal, take a look at some of the national Republican leaders that ACPE member Lou Engle can be found praying with (or over). In effect, Engle has become the Republican Party's new, unofficial prayer leader, and that's notable because, like more or less every NAR leader, Engle promotes the gay demon theory. He doesn't himself cast out gay demons though. It's a talent like any other. Some have it and some don't. Engle's son Jesse is the Engle family gay demon casting specialist.

According to Engle, he and Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback were once condo-mates for seven months following a fire that destroyed Brownback's Washington, DC apartment.

ACPE member Cindy Jacobs, who is fond of casting out demons of homosexuality, lust, perversion, and addiction from entire crowds of hundreds of people can also be found, like Engle, up onstage with major figures in the GOP.

A lot of walkaways will tell you that the thing is, if you have a chronic health problem (and it's not caused by injury), they will often believe that you are not healed because you aren't fighting against those demons and at best don't have enough faith (and needing punishment or correction) - ranging downward from there to blaming you for wanting to keep demons in you because you're allied with them (and thus worthy of destruction).  My experiences were that they frowned on seeing doctors because that was a sign of weak faith or lack of faith.  The opinion I heard about doctors was that their main mission to confirm the existence of miracles.

Injury is because you committed sin and thus were opened up to "Satan's attack", and if you weren't healed, again you lacked faith.
Once in a rare while they might believe an injury was a test of faith or "to prove God's Glory".  I'm not sure what the difference was, although it might have had something to do with how pious you acted.

If your illness or injury wasn't obvious, then chances are they would deny that it was real.  You were faking it (and thus deceptive and trying to sponge off of working people), you were being deceived yourself by those terrible doctors, or you were a grumbler/complainer and "everyone hurts a little now and then!!!".

So in a real way, health care is something bad in their worldview.  It's a sign of "lack of faith".

It carries into all areas of life.

If you don't support them, you're in league with those "demons" and probably heavily infested yourself.  That is part of the given reason why they want people not to associate with others except for the purpose of proselytizing.  Because you can catch "demons" according to their beliefs.  (This is a good thing to think about when a Dominionist wants to be friendly- usually there is some form of proselytizing planned!)

by ArchaeoBob on Thu Jun 17, 2010 at 10:35:07 PM EST

Recent posts by Kyle on Right Wing Watch, about NAR folks: No mention of the NAR itself, though, alas.

by Diane Vera on Fri Jun 18, 2010 at 02:07:42 PM EST

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