Birthers, Birchers and Lee Harvey Oswald
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Mon Sep 19, 2016 at 12:01:12 PM EST
"It would be more accurate to say that Oswald was his own agent, that he was moved to act by dint of his own inclination.  That inclination was born of a fragmented and peripatetic youth, adolescence, and early adulthood, but ultimately Oswald was self-propelled.  The mysterious and fictional heart of darkness residing somewhere in America did not murder the mythical hero-president.  Oswald did." Peter Savodnik
     With the stoke of a pen, Peter Savodnik, in his book, The Interloper, discredited a billion dollar industry....the JFK conspiracy business.  The who-killed- Kennedy movement has generated an enterprise that led to Hollywood blockbusters, documentaries, web  sites, volumes of books and made fortunes for authors who speculated about the assassination.  Author Savodnik journeyed to Russia and spent years of research to tell the story of Lee Harvey Oswald's stay in the Soviet Union just before he came to Dallas to shoot the President.  The facts reveal that the KGB, FBI, CIA and American State Department knew of Oswald but chose to have nothing to do with the confused young man.  Oliver Stone got it wrong and the Warren Commission and Gerald Ford got it right.   Evidence points to a lone gun man and there is no case for a conspiracy, according to Savodnik.
     America has become a conspiracy mongering society as of late.  Some suggest it is a result of the election of the nation's first Black President.  Hats off to Donald Trump who recently announced that Obama was really born in America.   The Birther movement claims Obama was never born in America and is thus Constitutionally disqualified to serve.  Trump rode this movement for years.  The fact that he now acknowledges the American birth of the President is akin to the John Birch Society acknowledging the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a myth.  If conspiracy mongers denounce a conspiracy myth, we best pay attention.   Trump appears to follow the National Enquirer and has suggested Ted Cruz's father might be the man in a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald handing out pamphlets in New Orleans.
      Years ago I ran across a group who monitored the Religious Right.  They coined a term for the movement. They called   them "sons of Birchers."   The Birchers are conspiracy buffs who believe all national and world events are controlled by secret societies.  Author Russ Bellant has done a splendid job of uncovering the deep roots the JBS has with the Religious Right.  
      I received some interesting claims on Facebook from some former classmates.  There are large segments of the American public who believe Michelle Obama is really a male and actually a former linebacker at Oregon State University.  "He" had a sex change operation and married Obama.  The children are not really their biological children.  Others have claimed Chelsea Clinton is not the real daughter of Bill and Hillary.  Check out youtube if you doubt how many are following these theories.
     Billy Hargis,  self proclaimed founder of the Religious Right used to claim that Mexico was loaded with Communists who were planning on infiltrating America by illegal immigration and turning our nation into a Communist country.  Agnew Waters, a professional author from Washington during the forties, once explained sugar rationing as a Jewish plot to Communize America.  In a speech she once shouted, "There are 200,000 Communist Jews at the Mexican border waiting to get into this country. If they are admitted they will rape every woman and child that is left unprotected."
     The Mexican border and immigration has a long history of being connected to conspiracies.  Recall that Oswald spent some time in Mexico before the assassination.  Conspiracy mongering appears to be a growing trend in the nation.  Because of social media, the prospect for conspiracies to become a viable part of American politics is a real possibility.  Many of Trump's followers do not believe you can trust the American media.  This opens up many new options for sources of truth.  It often becomes easier to believe the myths and conspiracies, than the facts.

you cannot trust part of the "American Media" - the more conservative, the less trustworthy (and the mainstream news is demonstratively conservative).  It's long been shown that the news is biased and bigoted - racist and tending to support conservative thinking (with evidence that the reporting is crafted to 'encourage' conservative ideologies).  Numerous research papers done over the years support this fact.

My own research demonstrated it clearly.  I analyzed the reporting on the Jena Six situation, comparing the official documents (court testimony, eyewitness accounts, official reports, sworn statements, etc.) with what was reported.  Outlets like Fox and the Washington times were so bad that I created two separate codes for their level of lying - "Deliberate deception" and "Overt racism", both of which were copiously demonstrated by them throughout that period.  The "big 3", mainstream news sources were only somewhat better, sometimes reporting things that weren't so, but were more deceptive by leaving out important points.  NPR, generally considered to be the most accurate by the people who research topics such as race issues, got it wrong on occasion, but were the most accurate of the more mainstream sources.

Only ONE source, a website widely derided as "Communists!" got it 100% correct - a website set up to defend the Jena Six.  Everything they reported was right in line with the documents and so on (evidence) that most people never saw (and it took some digging for me to find it)!

That whole situation was unjust and racist from the very beginning.  No good came out of it... only evil.

I have my doubts about the Kennedy assassination.  Regarding the conspiracy theorists - we're (people who recognize the problems with dominionism) are labeled such all the time.  The ones who REALLY are into that stuff, well, they're pretty obvious.  You'll hear "Trilateral commission" and "Rothschilds" and "Jews rule the world" from their mouths all the time - around here that's standard fare (and if you read the comments to the local news and letters to the editor, you'll encounter people who follow that stuff all the time).  I will say that they are correct in one aspect - that the US economy is manipulated, but it's by the very people they think are the "Good Guys" - and (for instance, the Jewish population) used as scapegoats by the ones they listen to.  Some of the biggest churches are into that stuff, and when the preacher preaches it, the people ARE going to be convinced it's reality.

The fact is, all of the "Jesus is returning soon" stuff falls under and is connected to conspiracy theory stuff.  "The Big Bad New World Order is GONNA GET YOU unless you convert and believe (and behave) like we tell you to!"  As far as I can tell, that's always been the case.

by ArchaeoBob on Mon Sep 19, 2016 at 12:30:16 PM EST

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by MariyaDorothy on Thu Sep 17, 2020 at 04:49:31 AM EST

Right on the second coming stuff.  A great many of end of times folks are connected with JFK conspiracy theories.  Interesting findings archbob

by wilkyjr on Mon Sep 19, 2016 at 01:06:35 PM EST john-mccone-warren-commission-cia-213197 There is still a lot we don't know, and probably never will. If there were no accomplices in the background, why did Jack Ruby kill Oswald? And Ruby's own rapid demise? The linked article has some interesting stuff to ponder. Yes, some conspiracy stuff is over the top. But the outrageous lack of transparency of the government certainly provides a rich propagation climate for conspiracy theories. Perhaps the CTs provide some benefit for the spymasters?

by phatkhat on Wed Sep 21, 2016 at 04:10:50 AM EST

I tend to agree with the view from most historians it appears who think Ruby acted out of his love of JFK and Jackie.  As Ford did say, we will probably never know for sure.....but the best evidence points to a lone gun man. The investigation into the assassination appears to have started out with poor standards.

by wilkyjr on Wed Sep 21, 2016 at 02:04:06 PM EST

The conspiracy frame of mind is not only easy, it is habit forming and can lead you down some strange paths. Even Star Trek franchise investigated this kind of tendency. And with the ability to self hypnose, one has to be careful not to fall for it.

Theories are also facts. Conspiracies generally aren't factual. So please stop misusing the word "theory". No wonder we have people saying that "Evolution is just a theory and not proven" with a straight face. This is why.

by Nightgaunt on Fri Oct 28, 2016 at 06:31:36 PM EST

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