The World According to Tim LaHaye: Chapter One - Hunting Down the Enemies
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Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 12:27:44 PM EST
Senior Analyst,
Political Research Associates
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Left Behind
In the Left Behind video game, why is it necessary to kill the figure next to the UN Humvee who is working for the same boss as the Global Peacekeepers?

Because the figure (reveals Jonathan Hutson) is a "goat-footed, horned demon" in league with the evil antichrist.  It all traces back to John Dewey subverting public education so that Satan could rule the Earth.

Having trouble following this explanation? Not a problem. Tim LaHaye has already explained it all in his newsletter, Pre-Trib Perspectives, a "Publication Ministry of the Pre-Trib Research Center." This chatty newsletter features articles and commentaries by LaHaye and his colleague Thomas Ice, where they are more candid about their actual beliefs.

The world according to Tim LaHaye is shaped by a particular and peculiar reading of the Bible's book of Revelation. This reading is a theological cocktail of apocalyptic Premillennial Dispensationalism with a Rapture twist. Have a taste.

For example, in one essay, LaHaye quotes Wilfred J. Hahn warning that the "New Age" of "Aquarius" was expected to eclipse the "Christian Age" around the year 2000. LaHaye then adds: "[S]ecular humanists have long advocated a one-world government--which, of course, they feel that they alone are qualified to run. John Dewey is famous for destroying the learning process for millions of children and young people because he was more interested in teaching atheism, evolution, self autonomy, and a socialistic worldview instead of reading, writing, and math."

According to LaHaye, "the elitists who control our government-run educational system don't mind; they have prepared our nation's children to be members of the socialist world government which they are planning. Many of them don't realize that control of that government will be taken away from them and end up in the hands of the antichrist."

LaHaye further explains that the "fascination (or obsession) of the elite of this world for `globalism' or a `One World Order' or `One World Government' is almost everywhere." That sounds like a page out of a 1990s armed militia manual. LaHaye, however, is drawing from an earlier text: "Surprisingly enough, the Bible teaches and many faithful teachers of prophecy believe that we can expect two world governments; one good and the other bad. And the signs of the times indicate they may not be all that far off."

If this is too subtle, let me lay it on the line.  LaHaye expects there is an upcoming huge battle between good and Godly Christians and the forces of evil working with Satan's chief End Times henchman, the antichrist.

So the outcome of Tim LaHaye's "non-fiction" writing, the Left Behind series of novels, and the video game, is the training of young Christian evangelicals to rebel against the elected government of the United States when they decide government leaders are in service to the antichrist. And the task for these young Crusaders is to gun down the agents of Satan and their witting and unwitting allies among the ranks of the non-believers.

And from the Left Behind novels, we know this list is likely to include not just secularists, but also homosexuals, feminists, abortion providers, as well as Jews, Catholics, Hindus, and Muslims...especially Muslims.

After the 9/11 attacks, Pre-Trib Perspectives devoted more coverage to Muslims and their role in the End Times. For example, LaHaye wrote in the October 2001 issue that the attacks would "contribute to the fulfillment of several...end-times signs" ; and in February 2002 LaHaye proclaimed that "the religion of Islam has always been a terrorist religion."

LaHaye reads Ezekiel 38-39 as detailing a prophetic alliance between Islam and "Russia." Check the verses and LaHaye must be reading between the lines because there is no mention of Russia or the Muslims, but this is part of a long tradition of the demonization and scapegoating of enemies by Christians wound up in apocalyptic fervor. So as LaHaye sees it, the Russians and the Muslims are part of the vast army that, according to LaHaye, "in their attack on Jerusalem," (that is expected soon), they are fulfilling Biblical prophecy as part of Satan's End Times end game and God's punishment of those who are unfaithful.  

Of course if you have been buying Tim's books in the Left Behind series he writes with Jerry B. Jenkins, you know that "real" Christians get Raptured up into a protective Godly embrace before Satan launches the seven-year-long End Times Tribulation attacks pictured in the video game. It is only after the Rapture that "the inept UN and its globalist intellectuals can turn the world over to the antichrist for the next seven years" for the Tribulations that mark a pitch battle between the forces of good and evil.

And if you have been "Left Behind" but still want to go to Heaven, then you apparently need to gun down everyone who refuses to convert to LaHaye's brand of the Christian faith; as well as snuffing out all the agents of Satan (whether or not they share the Devil's cloven feet or ride around in Humvees). And so with your gun hot in your hand, you righteously slay the enemy until you should be wading through rivers of blood. Only in the video game there is no blood and guts--that's only in the real life visions of Tim LaHaye and his allies.

How exactly does this fit with the message of Jesus of Nazareth, who said blessed are the peacemakers?


Jonathan Hutson, "Who's Watching the Boys?" Talk2Action,
Tim LaHaye, "The Prophetic Significance of Sept. 11, 2001," Pre-Trib Perspectives, 6:7, October 2001, p. 3.
Tim LaHaye,  "Tim's Pre-Trib Perspective," Pre-Trib Perspectives, 6:10, February 2002, p 1-3..
Tim LaHaye, "119 Million American Evangelicals in These Last Days?" Pre-Trib Perspectives, April 2003, p. 3.
Tim LaHaye, "One Global Government or Two?" Pre-Trib Perspectives, 8:4, July 2003, pp. 1-2.

On LaHaye:

by Chip Berlet

"Left Behind Video Reflects Bigoted Apocalyptic Violence of Original Fiction Series," (6/12/2006)

"LaHaye and Jenkins: Why is the Criticism Left Behind? "

The World According to Tim LaHaye: A Series
Part One: Hunting Down the Enemies
Part Two: Pre-Trib Perspectives
Part Three: Satanic Secular Humanism
Part Four: Secular Humanism as False Religion
Part Five: The Secular Humanist Web
Part Six: The Council for National Policy
Part Seven: Humanists Attack the Family
Part Eight: The Age Old Conspiracy

Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst, Political Research Associates

The Public Eye: Website of Political Research Associates

Chip's Blog

Dear Chip,
I too want LeHaye's chatty little newletter.  Where can I order it and do they include a free bonus just for subscribing?  Seriously, I would like to have a stack of them for normal people to read when they think I've gone over the top.

by tikkun on Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 02:17:29 PM EST


The Register reports that "It incorporates video advertising and product placement into the game, and reportedly records players' behaviour, location, and other data to be uploaded to Left Behind's Bible-powered marketing machine."

There are security implications for this sort of spyware ploy. Users may find their computers compromised in more ways than one. Or they may not find out at all!

by bybelknap on Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 04:35:40 PM EST

It was important that the Register picked up on it -- but the story was broken by Jonathan Hutson here at Talk to Action.

by Frederick Clarkson on Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 04:51:39 PM EST
I was a bit slow on the uptake!

by bybelknap on Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 05:00:55 PM EST
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by johncity on Sun Sep 22, 2019 at 07:25:20 AM EST

The Talk to Action essay "Who's Watching the Boys?" opens with the word "imagine," followed by a description (based on game reviews, screen shots, and official statements from Left Behind Games) of a scenario involving a demon and a Humvee that might take place in the Left Behind: Eternal Forces video game which is still under development. This description  has caught the imagination of several writers, including Talk to Action's Chip Berlet, who refers to it in his essay, "The World According to Tim LaHaye: Chapter One." Is it a fair description? Well, we know that there are demons in the game, and we've even posted official screen shots of them, complete with horns and cloven hooves. And Los Angeles Times columnist Joel Stein has played a pre-release version of the game, and described Humvees traveling with a force of peacekeepers from the United Nations building. Mr. Stein, who played against Left Behind Games co-founder Jeffrey Frichner, describes how Mr. Frichner opened fire on the peacekeepers and "took out" several nurses. Another article in the Los Angeles Times describes the demons feasting on Christians. So in the final version of the game, will a cloven-hoofed demon actually emerge from a Humvee to eat a Christian commando? Who knows? The game is still under development, and elements are changing. Maybe some elements will change in response to criticism. The final product could be as bad as it has been described, or it could be different. It could be even worse. In fact, Left Behind Games recently announced one significant change that makes their product much worse than the one originally reviewed by the game industry earlier in the spring, before Talk to Action began analyzing the game in its theological and cultural contexts. Now the game includes Israeli spyware in the software, which tracks gamers.

by jhutson on Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 06:13:38 PM EST

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by shaka22 on Tue Mar 05, 2019 at 03:28:06 PM EST

With every new tid-bit that Jonathon or Chip comes out with, this story gets uglier and uglier.  And what really makes it sad is that this is mostly about tapping into the baser elements of people just to make a buck. How else can these knuclkleheads reconcile marketing both this horror show and the film Passion of the Christ/ made by the ultra-orthodox (albeit, splintered) Catholic Mel Gibson.

by Frank Cocozzelli on Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:10:25 PM EST

The very first line is incorrect - it has been said over and over, you lose points for killing.  There is no UN in the game, they are (according to the book series) Global Peacekeepers who are followers of the AntiChrist.

Also, Double Fusion isn't spyware, it's a company just like what Microsoft bought (Massive) for hundereds of millions of dollars.


Left Behind - No Spyware, Just the Future of In-Game Advertisement

A recent article on Digg (written by Technica) tires to convince people that the innovative in-game advertisement software in the game Left Behind, is spyware. It clearly is not. From the article:

"The game comes fully loaded with what some would term built-in spyware, in the form of in-game advertising that tracks the amount of time ads are seen, how often the game is played, and the player's geographical and personal information."

They say that some would term.

From "spyware - (Or "adware") Any type of software that transmits information without the user's knowledge." I'm sure if you read that fine print when your installing, it will tell you about it there.

Even this quote by Double Fusion, quoted in their article, explains that it isn't:

"All Double Fusion campaigns provide detailed campaign reporting for full accountability, and, unlike other media, advertisers only pay for the time their ads are seen...unlike TV, unlike the web, and unlike print. No medium is more accountable and measurable in terms of the actual time spent with advertising."
"Double Fusion's In-Game Ad Engine is a software component that gamer developers insert in their games. The Ad Engine is the seamless interface between the game and the advertiser servers, and works as a broker between the two, calling advertising creative elements as needed, providing them to the game to be displayed as ads in the game, and tracking impressions and views and reporting back to the advertising management servers."

This is just simply great news for the gaming community. Why? Because this could mean lower costs for games. Also, as it becomes more common, good news for open source games as well. This could provide a way for them to step into the arena and compete better with major studios.

Also, they wrote in their article, "...surveys of gamers show that advertising in games is effective and generally unobtrusive if done properly..."

The advertising in Left Behind is a good thing, and hopefully a sign of things to come. I can't wait to see it in action.

-Dustin (en3r0)

by Generalreporter on Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:53:44 PM EST

You can't convert a demonic agent to Christianity, so was I wrong to conclude that you get points for eliminating demons? That's pretty standard stuff in these games.

Yes/No anyone know?

The convert or die aspect of the game is still pretty ugly, though, even if you lose points for killing rather than converting.

_ _ _

Chip Berlet: Research for Progress - Building Human Rights
by Chip Berlet on Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:15:43 PM EST
Pretty standard for most RTS's, true.  Most are just build up an army and go kill.  At E3 during the demo, it was said that not even 1 objective throughout the whole game would be to kill anything.  Neutrals don't have to be recruited and converted, but if you don't the evil side will and will ultimately kill you with their physical attacks.  The demons were shown and explained that they were not controllable by any player.  Also, no units were actually in vehicles (they were standing next to them).  

The demons are actually attacked by both sides because demons can attack the evil forces as well as the good (if there are no good forces around).  The difference is that the good forces get a spirit penalty for "killing" the demon.  THe player playing the good side, if they are unable to convert, they basically run away, they certainly don't kill because if they do, they would turn into a neutral and be lost from the player.  This of course would cause the player to lose.  

by BlogmasterP on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 12:09:20 AM EST

That's not exactly true to how I've heard the game depicted:

The "spirit strength" of the Christian troops who kill becomes depleted but can be replenished by prayer, not necessarily on the part of the killers themselves.

In other words, "prayer squads" can serve an ancillary, support function to enable "Kill squads" to dispatch infidels.

Thus :

"KILL KILL KILL pray pray pray KILL KILL KILL pray pray pray  KILL KILL KILL....:"

I don't call that a "moral message" - it seems more to me like a rather morally bankrupt version of the Catholic church's Medieval "indulgence" system : ("Go ahead and kill, it's necessary, but be sure to have sufficient "spiritual cash" in your pocket. to pay the "killing toll"...)

That sounds like  your typical moderate to high interest cerdit card.

As for the "fine print" on embedded spyware :

I'd hope the print on that was right upfront, on the package, rather than embedded in a mass of legal verbiage buyers have to slog through if they don't take the good intentions of the game owners on faith.

...Or, demons will feast on your flesh.

by Bruce Wilson on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 12:03:11 AM EST

At E3, the developer said there was no way a player could regenerate spirit points fast enough if they went on a killing spree.  Basically, the game is severly punishing the physical attack action.  This is unlike any other game out there I know of.

by BlogmasterP on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 12:12:41 AM EST
Statements from the "Left Behind Games" company seem to contrast rather jarringly with your depiction of the character of this game :

' "Each side is trying to eliminate the other, possibly while winning converts among the residents of New York, company representatives said." '

Exultations to the Lord For 'Purposeful Killing' ?

In Their Own Words:

"The mission of Left Behind Games is to become the world's leading independent developer and publisher of quality interactive entertainment products that perpetuate family values and appeal to mainstream, Christian and gamer audiences, while remaining committed to increasing
shareholder value and pursuing the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all business affairs.

"There's lots of killing in the Bible," President Jeffrey Frichner said. "The differentiator between our game and some of the games that focus on killing in the (mainstream gaming) market is that our game doesn't focus on gratuitous killing."   

""The reason that I think this game has a chance is that it's not particularly preachy," said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities. "I will say some of the dialogue is pretty lame — people saying, 'Praise the Lord' after they blow away the bad guys. I think they're overdoing it a bit. But the message is OK."....

"We hope teenagers like the game," [ Tim ] LaHaye said...."

by Bruce Wilson on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 01:25:18 AM EST
He's retracted that statement, by the way.  The developer talked about that at the main demo at the NVidia booth.  They said that "Praise the Lord" was never in the game to begin with.

Either way, the killing is being done by the bad guys.  Sure, when you play as the good guys, you can choose to command your units to attack with phycsical force, but you'll lose your units to neutrality and lose the game.

What will happen is the gamer will either get frustrated and never play the game again OR... they will learn how to play the game using spiritual combat and will learn some Bible verses and mysteries and listen to some good music in the process.

by BlogmasterP on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 05:00:47 AM EST

By the way, to win the game, the evil forces eliminate by killing and converting and the good side eliminates the other by converting.  If the good side tries to eliminate the evil side by killing them, the good side will lose because they will lose all their units to neutrality.

by BlogmasterP on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 05:04:30 AM EST
Based on some comments here, I have rewritten the lead:

"In the Left Behind video game, why is it necessary to kill the figure next to the UN Humvee who is working for the same boss as the Global Peacekeepers?"

I remain unconvinced that the game is not teaching young evangelicals that they must prepare for an approaching battle to the death with the forces of the evil antichrist who manipulates the United Nations and the government of the United States.

This is the basic thesis of Tim LaHaye, and has been for decades.  Let's not get distracted from the main point of my essay.

_ _ _

Chip Berlet: Research for Progress - Building Human Rights
by Chip Berlet on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 09:52:05 AM EST
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by shaka22 on Wed Mar 27, 2019 at 02:57:37 AM EST

Blogmaster P states: "If the good side tries to eliminate the evil side by killing them, the good side will lose because they will lose all their units to neutrality."

That is simply not the case. Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times played the game with Left Behind Games co-founder Jeffrey Frichner, who won the game by both converting and killing New Yorkers, including nurses. On the Left Behind Games web site, the company describes its game as "physical and spiritual warfare" using "modern military weapons." Blogmaster P is shilling for the company, spreading disinformation that is disproven by the company's own site.

by jhutson on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 11:38:08 AM EST

It was clearly explained at E3 that the game was in development and the spiritual warfare wasn't implemented fully, thus allowing Jeff to kill without getting penalized.  It was assured that the demo (when it comes out in August) will have the spirit level lowered when killing.

I am just telling the truth here, of what I saw and heard - first hand.  You should probably get in touch with Joel and actually talk to him about his experience.

by BlogmasterP on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 12:13:34 PM EST

The spirit points have been clearly explained, from the first essay in Talk to Action's series. So BlogmasterP is adding nothing that has not already been explored in these web pages. It has also been clearly explained, by Left Behind Games on its own web site, and in its own press statements, that killing is integral to the game. That's why they give the Christian militia and its snipers and elite forces "modern military weapons," including guns and "battle tanks." These are not tools for conversion; these are tools for killing. No one is disputing that the spirit level gets temporarily lowered by killing a neutral New Yorker unnecessarily; and no one is disputing that this is a temporary setback which is quickly repaired by a pause for prayer. BlogmasterP is falsely suggesting that this information has been withheld or misconstrued, when in fact, it has been revealed accurately and repeatedly throughout this series. So why is BlogmasterP here, if not to shill for this convert or die video game that employs eliminationist rhetoric? The goal of the game: eliminate all your opponents, either by converting them or killing them. Both are viable options in this video game, according to the game's creators. BlogmasterP is trying to blow smoke and obscure this basic issue, but instead he is underscoring how desperate Left Behind Games is to conceal the purpose and nature of its product.

by jhutson on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 01:28:52 PM EST

BlogmasterP is an apologist, a shill, for a corporation that has made a children's game out of hate literature. That's indefensible, so he has resorted to spreading disinformation that is easily disproven by the same sources that he cites.

For example, BlogmasterP blathers: "It was clearly explained at E3 [the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA] that the game was in development and the spiritual warfare wasn't implemented fully, thus allowing Jeff to kill without getting penalized.  It was assured that the demo (when it comes out in August) will have the spirit level lowered when killing."

In fact, the Los Angeles Times reported -- and the first essay in Talk to Action's series repeated -- that the "spirit points" were already implemented, and that gamers controlling the Christian militia could kill -- and be penalized, temporarily -- but still win the game.

And what is Left Behind Games reduced to? Praising the Lord, and passing the ammunition -- along with the Big Lie. This game puts modern military weapons, including sniper rifles, bundles of dynamite, and battle tanks, in the hands of Christian commandos who eliminate their opponents by converting whom they can, and killing those who refuse to convert. This game cannot be one by either side without killing.

The Los Angeles Times article that Talk to Action quoted from and linked to in the first essay, and in subsequent essays in this series, flat out refutes BlogmasterP's disinformation:

"In the game, Tribulation squads unleash the usual arsenal against the Antichrist: guns, tanks, helicopters. But soldiers lose some of their spirituality every time they kill an opponent and must be bolstered through prayer. The failure to nurture good guys causes their spirit points to drop, leaving them vulnerable to recruitment by the other side.

The player's choices prompt intervention by angelic forces or unleash demons who feast on the faithful."

Left Behind Games is so desperate that they've got a shill monitoring this site around the clock, spreading disinformation that is easily disproven by the corporation's own web site, as well as the sources he himself cites.

by jhutson on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 01:53:02 PM EST

I think it is very clear that game players are expected to kill both demons and those that they are not able to convert.  I think Jonathan Hutson has carefully explained this.

My only question is whether or not a player gets points for killing a demon.  I am also curious about the relationship between killing those that cannot be converted and point distribution.

Ultimately, however, these are anecdotal to the main issue, which Hutson nailed from the outset. This is an ugly game teaching ugly ideas about demonizing an "other," and claiming the authorty of God to do so.

_ _ _

Chip Berlet: Research for Progress - Building Human Rights
by Chip Berlet on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 02:47:10 PM EST

It was clearly explained at E3 that the game was in development and the spiritual warfare wasn't implemented fully, thus allowing Jeff to kill without getting penalized.  It was assured that the demo (when it comes out in August) will have the spirit level lowered when killing.

Are you aware of what that statement appears to be saying ?

Many would be killers would be thrilled to have the price of killing reduced to a minor toll, somewhat like fatigue - as this game seems to depict.

Is  killing  a traffic ticket worthy offense ? Is that what we should teach children ?

by Bruce Wilson on Wed Jun 28, 2006 at 12:51:39 AM EST

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by johncity on Mon Sep 23, 2019 at 06:02:45 AM EST
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by johncity on Fri Oct 25, 2019 at 10:35:32 AM EST

THQ also signed with Double Fusion.

by BlogmasterP on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 12:21:51 AM EST
Fascinating Coffee Table Discussions !
"From day one, Left Behind Games has been dedicated to AAA quality," said Troy Lyndon, chief executive officer, Left Behind Games. "After more than 3 years of development by more than 50 developers in 4 countries, our first game has tremendous appeal to both hardcore gamers and fans of the popular novel series. In the coming days, we will release our first-looks of this tremendous game that has it all; great graphics, strategy, depth and meaningful messages worthwhile of [source] ."

by Bruce Wilson on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 01:19:18 AM EST

Talk to Action has carefully and accurately reported, from the first essay in this series onward, that players experience a temporary reduction in the resource known as "spirit points" when they kill neutral New Yorks unnecessarily. However, a gamer can quickly renew his spirit points by taking a pause for prayer.

Make no mistake, the aim of the game is to eliminate all of one's opponents, either by converting or killing them. Sometimes, neutral New Yorkers are caught in the crossfire. Sometimes, nurses working for the Global Community Peacekeepers headquartered in the U.N. building are caught in the crossfire. All this has been documented by Talk to Action throughout this series.

On the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of Left Behind Games, the creators state that ultimately, all New Yorkers must either convert (to conservative Evangelicalism) or be killed: "They cannot remain neutral." In fact, as Los Angeles Times columnist Joel Stein has described, when he played the game against one of its creators, the first thing his opponent did was ambush a Humvee from the U.N. building and "take out" several nurses. Sure, that cost a few spirit points, which were quickly recuperated by prayer, and the game's creator went on to win the game.

The in-game adware described by
Double Fusion is, in a word spyware. When 13-year-olds play this game, they will not realize that they are being targeted by ads specific to their locale and their demographics. They will not know exactly what data is being tracked and reported in real-time. That information, if it is contained in the fine print, will be talked about in round-about ad-speak jargon, not clearly spelled out and prominently displayed in plain English, bold face type, front and center. When Double Fusion talks about its spyware being "accountable," they mean accountable to advertisers, not the general public, including the children who are targeted to play this game.

by jhutson on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 10:26:07 AM EST

When playing as the good side, the reduction in spirit points is permanent when a kill is registered.  Can spirit points come back, yes, but only at a certain rate.  It was explained that there are 3 sides of units in the game, Good, Evil and Neutral.  If a good unit kills a neutral unit, the good unit immediately becomes neutral.  If a good unit kills an evil unit, the spirit points of the good units decreases.  If the value goes below a certain value, the unit becomes neutral.  Spirit points can be increased through prayer, but it is a slow increase.  

Knowing this, you can see how the game works (if you've ever played an RTS before).  If you kill neutral units, you will surely lose (completely different than GTA by the way where you get money, etc. for killing neutrals).  If you wantonly kill evil units, you will lose because you will lose some of those units to neutrality (who've made the kill) and the other units who didn't go neutral (that you are trying to raise spirit) are unproductive and the enemy will either convert or kill them.

No one can remain neutral, that is because the evil forces are either killing or converting all of the neutral units.  Let's get this clear, the player playing the good forces can not win this game by killing.

The demo that Joel received was exactly that, the same demo everyone got.  It showed off the physical warfare of the game from the good side's perspective.  Joel thought he was playing as the evil side, but, in fact, it was Jeff.  Jeff's Global peacekeepers attacked Joel's Trib Force units.  

Also, before you call Double Fusion spyware, check with Norton, MCAfee, Zone Labs, PC Tools, etc.  None of those companies consider it spyware, and they are the authority in that field.

by BlogmasterP on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 12:30:53 PM EST

BlogmasterP: "Let's get this clear, the player playing the good forces can not win this game by killing."

No one has suggested that killing is the only means to eliminate one's opponents. Throughout this series, Talk to Action has stated that the aim of the game is to eliminate one's opponents by converting or killing. Christian militia forces are given modern military weapons, including sniper rifles and battle tanks, and a member of the Christian elite force is even shown lighting a fuse on a bundle of dynamite. These are tools of killing. Let's get this clear: the game is described on the Left Behind Games site as "physical and spiritual warfare"; the game cannot be won without killing.

BlogmasterP has stated that spyware is software that reveals information without a person's knowledge or approval. By that definition, Double Fusion's in-game ads appear to be spyware.

by jhutson on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 01:34:31 PM EST

BlogmasterP states: "When playing as the good side, the reduction in spirit points is permanent when a kill is registered.  Can spirit points come back, yes, but only at a certain rate."

Um, dude. You just said that the reduction in spirit points is "permanent." In the same breath, you said that "spirit points come back" (after a brief pause for prayer).

It's sad. What's the hourly rate for corporate shills these days? Can't they get shills who don't refute their own arguments?

by jhutson on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 01:57:54 PM EST

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by johncity on Sat Oct 26, 2019 at 10:21:30 AM EST

and spyware shills know it. That's why you never see anything on the front of a software box or in the installer app that says, "This software will also install applications that will phone home and tell us your personal information including how long you play the game, how long and where you surf and anything other information we may decide will improve our potential bottom line at the expense of your privacy."

When I buy a game, I expect to pay for the game and NOTHING ELSE. I am not willing to pay a company for the priviledge of having them collect MY PERSONAL INFORMATION.

If spyware shills were honest they would put that information on the front of the box, but they do not because they KNOW that people do not trust them and would stay FAR AWAY from any game which they knew was phoning home. Begone, Shill! And take your spyware lies with you.

by bybelknap on Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 01:29:10 PM EST

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by shaka22 on Mon Apr 01, 2019 at 01:52:43 PM EST

So that if they can't convert a person who isn't a combatant, they can "minister" to them back in the Christian hinterlands of their growing empire. That way the stubborns die, the demons or evil angels die, and those who can convert will work it off amongst "good Christian folk" till their heart softens at some future time and convert "spontaneous" And give you double points!

I do wonder what the final game is like. Updates?

by Nightgaunt on Mon Jun 23, 2014 at 08:59:50 PM EST

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by shaka22 on Mon Apr 22, 2019 at 11:01:33 AM EST

By the way, the evil forces eliminate the other by killing and converting to win the game, while the good side eliminates the other by converting. If the good side tries to remove the bad side by killing them, they will lose since all of their units will be neutralized. Why don't we make the most of our life by creating our own amusement, such as pet rescue saga levels and play township on pc?

by patsm00re18 on Wed Nov 10, 2021 at 07:42:54 PM EST

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