Transcript of 1992 John Hagee anti-United Nations/Environmentalism Sermon
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Sat Apr 28, 2012 at 11:42:07 AM EST
This is a transcript of a sermon on a cassette tape I own, titled "Capital Punishment/Environmentalist Agenda/New World Order", that was given by San Antonio Cornerstone Church pastor and Christians United For Israel head John Hagee in 1992. The transcript is from the "Environmentalist Agenda/New World Order" side of the cassette.

The cassette was packaged as part of a four-cassette series identified as the John Hagee "Teaching Series". Two of the other cassettes have the titles "The Feminist Movement" and "Abortion: The American Holocaust". The fourth cassette, which I can't locate at the moment, was titled, I believe, "The Homosexual Agenda".

I've done best to do an accurate transcription, but there may be occasional minor errors.

Capital Punishment/Environmentalist Agenda/New World Order, 1992, by John Hagee 1992 (1st half)

"Now to the environmentalists and the New World Order, read with me Psalms 24 and 1. Ready ? "The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein."

During the environmentalist conference in Rio De Janeiro, I opened the San Antonio Express and saw the participants kneeling in a circle that they had drawn on the ground. The question is, to whom were they praying ? Because Satanists do this in ritual worship. They draw, inscribe, a circle on the ground and kneel on that circle and pray.

So I decided to investigate it and what I have discovered is shocking, almost unbelievable, but something that almost every American needs to know - certainly before you go to the polls this year and vote.

Let me say, concerning conservation, that I am for clean air, and clean water, and the preservation of our natural resources. I'm for recycling what needs to be recycled to save what needs to be saved. But I have discovered, from a great number of sources, an environmental juggernaut that has come together and married the New World Order crowd and the occultists who have the objective to control the United States economy through environmental concerns, and laws that they have passed, and will pass.

Secondly, it is their desire to control the birth rate of America. They would like to dramatically reduce the population of America because we consume so many natural  resources. They are trying for the mark of 75 million. What happens to the other 175 million ? I don't know - maybe abortion plays a part in that.

As you go along you can see why abortion is critical to the New World Order crowd, because the more Americans they kill at birth the fewer people they have to handle in the workforce. You'll see that as it begins to weave itself into the logic of what they're doing. There's now high praise in the environmentalist group and the New World Order crowd for the China policy limiting families to 2 children per family. And they are now discussing how to reduce the birth rate in America by forcing women who are on Welfare to have a tubal ligation. Believe me - if it begins with them, it is a bureaucratic idea that will go from one sector of society to another sector.

Thirdly, it is their objective to redistribute the wealth of America to Third World nations under the control of the United Nations without any of the controls of the United States of America.

Maury Strong, who is an employee of the Rockefeller and Rothschild Trust, who masterminded the environmentalist gathering at Rio said, quote, "the Earth Summit must establish a whole new basis of relationship between rich and poor, between North and South. Including a concerted attack on poverty as a central priority of the 21st Century." End quote.

Do you remember Lyndon Baines Johnson and his "War on Poverty" ? After throwing hundreds of billions of dollars at the poverty program there are more poor people in America today than when Lyndon Baines Johnson started the War on Poverty. I also want you to know that America's poor people are rich by world standards, of the world's poor people.

The fact is this - those of you listening across the land by television - poverty will never be eliminated. Read my lips and let me say it again - poverty will never be eliminated. Why do you say that ? Because Jesus Christ, who was God and had some knowledge about how this Earth functions said, "The poor you have with you always."

Now if you have the intelligence factor of a fresh water Trout you can get the essence of that verse. Say it with me - "The poor you have with you always." Why ? - Because character cannot be purchased with a Federal grant from Washington DC. The people who broke into the stores in Los Angeles and stole everything in sight were not irate citizens, they were thieves looking for a reason to manifest what their character happened to be.

You cannot eliminate poverty because you cannot motivate lazy people to work by giving them money taken from people who are willing to work. That's against the word of God. The Bible says that he who does not work should not eat.

You cannot eliminate poverty because drug addiction brings poverty and drug addiction is choice. And it is a choice manifested by poor character. You cannot eliminate poverty because alcoholism is choice. And you cannot remove that with a Federal grant. You cannot eliminate poverty because AIDS takes $150,000 dollars a year to treat a person and that is predominantly, and I say predominantly, caused by a homosexual lifestyle or intravenous drug use. Not all, but  most. You cannot eliminate poverty because gambling brings poverty and the American people are delighted to gamble, hoping to get something for nothing.

That's not God's system. God's system is - "You shall earn it by the sweat of your brow." Something for nothing, even the lottery system, is not God's plan for wealth.

You cannot eliminate poverty because crime brings poverty. It is a choice of society. You cannot eliminate poverty because idolatry brings poverty - God brings it to those who forsake him, and America is fast becoming a nation of idolators. The Bible says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."  Say that with me - "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." That no longer describes America, in the main.

The problem in America is that the times are desperate but the church of Jesus Christ is not. America is dying. The America that I know is dying! And the church slumbers while it happens.

The objective of the environmentalists at the Rio Conference, under UNCED, and that is UNCED, pronounced "unsaid," which is an acronym for The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development was to set the stage to, quote, "save mother Earth." A crisis that is far more media hype than reality.

Why have this international meeting at Rio ? Remember, this is a marriage of the occult, and the New Agers, and the environmentalists. Time Magazine - and if you know anything about publications you know that Time Magazine is not put out by the religious right - Time Magazine said in its 6-22-1992 edition that the summit in Rio was a "new age carnival."

David Meyer, a former occultist now converted writes, and I quote him,

"As a former occultist, astrologist and practitioner of divination I will confine my comments to the spiritual reasons why Rio was chosen for UNCED. The word RIO also happens to be an acronym chosen by the Illuminati which stands for "Reshaping the International Order."

There is a book out called, quote, `RIO - Reshaping the International Order" - a report to the Club of Rome. The club of Rome is an Illuminati task force designed to bring about a revived Roman Empire into a one-world government. Their goal is to spiritually force everyone on earth to worship Satan, Lucifer, in the New World Order."

That's not something that started happening late last night, that's been going on for hundreds of years. If you'll take out a one dollar bill, out of your pocket you will find the words, in the pyramid, underneath the all-seeing-eye, "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which means "The New World Order."

From the very genesis of America as a nation there have been those who wanted us to be a part of a one-world government. The city of Rio Janeiro means "the river of January." Since this environmental meeting is an occult event as well as an environmental event the time and place, and I'm quoting David Meyer who is the occult... occultist, "The time and the place must be determined through astrology because astrology is the timing mechanism of the occult world. You don't do anything unless `the stars' tell you to do it."

So Rio De Janeiro, meaning "river of January," has  secret meaning in the occult world - January is the first month of the year and is named after the old Roman God Janus. Janus was the keeper of the gate to the next life and the land of the Gods. Thus the interpretation is - Rio De Janeiro is the river of Janus by which one enters into the world of the gods and into the New Age order.

So those who went there knowingly or unknowingly opened themselves to the invasion of the Spirit of New Age. And let me tell you this - New Age is a doctrine of demons. What is that ? Paul said, "In the latter times men shall depart from the faith, being seduced by doctrines of demons."

What is a "doctrine of demons" ? - Those of you in this church have heard me teach this many times, but those of you by national television are hearing it for the first time so listen - a "doctrine of demons" is anyone who teaches you how to gain access to God by any other means than Jesus Christ. And the New Age is teaching access to God by any other agency other than Jesus Christ. Paul says, "Let their name be accursed." And I am telling you, ladies and gentlemen of America, knowingly or unknowingly if you're participating in the New Age movement you are participating in a doctrine of demons, you are damning your immortal soul, you are spitting in the face of God and committing spiritual adultery and need to get out of it and out of it today.

Geographically there is no "January river." But there is according to the doctrine of witchcraft. This young man goes on, I'm quoting Mr. Meyers, who says the Rio De Janeiro is important to the occultists for a third reason - that it has a massive Macumba cult. The Macumba cult ritual involves blood sacrifices, and they hang an animal upside-down from a pole in the center of a ritual circle made in the sand - the same ritual circle they were praying in - and they cut the throat of the animal and as the blood drips into the circle the people chant and worship demon powers.

This is the environmentalist crowd and the New World Order crowd who were married at Rio. The question is - how to manipulate America and the world to surrender the wealth of America to save mother Earth ? Doesn't that sound lofty ? - "Let's save the Earth!"

Let me tell you something - according to this text, "the Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" and he doesn't need the United Nations to help him save it, he doesn't need UNCED to help him save it, he doesn't demon worshipers to help him save it, he can take care of it by himself.

I'll say more about that later.

The answer is, "how do you get America's wealth ?" - you manipulate the masses by creating a crisis for which you had the solution before the crisis began. How many of you followed what I just got through saying ?

The father of this technique, or one of the masters of the 20th Century, was Adolf Hitler. He was the father of presenting the crisis for which he had the solution before the crisis began. If you know anything about how he conquered most of Europe, he conquered most of Europe with threat. Simply because the rest of the world leaders responded like Jello in front of him creating crisis for which he had the solution all of the time.

So, you create a crisis by television. And in education. And in Newsweek. And Time. All of which have substantial stock held by the Rockefellers and tax-free foundations who are the leaders of the New World Order crowd.

Don Bell,. quoting from the New American publication said, quote, "Here in America, the leadership for the environmental management crisis are the Ford and Carnegie Foundations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bildebergers, and the New Age movement" End of quote.

Richard Gardner, Former US Ambassador to Italy wrote, listen to this, "We must make an end-run around the national sovereignty America, eroding it piece by piece." End of quote. That was a statement by someone representing us in Italy. What does "eroding national sovereignty" mean ?

That means America's ability to control her destiny must be removed from the hands of the people. That's you. That means that the Constitution of the United States must become secondary and inferior to the United Nations charter. And if we go back into the Persian Gulf, listen to the massive media machine fall in line exalting and eulogizing the United Nations.

Let me tell you, dear hearts, unless you've forgotten national history the United Nations has been the "United Nothing" for the past 30 years. And now, suddenly, politicians are saying, "Let's let these people rule the world" - No way! The national sovereignty of America means that the Bill of Rights becomes null and void and that which has been paid for in the blood, sweat, and tears of America's servicemen across the world is wiped out of history with the swinging of one pen.

You get your ears on the razor's edge, and when you hear a politician talking about making an "end run" around America's national sovereignty that man is not for you, and that man is trying to destroy you and he's trying to destroy America and you need to vote him out of office as quickly as you can vote him out of office.

Lawrence Rockefeller wrote, for the Reader's Digest in 1976, quote, "Either through voluntary discipline or by state compulsion" - state compulsion is force - "society will have to be reconstructed." End of quote. In 1963 fifteen members of the Council on Foreign Relations who were in the Kennedy Administration met at Iron Mountain, New York, to promote their goals for the New World Order.

This supersecret meeting was held to structure the future of the world. The supersecret report called "The Report From Iron Mountain"  says, on page 66, quote, "It may be that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the apparent threat to the survival of mankind."

Notice the words, "as the apparent threat." In other words, "we want to manipulate the people with the fear that we're going to poison the Earth with pollution so we can control their lives, control their income, control the economy - with their approval - so we can do what we want to do all of the time. This environmental crisis is a created crisis.

Listen to this. Donald McAlvaney, from his "Intelligence Adviser" says, quote, "This environmental crisis is a giant scam. It is a sham. A staged, pseudo-crisis designed to give national and international government bureaucrats and globalists, aka "New World Order," the excuse to impose socialistic or communistic controls over people, over businesses, over private property - and virtually every aspect of our lives - in order, quote, "to save the planet." End of quote.

McAlvaney continues by saying, "A growing number of highly degreed scientists are beginning to step forward and debunk Global Warming, the Ozone crisis, the Greenhouse scenario, and the Endangered Species crisis." I found this in Saturday's paper. In the back of the paper. Not headlined where it ought to be. But in the back of the paper. This headline says, "Scientists link Global Warming to the Sun." And not the greenhouse gasses. Isn't that brilliant ? Global Warming, quote, "may be due to changes in the Sun rather than greenhouse gasses that most scientists say have caused it, a distinguished physicist and astronomer said Friday. Robert Jastro headed the Goddard Institute of Space Studies for twenty years."

It goes on to give his credibility, his magnificence as a scientist, and then Jastro says, in conclusion, "plant life on Earth is starved for Carbon Dioxide." It simply says that plant life is looking for more... repellants from your car so it can transplant it to Oxygen ! It's looking for something to do !

Then he says, listen to this, "But if you say that it so counters the general impression," - who put that general impression out there ? - the media machine, "But if you say that, it so counters the general impression that you lose credibility, so no one is saying it." From one of the brightest minds in America.

Environmentalists, listen, a group of 44 eminent and highly degreed scientists, part of the Science and Environmental Project wrote recently, quote, "The environmentalist policy is initiated and derived from very uncertain scientific theories - they are based on unsupportable assumptions that catastrophic Global Warming follows the burning of fossil fuels and requires immediate action." Listen to this - "We do not agree." End of quote.

But do you see that on CNN, CBS, ABC, Time or anyplace else ? No you do not. Why ? Isn't science about exploring all the possibilities on an equal playing field ? Or is it not ?"

Grand conspiracy claims of this kind are getting to be more and more popular these days.  To help counter them, we need some historically and scientifically knowledgeable writers to do some thorough debunking.  Of course, that's not ALL we need, but some thorough debunkings would indeed be helpful.

by Diane Vera on Sun Apr 29, 2012 at 03:45:48 PM EST
One thing to point out is that conspiracies on a global scale are not practical. There are too many factors to consider, and given the mild animosity between the skeptic community and the woo/neo-pagan community, there's no way they'd be bothered to put that much symbolism in their conferences.
       Although I read some articles and heard explanations as to why they were so popular, most centering around the failure of society or religion to create a more ordered universe, so it makes it easier to believe in some vast left-wing agenda rather than own up to the fact that the world is becoming too complicated to many people.

by Hirador on Sat May 12, 2012 at 01:21:27 AM EST

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