2010: NHCLC President Samuel Rodriguez Plugs The Oak Initiative
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Fri Sep 23, 2011 at 11:03:45 AM EST
While National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference President Samuel Rodriguez has quietly pulled out of his position as Vice President of the Oak Initiative, he has failed to denounce the organization's virulent positions and, as these videos from a 2010 speech Rodriguez gave at an Oak Initiative conference, show, Rodriguez was at the time deeply enthusiastic about the Oak effort.

I have made a full transcription of Rodriguez' 15 minute speech, available below the two videos of his speech:

"Samuel Rodriguez, speaking at 2010 Oak Initiative conference.

"I really do believe that we are at a, at a historic precipice in transforming our nation via something that transcends political partisanship. We don't need a new Republican movement or a new Democrat movement; we need a new Christian movement in America. That's what we need.

That's why the Oak Initiative is so important. It's not the Christian right, it's not the moral majority, it's not the Christian coalition. It is a kingdom-culture, multiethnic, multigenerational righteousness and justice movement committed to the agenda of the lamb. That's who we are.

Let me break that down for you just in case you haven't heard this before. We heard this morning, you heard this afternoon, what it means to be multiethnic and kingdom-culture. That's-by the way, that's the message for those of us that are pro-life, which I hope is everyone here. If not, you attended the wrong meeting.

I personally believe that life is the quintessential civil rights issue of the 21st Century. I personally believe we need to march, just like we did with Dr. King in the 60's; we need to march in advocacy of a pro-life nation, in this decade, at this hour, in the 21st Century. Black, white, Latino, brown, yellow--if we had a hundred thousand people in DC in the 60's, a million, we need more in the 21st Century in advocacy of life.

There's black genocide, there's Latino genocide, there's white genocide, and we're not going to take it anymore. I thank God for my daughter's generation. Those that are between the ages of 15 and 25 are more pro-life than even my generation.

So I have news for Roe v. Wade, and I have news for the uber-abortionist activists; there's a new day in America. That day is here. [loud cheers from audience] That day is now, in Jesus' name.

And we're going to enter the voting both, from this moment on--I believe that through the Oak Initiative and this righteousness and justice movement we're going to step into the voting booth, and I'm not going to vote as a Latino. And I'm not going to vote as a black person or a brown person or even a white person. I'm going to vote as a child of the living God.

Are you with me right now?

So, the agenda of The Kingdom, and a biblical worldview, will engage me and will determine for me what are my priorities in respect to how I vote. Are you with me right now? So I'm not gonna vote party line. I'm not gonna vote straight ticket party line. Are you with me right now?

So we're gonna vote according... there are, there are by the way, Democrats, some of them call them "Blue Dogs", there are Democrats that are pro-life, that are committed to a biblical worldview. That's why we really gotta go beyond the issue. It's not my fault that the party label is a donkey. I didn't make that up. That was just something that happened serendipitously. But we need to support candidates, regardless of the party, that resonate of our biblical worldview.

And, I'm going to repeat the words from this morning and from this evening, from Bishop Jackson's; a white-only movement will not prevail in America. And if someone's watching this on the Internet--are we live? Are we video streaming now, live?

Dear Republicans--it is impossible to win a national election, you can drink all the tea in the world, it is impossible to win a national election without a multiethnic constituency. Welcome to the 21st Century. [audience stands, cheers] You need to reach out to black, Latino, and Asian.

The Tea Party, God bless you, CPAC, Council on National Policy, look at your audience! If your audience is 99.9 percent white, no te vista, que no va! The election is not going to happen at a national level. You need to go beyond that--enlarge your tent. Get it off the party platform and put it into practice, in the name of Jesus, and then you will see something happen in your party. This message was sponsored by the Oak Initiative. [cheers]

In the spirit of partisanship, Dear Democrats: Dear Democrats, it is impossible, it is impossible to engage the Latino voter, and you're gonna begin to lose African American voters by the way, having an abortion-on-demand platform, exhibiting a very anti-faith component that is evident in many of the public policy issues that you hold dear and near--you can't do that.

So, it is impossible for you to continue to keep power, and to acquire more power, unless you understand that this nation was--and you need to confess this one day--it was founded on a Judeo-Christian value system.

We are not Europe! [cheers] We did not come via Robespiere, the storming of the Bastille, and the French Revolution. Our founding fathers, whether they were deists or they were Christians, believed in God. And they stated that "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created," CREATED! "CREATED equal, endowed by our creator with certain rights." "Life" - life being the first right.

You can't have liberty unless you have life first. LIFE! LIBERTY! and you need to be free in order to pursue happiness! So we don't want to be enslaved by government and we don't wanna be enslaved by uber-entitlements-We want to be free! So we can pursue happiness, not just for us but for our children and for our children's children. And YES! - this message was brought by the Oak Initiative. [loud cheers, sounds of air-horns]

It's multiethnic. It's multigenerational. This Oak Initiative movement is Abraham, Isaac., Jacob and Joseph. We need more young people in this body, by the way. We need a lot more young people. And our wonderful president Obama, he really mobiized young people. He connected to young people. We need to engage young people, again, in a righteousness and justice movement. I see a new Jesus movement on steroids. To our college campuses, our universities, our high schools...

This generation is pretty amazing, by the way, the emerging generation. There's two things about them--one, they can smell the fake stuff a mile away. Really. They have a discerning DNA, a gift of discernment, they can smell the fake stuff--this is real, that's not real. That person is authentic, that person is not authentic. That's hyperbole, or rhetoric, or that's transparent, accountable talk.

They can smell the fake stuff. And, number two, they're committed to breaking isolationist mindsets, whuch means networking. What do you think Facbook and Twitter are all about? It's social, virtual communities, they're committed to community. Let's engage next generation. Let;s make sure we speak to the needs of the next generation.

The Oak Initiative will not, will never be succesful unless we engage the next generation. So our committment is to recruit and mobilize young people to be part of this movement. Amen? My generation--of course, I'm a generation X-er, so I come from a wacked generation. "Wacked", by the way, is the inner-city urban vernacular for "wacked".

Yeah, my generation had some issues (I'm not going to get into that.) We need to give them a cause. We need to give them, that, the next generation, a cause. By the way, the cause is Christ--the cause is to preach, to pray, to bind, to proclaim and to release, to declare the year of the Lord's favor.

We're going to see a generation rise up with the moral clarity of Dr. Billy Graham and the committment, that vertical righteousness committment, of Dr, Graham, and the horizontal activism of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We're going to marry both movements. That's the vertical and horizontal movement.

We're gonna be pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-biblical marriage. At the same time we're going to reach out with compassion and love to the gay and lesbian community. Are you with me right now? It's not either-or - it's both-and. One hundred percent pro-life and one hundred percent pro-women.

And by "pro-women", and mean that we're going to make sure that women are no longer subjugated by society. We understand biblical precepts and principles but we're going to make sure--that's why we need more women in this movement and we need to have a viable women's caucus to address women's issues.

I don't believe that the feminist movement speaks for the majority of women, in America. I don't believe that that NARAL, or the National Organization of Women, or Planned Parenthood speaks for the women of America. So we need Christian women to rise up and say "enough is enough".
It's vertical and horizontal. We're going to be a movement completely committed--and by the way, it's the kind of movement that's committed to eradicating Al Qaeda at the same time committed to eradicating poverty around the world. So, you really can't say "it's right" or "it's left."

It's the nexus of the vertical and the horizontal cross. It's a righteousness movement. It's a movement committed to the word of God, biblical orthodoxy. We still believe the word of God is the word of God. It's a movement committed to a new holines impetus throughout our nation, where we present a clear picture of a loving God who repudiates sin.

We have a sin-tolerant culture and a sin-tolerant church. And we need to understand, we need a fresh holiness movement. "Without holiness, no man shall be holy, for I am, sayeth the Lord."  So we need a new holiness movement. Not legalism, but holiness.

This Oak Initiative will resonate with a kingdom movement that embraces cultural reformation and not just cultural engagement. We desire to offer a counterculture narrative where biblical truth confronts moral relativism on every single cultural platform-digital, relational, and cross-cultural.
And I'm about to finish.

This is a justice movement. This is what makes us different. We've never seen this before. We've never seen a movement that is black, white, brown, yellow, committed to both the vertical and the horizontal, that can reconcile Dr. Billy Graham with Martin Luther King, Jr., that is committed to both righteousness and justice.

It will mess up every blogger, it will mess up the media. They, they'll have no idea where to label us. They have no idea if we're right wingers, left wingers, progressive, or prophetic, or--they have no idea what we are. They'll have no--they'll be all across the board. Half the media things will say "here comes the new Christian right coalition", the other media will say, "here comes these liberals." They have no idea. Because we're going to address issues of justice.

I need to know, when historically did justice become a patented, copyrighted, trademarked, extension or derivative of one political party? When did justice become a liberal thing? How can you being pro-justice be a liberal thing? Democrats believe, the liberals believe, they own justice. Republicans have a hard time spelling "justice".

When, seriously, democrats--when you speak of justice, they think about alleviating poverty. Republicans, they think of putting people in jail. There's a lack of balance. Somewhere in the middle is the answer to justice. Let me tell you what justice is.

Justice is not the an idea that comes from the Republican or the Democratic Party. Justice is the heart of God. It's Micah-"Do justice and love mercy and walk humbly with God." Justice is Christ. Justice is Jesus with the woman at the well. Justice is Jesus writing on the ground, telling the accusers, "You without sin cast the first stone." That's justice. Justice is Christ telling the alienated tax collector to come down `cause on that day his home will be visited. Justice IS addressing poverty.

[voice drops to almost a whisper]

The Republican Party and the conservative movement has a difficult time addressing issues of poverty. Poverty - for whatever reason, it's just a bogeyman. Repeat after me, "poverty. Poverty."

We need to present a solution to poverty, because my eighteen-nineteen-year old daughter, who is a Christian, who is pro-life and pro-biblical marriage, has an issue with a party that can't address issues of justice and poverty. We need to articulate justice and poverty issues.

On the left, the liberals believe, the liberals believe that alleviating poverty comes to more entitlements and the government has the answer. On the far right, I already gave you the definition of justice--which means more jails.

The answer to justice is Christ. Christ is justice. When those that are impoverished, for God has anointed--the spirit of the Lord--for God has anointed me to bring good news to whom? - To the poor. To the oppressed. To the captive.

We have a message - Luke 4, Matthew 25, Isaiah 61. We have a message to those that are oppressed. The answer is not found in government, the answer is found in the church of Jesus Christ. That's who holds the answer for issues of poverty.

Poverty. Racism. Discrimination. Even the environment! And, yes, I know that it's not about going "green" and who's reponsible for Global Warming--whether it's manmade or it's cyclical--we go beyond that and we just transcend that issue, that's just a political issue, and we understand that we have a biblical imperative, from the Book of Genesis, to be good stewards of God's creation. Are you with me right now?

But the next generation is realluy committed to environmental care. So why don't we use, in a good way, with accountability and integrity--why don't we address issues of the environment, from a biblical worldview, and use it as a platform to get them to the reality of Jesus Christ, as Lord? Are you with me right now?

So even stewardship is an important part of our justice. Hunger, oppression, religious persecution, all in the name of Jesus. I believe that the Oak Initiative will see what Amos prophesied, we will declare that one day in America justice will fall like water and righteousness like a never-failing stream. So, saints, let's mobilize in Jesus' name. Are you with me?

We need about a thousand--you know, my prayer is crazy--I would love to see at least twelve states of a thousand Oak members by August of 2010. If we can see twelve states mobilize, with at least a thousand members--that a real, we can reach that goal by this summer, by the end of this summer, we can get something going in this place.

We ARE a hope and change movement. Hope through Christ and change via the power of the Holy Spirit. That's the Oak Initiative, that's what we will see, and I believe it's unprecedented, it's historic, God is all over it, we have to commit ourselves to living what we preach, and the best is yet to come, in Jesus name. Thank you.

Rick Joyner - Amen.


I have a new post incorporating this reporting and Rachel's new post. Thanks Bruce. http://debatingobama.blogspot.com/2011/09/tabachnick-was-right-i- was-wrong-and.html

by gregmetzger on Sat Sep 24, 2011 at 11:33:59 PM EST

Bruce, what this video demonstrates to me is that if the Oak Initiative had stuck to Rodriguez's vision then in my mind there would not have been a problem with it. This video does demonstrate his enthusiasm for Oak, but for an Oak very different from the anti-Islam focus it has displayed. He seems to think that if a group allows him to say his peace, it deserves his support and participation, no matter who else is involved and what positions they or the group end up taking. If Oak stood for what he says here, it would be one thing, but it has not. Did he know this from the start? Did he hope it would be different? Was he used by the people who started it, who figured they would let him say his peace and then enjoy him on their masthead while they did their thing?

by gregmetzger on Mon Sep 26, 2011 at 07:54:25 PM EST

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