Unlike Washington for Jesus, the organizers of America for Jesus are trying--and not too convincingly--to hide the gathering's Christofascist links.  Instead, they're trying to wrap it in the legacy of William Penn.  

Penn’s concepts became the seedbed for free democracies all over the world and even influenced principles of the United Nations today.  His prototype city Philadelphia has been branded as a city of brotherly love and holds the governmental and spiritual foundation of our nation. The vision that God gave William Penn for Philadelphia is not just history, it is Philadelphia’s destiny and ultimately the purpose for our national identity. Through humility and prayer, we are asking God to redeem His purpose and restore the foundation of Philadelphia and the foundation of the United States of America by renewing covenants of peace and healing the land.
If Penn knew what these guys were doing, he'd probably be turning in his grave.  After all, this rally is being organized by people who want to destroy democracy and religious freedom.

Good news, though--you can watch the whole thing online.  GodTV is streaming the proceedings live here.  Friday's session will start streaming at 7 pm Eastern, while Saturday's session will start streaming at 9 am Eastern.