Additionally, Goldberg claimed the revelations about his past were an attempt by those evil, evil gays to smear his name and derail the entire ex-gay movement.
Of course, the strategy employed by those who wish to dig around for dirt in someone’s past, in this case for incidents that occurred in 1986, or about 25 years ago, is totally consistent with the Kirk and Madsen thesis which is set forth in “After the Ball.” Remember point 8 in their game plan–”make opponents look bad: portray them as evil and victimizing.” They stated in the book that those perceived as opponents of the gay movement were to be attacked and vilified. This was to be the final step in the media campaign Kirk and Madsen so carefully laid out to establish “gay rights.” So, if you are able to do a character assassination of the proponents, so goes the theory, then you can kill the message they represent. However, I would hope that rational people would not succumb to such demagoguery. I also believe that bitter personal attacks are often the last refuge of those who fear the truth and are not able to discuss the merits of an issue. In truth, I believe that our message is gaining traction and will eventually prevail.
So that's what it is, huh?  Pointing out that you're not only a convicted felon, but someone who actively preyed on disadvantaged communities, is just an attempt to "dig around for dirt."  As a black man, I find this insulting in the extreme.  And I would think someone like Harry Jackson would be outraged as well if he knew about this.

Regardless of where you stand on gay rights, it is simply incomprehensible that Goldberg refuses to acknowledge what he did, that it was wrong, and to apologize to the victims.  Perhaps he hid his past because he knew that if it was known he'd committed such monstrous crimes, no one would touch him with a 10-foot pole.

So now the ball is in the religious right's court.  Is it so desperate to derail equal rights for gays that it is willing to crawl into bed with a guy who actively preyed on the disadvantaged?