Fatima Center Leaders Claim Climate Change Is a Satanic Hoax To Annihilate and Enslave Humanity
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Wed Sep 04, 2013 at 12:02:11 PM EST
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On September 11, 2013, Former United States Congressman Ron Paul is scheduled to give a keynote address at a "Gala fundraising dinner" for the Fatima Center, a radical Catholic Traditionalist group which promotes conspiracy theory alleging a vast, shadowy Judeo-Masonic plot to implement a global "New World Order" - ruled, ultimately, by the Devil - that will eliminate 90% of the Earth's population and enslave the remainder. Fatima Center leaders, as the transcription below demonstrates, weave climate change denialism seamlessly into the alleged conspiracy - against God, humanity, the Catholic Church, and all deemed good and Holy - by citing crank pseudo-science such as the disproved claim that yearly volcanic emissions of CO2 dwarf the yearly CO2 emissions of human activity.

That's not all of the crank science associated with the Fatima Center - along with several Holocaust deniers also scheduled to speak at the event, joining Ron Paul at the upcoming conference will be two men associated with the Fatima Center who are avowed geocentrists - who claim the Sun and all the heavens revolve once per day around the Earth - in a frank rejection of the Copernican Model of the Solar System accepted by the Catholic Church several centuries ago.

While Former Congressman Ron Paul has not endorsed geocentrism, he is nonetheless widely known for his denial that human activity is causing global warming - like many contemporary Republicans, Mr. Paul has repeatedly asserted that the Earth is not warming and that such claims, from the vast majority of the world's climate scientists, are part of a vast "hoax".

One of the biggest secular sources of funding for climate change denialism have been the Koch Brothers. Ron Paul has worked with the Kochs for decades, since at least 1984, when Paul served as the first chairman for the Koch Brothers-founded group Citizens For a Sound Economy, which later split into the two groups Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks.

The Koch Brothers' apparent antagonism to environmentalism and to the overwhelming scientific evidence that human activity is driving global climate change may be based, in part, in the origin of their vast fortunes which have been built, in part, on resource extraction industries such as oil, coal, and logging.

See, at end of transcript, links to related coverage of the controversy over Ron Paul's scheduled appearance at the upcoming Fatima Center conference.

[from Fatima Today episode #46. Transcript begins at approximately 12:00 into the segment]

Father Nicholas Gruner: We're talking about 6,000 men, out of six billion people. That's one one-millionth of the world's population are basically calling the shots. People at the RAND corporation, the PNAC, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the Royal Institute For International Affairs, all of these - these are all known groups. But their real intentions are to dominate the world. That's what you're telling us ?

Father Paul Leonard Kramer: That's exactly - their real intent, which is because it is their stated intentions. You read their documents - and I've quoted enough of them in my book, the most salient passages -  so there's no doubt that, of their malevolent intent to enslave the world under a global godless government.

Gruner: It's so, uh, it's almost, it boggles the mind to think that there are people who are so evil, who want to, basically, wipe out 5 billion or 6 billion people so that they can rule the world with the 5 million, 500 million people that they leave remaining. They've called for that, in that monument in Elberton, Georgia, United States [sic: Elbert County is the home of the enigmatic, so-called "Georgia guidestones"] and that's been sitting there in eight languages, published - that's all part of the same mindset that you find in the Kabbalistic thinking, in the Masonic thinking at the highest levels.

Kramer: And, who helped formulate the one-child policy for China ? George Bush, Sr. Uh, George Bush, Sr's father, Prescott Bush, Prescott Bush was one of the bankers who financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. So, in the one side, you have, in the West, this aggressive propaganda and political action, and economic action, the uh, the uh, Codex Alimentarius - which is going to bring about starvation for billions of people !

And this is being aggressively promoted by the Western powers to depopulate the Earth - it's their stated intention. Henry Kissinger's Memorandum #200, uh, for the depopulation of the more populous countries - and he targeted 13 countries - they're all named in my book - uh, but then, on the other side, you see Mikhail Gorbachev saying the same thing, uh, uh, for the sake of the environment, if we reduce the population of the world under one billion, uh, then there's not that much damage that can be inflicted.

And they - in the early 1970s, they cooked up this idea that there would - to just scare the people, to frighten the people, to cause panic - into accepting global governance, and population reduction, that they had to foist on the world this idea that climate change would make the planet inhabitable and that carbon emissions are somehow the most deadly threat to human existence. Uh, man-made carbon emissions.

Now, the idea is so absurd - uh, it's, uh, it's too absurd for words when you consider that, uh, all the carbon emissions - all the human carbon, carbon emissions that have taken place in decades and decades, uh -

Gruner: You say, in fact, from the whole beginning of mankind -

Kramer: That's right !

Gruner: To the whole present day don't, don't equal the carbon emissions of one volcano in Iceland, a year ago.

[note: Gruner and Kramer appear to be crudely referencing a crank theory, that has circulated in climate change denialist circles, which claims that the annual CO2 output of volcanoes dwarfs the annual CO2 output of human activity. But the reverse appears to be the case; according to a landmark study, "Volcanic Versus Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide", published in June 2011 by the American Geophysical Union,"The projected 2010 anthropogenic CO2 emission rate of 35 gigatons per year is 135 times greater than the 0.26 gigaton per year preferred estimate for volcanoes."]

Kramer: There was Iceland, there was Iceland this year, there was Iceland last year, uh, major volcanic, volcanic eruptions, the, going back years and years. I, I recall Mount Pinatubo just spewed out a huge amount of uh, uh, of those uh, uh, carbon emissions, back in 1991.

[Note: according to the previously linked American Geophysical Union research paper, "for a few hours during paroxysms, individual volcanoes may emit about
as much or more CO2 than human activities. But volcanic paroxysms are ephemeral,
while anthropogenic CO2 is emitted relentlessly from ubiquitous sources. On average,
humanity's ceaseless emissions release an amount of CO2 comparable to the 0.01 gigaton of the 1980 Mount St. Helens paroxysm every 2.5 hours and the 0.05 gigaton of the 1991 Mount Pinatubo paroxysm every 12.5 hours. Every 2.7 days, they emit an amount comparable to the 0.26 gigaton preferred estimate for annual global volcanic CO2 emissions."

So, repeatedly, repeatedly, we have these volcanoes with these major eruptions that are spewing more carbon into the atmosphere than, than all the human race throughout all human history ! And yet, they're trying to tell us that human carbon emissions, uh, are so deadly, that, that we have to limit the population and exterminate six -

Gruner: Six billion -

Kramer: Eliminate, to eliminate -

Gruner: Kill them by starvation or by guns or by gas chambers or by whatever. I mean, even Hitler would look like a choirboy compared to these guys.

Kramer: Get rid of them one way or the other, not allow them to reproduce. That's the whole idea. And they're - and they have inverted the whole order of nature, because God created the world to serve mankind. And now they're telling us we have to eliminate humankind for the sake of preserving the planet.

Gruner: Yes. Everything the Devil does is inverting the truth - from, from putting "the world is made for man and man is made for God", they want to say, "No, no, man is made for the world and the world is made for the Devil", basically.

Kramer: They won't say it that openly but, uh, uh, the open, the open paganism of some of their, uh, some of their leaders, like, uh, like Al Gore - who is a professed pagan - uh, promoting this worship of the goddess Gaia, Mother Earth - this whole idea of the, of the imminent principle, which means God is inside the universe, God is part of the universe, God is the soul of the universe, and that uh -

Gruner: It's interesting, our Lady Fatima showed the children the vision of Hell
in the center of the Earth - quite different, what's in the center of the Earth, that;s where the Devil reigns supreme, IN HELL. And that's, whereas, the Devil wants people to think that this is where God is. God is, of course, created everything, he's independent of the whole creation. He, he's everywhere but yet he's independent of everything - being, being, existing, the only being existing for all eternity - no beginning, no end.

Kramer: So the first principle, the very deepest root of this geopolitical agenda of Freemasonry is this diabolical, uh, "Mystery of Iniquity", uh, which is, uh, which is something spiritual in the negative sense of the word. It is, it is the, the very personification of the forces of evil which is the Devil himself - Lucifer, the fallen angel. And this is why I find it so, uh, comical when I, when I hear, uh, clueless modernists, uh, of the so-called "Catholic left wing", uh, who will, who will be outraged when they say "you're mixing politics with religion and - are you saying that there's a political aspect to the message of Fatima ? NO ! - Our Lady was giving us something purely spiritual.How can you bring in politics, secular politics ? Uh, isn't it the place of you priests to, to pray and to bless and not to meddle in politics ?"

We hear these objections all the time, of course - this is, this is the voice of Freemasonry saying, "Don't interfere with our agenda". Well, the fact of the matter is, their political agenda is all ordered to the destruction of the true religion and the worship of the true God, and it's to set up the false religion and the worship of the false God, who is the Devil.

 Gruner: Yes, in fact - and the Masons pretend to be some sort of fraternal organization, just about civic interest and whatnot. But, underneath it all, they're a religion and they admit it them,selves, as you pointed out in one of these programs before.

Kramer: That's right, and they have been so exposed, in so many books. Uh, first of all, in, they profess in their own books - and, for example, Cardinal Carro wrote quite an expose on Freemasonry - uh, uh, he died in the year 1958 - uh, but to show you the pervasive presence of, of Masonry - how this book is so little promoted in the Catholic Church. Here was this illustrious, scholarly Cardinal, of the Roman Church, who wrote an expose about Freemasonry doing exactly what Pope Leo the 13th said - to unmask Freemasonry is to defeat it !

So by, by pulling off the mask, and publicizing it, and showing the whole what Freemasonry, what Freemasonry really is - this is the way to defeat Freemasonry. And that Cardinal did just that - he exposed what Freemasonry was, uh, the wicked, diabolical organization that it is, how it is in, in the hands of, of, of the Zionists - who are themselves the originators of the, of the, of the devilish pagan doctrines of Freemasonry - and is this book promoted in the Catholic Church ? Hardly at all. It's almost unknown in the Catholic world.

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"So, repeatedly, repeatedly, we have these volcanoes with these major eruptions that are spewing more carbon into the atmosphere than, than all the human race throughout all human history!"

Actually, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) human beings emit 100 times as much CO2 as all volcanic activity put together.

http://www.usgs.gov/newsroom/article.asp?ID=2827&from=rss_hom e

by Villabolo on Wed Sep 04, 2013 at 08:22:40 PM EST
...of the AGS research paper I cited.

by Bruce Wilson on Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 04:05:30 AM EST

Usually I can decipher a coherent theology underpinning right-wing groups, even if I disagree with it 100%. For this one I am completely at a loss. The paranoia seems so thick that they are quite willing to contradict their own previous statements if it serves to further the conspiracy-theory-du-jour. How can one provide even a semi-effective counter to their claims when rationality plays no perceptible role in their thinking?

Is there any indication of numbers expected at the conference? I am very curious as to how many people will actually pay money to hear these pronouncements.

by MLouise on Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 10:54:07 AM EST

I do not doubt Talk to Action's reporting on the Fatima Center. But, how important is the Fatima Center? Is it as important as IRD? Is it as important as Opus Dei? Is it influential in Catholic theocratic circles? Does Frank Cocozzelli have a view on this organization and how it fits into his reportage on Catholic theocrats? It certainly appears that they are part of the Catholic flank of the Christian Right. The Fatima Center's view of climate change seems no different than the Cornwall Alliance. Its New World Order conspiracy theory seems to match up well with Hagee's and Robertson's and maybe, though this is beyond my expertise, the Christian Identity version. Looking forward to more reports, especially those that put this group into perspective.

by James Estrada Scaminaci on Wed Sep 04, 2013 at 01:54:13 PM EST
...they seem to blend almost seamlessly into SSPX, which has some influence. And they also have ties to neofascist movements in Italy and the UK, probably elsewhere too. In addition, their intense focus on Russia is, for me, a bit too evocative of the ideas of Francis Parker Yockey for comfort. I have the sense there's more going on here than is obvious.

But, at the very least, they certainly function to export, on an industrial scale, overtly religious and anti-Jewish variants of JBS-style conspiracy theory to the Catholic right. One of their sub-projects, I'd add, is exhuming pre and post WW2 anti-Jewish conspiracy writing from Catholic clergy, writing largely consigned, up until recently to the ideological dustbin because of Vatican II. It's quite extreme, and I haven't seen anything analogous currently underway on the Protestant evangelical right.

by Bruce Wilson on Wed Sep 04, 2013 at 02:05:17 PM EST

The pre-Vatican II church was much more overtly anti-Semitic than the post-Vatican II church. The Society of St. Pius X has an overtly political association in Europe with the remnants (I might even say dregs) of the political right. It rather reminds me of their pre-World War II antecedent, Action Française.

by khughes1963 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 at 09:54:29 PM EST
and not hiding his extremist views any longer I see. I wonder how reticent he'd be about explaining those race-baiting newsletters he made money off of earlier in his career? Just despicable, and his son seems to be getting his extremist wings as well, though he's in his dad's political mode of pretending to zig while he truly zags.

Zagnut bar?

by trog69 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 at 11:40:45 PM EST
...My guess is, Ron Paul has decided he has sufficient media clout now to negate reporting on his support for such fringe groups as the Fatima Center, for whom he's slated, in a few days, to do a fund raiser. Is that judgment call accurate ? Time will tell.

by Bruce Wilson on Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 04:12:06 AM EST

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