The Tea Party Plan To Shatter the American Republic
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Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 11:27:27 AM EST
The point of this essay is not to unpack the origins of the Tea Party, a co-creation of Ron Paul and the Koch brothers which reorganized and re-energized the activist cadres of the religious right, who dominate the movement, and who swept in to take Congress in 2010.

Rather, my intent is to draw attention to an elaborate plan, hatched by strategists of the religious right, to take advantage of the economic chaos that would likely ensue if the current budget impasse is not resolved by mid-October 2013.

Amidst that chaos, Tea Party activists would, at the state and local level, challenge and undermine the authority of a weakened federal government - especially in those 26 U.S. states so dominated by Tea Party-aligned Republicans that they have refused to participate in Obamacare.

The objective would be to lock in Republican dominance of over 1/2 the states in the Union and preserve, even enhance, the political power of an aging, white-dominated, predominantly Christian conservative demographic for years to come.

This would, in effect, shatter the Republic. Unthinkable ? Consider the following:

"Precinct by precinct, town by town, county by county, a decentralized political movement could begin to undermine the legitimacy the existing political structure. It can do so politely, helpfully, and sympathetically.

The central issue is legitimacy...

When the dollar dies, political legitimacy dies with it. This is the central premise of my recommended strategy." -- Ron Paul political strategist Dr. Gary North, from Phase 2 of Ron Paul's Political Strategy

Now, consider:

In May 2012, in a fundraising pitch for Senate candidate Ted Cruz, Texas Congressional Representative Ron Paul gave a warm and ringing endorsement of Cruz and promised that "If elected, Ted will stand side-by-side with my son Rand in the U.S. Senate to fight against Big Government." In a nod to shared John Birch Society-style conspiracy theory-driven ideology, Paul wrote,

"...Rand, Ted, and I had a lengthy discussion about the dangers of the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air.

...Ted is a firm believer in American sovereignty - and will never support or vote for ceding our rights to the United Nations."

With help from Ron Paul, Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has become one of the Tea Party ringleaders driving the current budget impasse that threatens to cause an historic default on payments to service the Federal debt.  

What would be the consequences if Congress and the Senate cannot resolve the current budget standoff ? Yesterday, the U.S. Treasury released a report which forecast,

"credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could plummet, and U.S. interest rates could skyrocket, potentially resulting in a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse."

In two weeks, Tea Party leaders in Congress will pull back from the brink... or not.

But what if the very plan is to go over the edge ?

The stated strategy of one of the key intellectual architects of the Tea Party suggests that is indeed the plan - go over the edge and crash the economy, because the resulting chaos would create an unprecedented political organizing opportunity.

In his 2008 "Phase 2 of Ron Paul's Political Strategy", key Ron Paul political adviser Dr. Gary North wrote,

"The mainstream media have a very short attention span. When you think "mainstream media" think "attention deficit disorder." The media simply cannot ADD things up. They cannot and will not connect the dots.


The key to political success is not an overnight grab for power at the top....

...The Federal government are facing bankruptcy. The Federal Reserve System is going to have to fund the Federal government with fiat money. When Medicare goes bust and Social Security follows, the Federal Reserve will inflate. The dollar will decline another 95%, as it has since 1914, only faster.

When checks from Washington no longer buy much, there will be a monumental political transformation. This is the central premise of my recommended strategy.

The goal of Ron Paul's supporters should be to be in positions of influence locally, all over the country -- in 3,000+ counties, in every precinct. This should be done one precinct at a time.

This is stealth politics, and it is now a viable strategy for Ron Paul's hard corps.


If Ron Paul will provide the leadership, he can spearhead a national movement whose goal is to roll back the state to its Constitutional limits -- its 1791 limits, meaning the Bill of Rights. All ten of them. This movement must be based on a systematic, well-thought-out campaign to roll back the civil government in every area of life"

Dr. North's strategy would, "if Ron Paul will provide the leadership", also "roll" things back to a time when slavery was legal and women lacked the right to vote.

While Dr. Gary North's economic forecast did not specifically call for a Tea Party-led default on Federal government interest payments, his prediction of a dramatic decline in the value of the dollar in the wake of such as default closely tracks the Federal Reserve's own predictions of what will happen if Ted Cruz, and his Tea Party allies in Congress, decide to pull the trigger.  

World markets would be shaken to the core. Across the globe, governments and private investors would shift away from their support of the dollar as the reserve currency of choice. The American empire would be, in effect over. And the cadres of Ron Paul, Gary North, and the religious right would roll up their sleeves and get to work.

How close is Gary North to Ron Paul ? Well, they have been collaborating since Paul's 1976 entrance to national politics, when Paul picked North as his congressional aid (North boasts that he was Paul's original speechwriter.) Moving into the present, Gary North is co-author, along with Neo-confederate Thomas Woods, of the newly released Ron Paul Christian homeschooling curriculum.

In short, Ron Paul and Gary North are very, very close. That's notable since Gary North is one of the top theorists and strategists of the Christian Reconstructionism movement, which Ron Paul has long been aligned with and aims to impose biblical law ("theonomy") and eliminate many of the current functions and institutions of the federal government.

Meanwhile, Thomas Woods is one of the key intellectual architects of the nullification and secession movement, who has created the theoretical underpinning for legal challenges to federal authority.

Needless to say, a virulent racism runs through both movements, Woods' and North's.

And so here we are, at what may be an epochal bifurcation point.

One branch potentially leads, at least per the strategic vision outlined by Gary North in "Phase 2 of Ron Paul's Political Strategy", to an expansion of the political influence of reactionary fundamentalist Christianity and, somewhere down the road, the establishment of state-level biblical governments dominated by aging white males - in other words, a return to the style of sectarian church-dominated government that prevailed in the colonies prior to the writing of the Constitution and the establishment of the Federal government -- a time when, in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Jesuits and Quakers were hanged. A time of witch trials.

Did I mention yet that Dr. Gary North is an enthusiastic advocate for imposing stoning, as a capital punishment, for homosexuality, adultery, female un-chastity (sex before marriage) and witchcraft ? ("Executions are community projects", North once wrote.)

That's door number one. Door number two leads to a very different future.

What's astonishing to me, to add a personal note, is that this perilous fate which looms before us has been engineered by a movement that, in the minds of liberals, progressives, and mainstream media, now scarcely exists at all.

Recently, I discovered a fascinating metric for charting that fact - try a search, on Google Trends, for the frequency, 2004 to the present, of the term "Koch brothers" (commonly believed to be the puppet-masters of the Tea Party and the religious right). Then, do the same search on the terms "Christian right" and "religious right".

What you'll find is that the Koch brothers are now very much in the news. Not so much in 2004.

But since 2004, when "Christian right" and "religious right" were very much on the American mind, public acknowledgment even of the very existence of a movement called the "Christian right" or the "religious right" has all-but disappeared -- even as its creationist, anti-science, anti-reproductive rights, radically laissez-faire, pro-corporate and pro-privatization partisans have seized control of Congress and many U.S. states, and now threaten to bankrupt the Federal government.

Let's hope the billionaire Koch brothers, who are presumably somewhat less interested in global economic chaos, have more influence within Tea Party circles than do Ron Paul, Gary North, and Thomas Woods.

Otherwise, American Democracy, and the Republic, may careen off on a course charted by the John Birch Society, Christian Reconstructionists and Southern secessionists, and a humble, patient OB-GYN from Texas who in 1976 went to Washington and in 2003 was moved to write,  

Through perverse court decisions and years of cultural indoctrination, the elitist, secular Left has managed to convince many in our nation that religion must be driven from public view...


The notion of a rigid separation between church and state has no basis in either the text of the Constitution or the writings of our Founding Fathers....

...This is the real reason the collectivist Left hates religion: Churches as institutions compete with the state for the people's allegiance, and many devout people put their faith in God before their faith in the state. Knowing this, the secularists wage an ongoing war against religion, chipping away bit by bit at our nation's Christian heritage. Christmas itself may soon be a casualty of that war."

In a few weeks we will know, for sure, whether Ron Paul and the angry white men will rise to the political fore or recede, as just another shade in the rainbow of pluralist democracy.

How lucky do we feel ?

The stability of our economy, political system, and way or life now lies in the hands of Tea Party politicians who seem to be flirting with a radical path that would cripple America but help ensure their movement's continuing political and cultural relevancy. Meanwhile, a Tea Party aligned megachurch preacher with ties to former top Pentagon officials is calling for a "military takeover - martial law".

No, I for one do not feel very lucky. I do have hope that clearer, wiser heads will in the end prevail. It will be, at best, a close shave.

Have a nice day.

Bruce, You are doing an excellent uncovering the North-Paul strategy. I covered this in March 2011 at a now defunct website. I am writing a book based partially on this North-Paul strategy. There is much more. Adele Stan has long written that Howard Phillips--the founder of the Taxpayer now Constitution Party--had forecast that the Christian Reconstructionists would come to power following an economic collapse which right-wingers commonly believed would come from Federal Reserve-induced hyperinflation and collapse of the dollar. Phillips's view was most likely derived from North, as North is an economist and Phillips is not. However, Phillips's forte was building the grassroots infrastructure of the Christian Right's inside-outside game. Phillips utilized his rather large network in the Conservative Caucus to build the Taxpayer/Constitution Party. David Neiwert and many others have noted that the Taxpayers Party became the home party of militant anti-abortionists and the Patriot militia. In fact, the party was very much involved in promoting the militias. It turns out that Ron Paul has another influential informal advisor, Edwin Vieira. Vieira's forte is the constitutional basis of the militia. In Vieira's writings the purpose of the militia is to defend the territory being contested under the North-Paul strategy. Oath Keepers, started by another of Ron Paul's strategists, Stewart Rhodes, is designed to be a force-multiplier by infiltrating and subverting by (1) bringing the local sheriff into supporting, openly or secretly, the Patriot movement, or, (2) infiltrating the local police, National Guard, and U.S. military in order to divulge operational plans hostile to the Patriot/Christian movement. Vieira's plan for the militia was adopted at the self-styled 'continental congress' that had been preceded by the Jekyll Island meeting that the SPLC believed was the catalytic event that re-launched the Patriot militias and larger Patriot movement. It turns out that the Jekyll Island and 'continental congress' were events organized by Ron Paul, Howard Phillips, and Robert Schultz (We The People Foundation). Paul and Phillips were not at either event, but the Campaign for Liberty was represented and the Constitution Party was well represented at the 'continental congress.' And, that is just part of the strategy.

by James Estrada Scaminaci on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 03:12:08 PM EST

whether or not the President or anyone in his immediate confidence has taken these patterns under consideration? President Obama is, more and more, stepping into the fray and taking clean, effective steps at the right time. I do hope someone is watching from his level. In the meantime, it appears to me the Koch brothers, rather than being above the emotionally-driven Tea Party fray, are letting the TP be the pawns and foot soldiers. When chaos hits the global markets, they will have bought low, kept control of critical assets, and sold the rest high -- having installed the governing layer to their liking. Remember, they can bet the stock market either or both ways: to rise or to fall. They will reap bundles on the transactions alone. It is, unfortunately, brilliant and lethal. Meanwhile, words like treason and sedition and conspiracy to overthrow the government keep running through my head. Peace

by Khalila RedBird on Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 02:10:40 AM EST
But the Obama Adminstration's dalliance with "stealth" leaders of the religious right, such as Rick Warren, suggests to me that the Administration could be better informed on this front.

by Bruce Wilson on Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 01:42:24 PM EST

I need to go back and review Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine." It seems to me that it might be helpful in understanding the scope of what the extreme religious right is doing to our country right now. And it appears that they have both manufactured the crisis (or at least, given strong support to those who have) and are now taking advantage of it to undermine our system of government. The book may give some clues as to how to mount effective resistance; it's been a while since I read it, so I'm not sure.

by MLouise on Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 11:23:07 AM EST
...was arguably an application of the "shock doctrine". After two successive government shutdowns, in '94 and '95, Clinton was eager to get something bipartisan done. Welfare reform was welcome both to corporatist neo-liberals and the hard religious right -- which inserted a legislative provision that David Kuo, in his book "Tempting Faith", described as radical and which opened the door for George W. Bush to create the faith based initiative that's in essence neo-Christian Reconstructionist strategy in which money for secular government programs is both reduced but also re-channeled to local church-based programs.  

by Bruce Wilson on Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 01:06:18 PM EST

I am very afraid we are going to wake up in the middle of "A Handmaid's Tale". I never thought I might be rooting for the ultra-rich, but their concerns with self preservation financially may be the only thing between some semblance of 21st Century civilization and total lunacy.

by phatkhat on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 08:55:23 PM EST
...that liberals are happy to mock the current ascendancy of creationism on the House science committee but are simultaneously unwilling to acknowledge the reality that militant fundamentalism has, for a few decades now, been shaping federal policy.

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 10:41:38 PM EST
I can't speak for the liberals as a whole, but most of the ones I've talked to are up on what's going on in both arenas. They're catching up to us who follow this site and others, but they've not been "unwilling to acknowledge" the threats.

by trog69 on Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 11:04:58 AM EST

Lefties are so happy to laugh at Cruz, Palin, Huckabee, etc., and do not seem to register that they are a real threat. Granted, they DO seem to be totally nuts, but crazy people can be sly and cunning, too. Cruz truly scares me.

by phatkhat on Mon Oct 14, 2013 at 06:56:19 PM EST

"Meanwhile, Thomas Woods is one of the key intellectual architects of the nullification and succession movement, who has created the theoretical underpinning for legal challenges to federal authority."

"Succession" should be Secession.

by Villabolo on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 01:41:20 PM EST
...I've fixed it. Best, BruceW

by Bruce Wilson on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 02:30:30 PM EST

Let's hope the billionaire Koch brothers, who are presumably somewhat less interested in global economic chaos, have more influence within Tea Party circles than do Ron Paul, Gary North, and Thomas Woods.

We shouldn't underestimate Les Freres Koch, but they are hardly the biggest frogs in the billionaire pond. Their gambit rocks some much larger lily pads - maybe Goldman Sachs has a plan for milking this disaster, but I don't see anything for it among most of the Fortune 500 or other major string-pullers (C of C, NYSE, China, Israel, Big Pharma, even the military-industrial-espionage "community", ...).

Why hasn't the well-honed capitalist crony network rapped Charlie & Davie across the knuckles and sent Warren Buffett to offer grandfatherly advice, and hinted to Rupert M that he return to sex to draw in viewers and readers? The "grassroots" sector of the Teapublicans couldn't last a month on its own, and the cronies can cushion the congresscritters as all resume the traditional game of reverse-Robin-Hood.

What hold do the apocalibertarians have over the 1% that this sabotage has gotten so far?

by Pierce R Butler on Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 09:46:52 PM EST

Their are multiple billionaire funders of the politicized Christian right. Not just individuals either - the movement also feeds of federal and state funding.

by Bruce Wilson on Thu Oct 10, 2013 at 01:25:51 PM EST

This situation has us scratching our heads over in the UK. On the one hand the USA is built on a brilliant democracy, on the other, it really falls down in certain, albeit extreme, circumstances.
Good luck with it. Here's hoping for a swift and workable solution.

by Electronic Action on Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 12:39:25 PM EST

And in a reality where they win, it wouldn't be too different from the book. Over all it would be a fascist state. And Leviticus Law predates the Sharia by some time. And was a model for it.

If we don't stop them something like that may happen. Not just us, but the world would be in peril.

by Nightgaunt on Wed Apr 13, 2016 at 02:42:11 PM EST

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